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Dr. Mehmet Oz

(Television Host/Heart Surgeon)

oz_hpthumbDr. Mehmet Oz, host of The Dr. Oz Show, is Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University and directs the Cardiovascular Institute and Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital. He is the author of five New York Times Best Sellers (including “YOU: The Owner’s Manual,” “YOU: The Smart Patient,” and “YOU: On a Diet”), hosts a daily talk show on Sirius XM Radio’s “Oprah Radio,” pens a National Magazine Award-winning column in Esquire Magazine, is a regular columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine, and performs over 200 heart operations annually. Among his many accolades, Dr. Oz has been honored as one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” (2008), Esquire’s 75 “Most Influential People of the 21st Century,” and a “Global Leader of Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum (1999-2004).

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, and raised outside of Philadelphia, PA, Oz received his undergraduate degree from Harvard and a joint MD and MBA from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton Business School. His medical philosophy combines traditional Western techniques for treating disease with alternative ideas about healthy lifestyle choices. Oz attributes this philosophy in part to his background, a Turkish heritage which “allows [him] to see the world from different perspectives.” Mehmet’s father, Mustafa, was born in Bozkir, a small town in the Konya Province of central Turkey. The child of a rather poor family, Mustafa excelled in school and earned scholarships that would eventually allow him passage to the United States as a resident in a Cleveland hospital in 1955. Dr. Oz’s mother, Suna, came from a wealthier lineage. Her ancestors include civil engineers, writers, and businessmen. Several of Suna’s great-grandparents were originally from the Caucasus mountain range but fled the area after its take-over in the 1860s by the Russian Empire. Dr. Oz now lives in Northern New Jersey with his wife and their four children.

  • nancy hazlett

    Dr. Oz is such a credit to the medical community…his warmth and genuineness are so apparent as he speaks of his family…

  • Tamara Lackie

    Dr. Oz appears to be so warm. If all doctors had his ‘bedside manner’ I would be more apt to go to the doctor. I love your show Dr.Oz & I wish you many years on the tube, as it benefits so many of us who watch!

  • Sylvia Martinez

    Dr. Oz is an inspiration to so many because he is so caring and ready to give of himself. I consider myself very blessed to be able to know him via television and to learn so much about about my health. May he be blessed with a long life so that humanity can benefit from his God-given gift.

  • meagan williamson

    Dr. Oz is a visionary professional. Everytime he speaks the auidence becomes aware of his desire to educate the human race about itself. His approach leaves you answers that the general public can understand. kudos to Dr. Oz! I wish him the best of luck. Oh and i will be watching. Won’t you?

  • rose kenney

    ” If someone tells you No, you just have to asked differently.”

    What a powerful thought.

  • Gordon Twaddell

    I met Dr. Oz at Columbia Presbyterian in 1998 when I met needed a heart operation. At the time, he was leaving for a week’s vacation, so Dr. Craig Smith did the operation… However, when Dr. Oz returned, he stopped by my room to see how I was doing. Needless to say that left a lasting impression.

  • nancy farlow

    Dr. Oz is one of my heroes. I admire his warmth and compassion for people, combined with the wisdom he has gained by combining his scientific medical training with insights provided by his richly spiritual nature. He is a truly evolved human being. His interview with Krista Tippett on Speaking of Faith a few years ago made a lasting impression on me. I really enjoyed hearing him talk about his family’s background in these new interviews. Thank you PBS!

  • Mimi I

    Thanks Dr. Oz for letting the world know how wonderful a Moslem Turk can be.
    I am an Catholic American who married a muslim Turk in the 60’s and proudly gave my son a Turkish name and agreed to raise him with this dad’s religion.
    Both his dad and I shared your religious views. My own extended family, are from various religious and ethnic backgrounds.
    Incredibly, I had met with some prejudice in the workplace, a few profiling both me and my son as potential terrorists because of our Turkish surname. But what is really in a name, as my own DNA results have proven interesting.
    My grandparents were the first Italians to settle in our Ct. town in 1880 and they initially met with predjudice as did the Irish before them. So, this in nothing new to me.
    Two years ago, after watching Prof. Henry Gates program on geneology and DNA testing, I had my DNA tested and found that both my Italian grandparents originated 500 yrs ago from Scotland, Ireland and Norway! They were just the top three matches. Image that.
    Thank you, Dr. Oz, for not changing your name, and for not being afraid to discuss your religious views as a moslem. You are a wonderful example to the rest of the world that Turks or moslems/moslems can also be loving, intelligent, compassionate, and have objective secular views. That they are no different than anyone else.
    You have helped to dispell all those myths that surrounds the moslem people or faith.
    As a mother, it gives me hope that my son’s ethnic background and faith will be less of a hinderance, because of you. Changing ones surname is the easy way out and why give in to prejudice, ignorant people.
    But it is still frightening as ignorance breeds predjudice, hatred and ultimately violence, war, etc.
    Also, thank you Prof. Gates. As people realize that there is no pure race, and that everyone is a mixture or admixture of various backgroungs, which can now be proven scientifically through DNA testing, there may be hope for acceptance, love and peace in our lovely diverse world. Let’s all be less ethnocentric and embrace our diverse global community.

  • Linda Justice

    What a beautiful educator! Thank you.

  • Pat

    Dr Oz is such an inspiration to mankind for his wisdom,compassion, and desire to teach and heal others. He’s is one of those rare individuals you never tire of. This interview showed clearly the respect and love he has for his family and fellow man. I hope someday to have the privilege of meeting or hearing him in person.

  • Atefeh Naeemi

    Thank you so much Professor Gates for showing a deeper picture of the American protrait. As a Muslim, I appreciated you showing Dr. Oz’s story as someone who is of Islamic heritage and talking about his feelings about Islamic identity woven into his American identity.



  • Nancy Stahl

    In 1998, I chose Dr. Oz to be my surgeon for open heart surgery. I had interviewed other very prominent heart surgeons but my huge fright at having to select someone to place their hands into my chest, remove my aortic valve and put an artificial one in its place was not relieved until I sat across a desk from Dr. Oz.

    He asked about my fear and listened. He came around that desk and sat next to me and put his arm on my shoulder and reassured me with concrete answers for my anxious worries. I could see this was a man who truly cares about others, someone who enjoys sharing the knowledge he possesses without the slightest hint of condescension and someone I could trust with my life.

    I had no idea until now that Dr. Oz was a Muslim. He was very interested in allowing people to explore the spiritual side of health and healing, but did not even hint at his own beliefs.

    Thank you, Dr. Oz, for your generosity, your skill and the trust you instill in others.

  • Ali Sarikaya

    Comments, thoughts and compliment to Mr. Oz are correct,
    but you can see all does ethics in almost every Turkish person!
    And if you know very well a Turk, you realize how much different than the other Muslim countries.
    Because Turkey has a big hero, like no an other country has.
    His name is “Mustafa Kemal ATATURK”

  • Joan Bansen

    Having had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Oz at a Wellness seminar (as a volunteer), sponsored by Hay House Publishing, a few years ago, in NYC, I personally agree with much of the complimentary comments given to this wonderful human being, known as Dr. Oz!! He is an amazing, compassionate doctor, teacher & humanitarian, as well as human (spiritual) being. I found his interview with Henry Louis Gates, not only to be candid and personal, but also warmly refreshing. We all have ‘roots’ as to where we originated from, but as you can see, (by 6degrees of separation) we are all more closely related than we think. If “Faces of America” makes us more aware of this, then we ALL will have benefited from this awareness, as human beings. Diversity not only makes us ‘unique’, but also more ‘united’, as beings that inhabit this planet. Hopefully, we all will realize this, and see the commonality among us rather than any difference.
    Thank you, PBS, for (again) bringing us (this) wonderful programming.
    Joan Bansen

  • Anthony Jones

    Wow! How can I meet the famous Dr. Oz…

  • Jane Marcinkiewicz

    Thanks be to God for allowing us to have good doctors like Dr. Oz. I have pericardial effusion that may be due to possible lupus and I get very afraid that I will ever wind up getting worse like the former President-Clinton who got his operation at the hospital where Dr. Oz works. I watched a show called Silent Disease and it showed how Dr. Oz performed his heart surgery. I also take notes from his show and after he gave advice on this other show. I hope that even though I am a medicaid recipient and so are my two children that if we ever God forbid need quality health care that we will be able to get such doctors as Oz to help us and not just students but experienced physicians. My daughter is in an asthma/allergy study at N.Y. Presbetarian and I’m glad that we can visit the hospital that Dr. Oz works in. Though I was born in Metropolitan Hospital and had my two children in Mount Sinai Hospital where I go to rheumatologists,cardiologists,etc. I now keep in mind the hospital that Dr. Oz works in. I am a Polish, Irish, Puerto Rican Muslim who became Muslim in 1991. I was born and raised in Manhattan, N.Y. and I am always wondering about our ancestors and who carried our last names- Marcinkiewicz, Ramos, and I can’t forget that my son is what I am and Yemeni Arabic like my ex-husband. I wonder about the past families that carried his father’s last names- Saleh and Talib. My daughter is what I am and Turkish like her father who is from Sivas in Turkey. I wonder about his last name which is Er and about those past families too. When I see a fellow Muslim who is a splendid doctor like Dr. Oz I am so happy that our children and others can be inspired by him to be the best that we can be and to prevent horrible diseases from developing by eating right and exercising and praying, and so on. Dr. Oz is a humble, brilliant person who gives many people an example of how we can and should be. I thank God for good people like him. Without the good, kind, caring people this life would be so very difficult. That’s why I’m so glad people like Dr. Oz exist!!! I pray for all of us to be always tolerant, respectful and understanding to one another. It make life for everyone much easier and happier! God made us all different even though we still have a lot in common, so we can learn from each other and so that we are interesting to one another. Just like we were not alive before we were born and our souls were with the Angels, we will all go back to God again. We all are in this temporary world together to do as much good as we can not to fight and dislike one another. The only things that are acceptable to hate should be only evil deeds and behaviors. May we all get along and help one another to make this world better. :)

  • Donald Mersel

    Dr. Oz has raised the level of scholarly discussion of medicine in his appearances on Oprah and now on his own show. He shows compassion for the plight of people who don’t have health insurance and have no means to receive the great medical attention that the rich have access too. His show on this issue was an emotional and powerful portrait of health care in America today. Without invoking politics or political figures he gave us the facts and allowed America to see what happens when we do nothing.
    You might not realize that Dr. OZ graduated Harvard and the took a combined MD and MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. His understanding of the medical aspects of medical care is aided by his true appreciation of the economics.

  • Samira Alaziz

    Dr.Oz is great personality and Dr. a very distinct .
    your skill and the trust you instill in others.
    always in the forefront.

  • Susan Lamb

    What do you want to feel like? What a powerful insight. Boy do I wish this would have said to me 30 years ago. I sure the hell wouldn’t have said an “accountant”.

  • Haya

    So, Dr. OZ might be part Chechen. So, we might be related after all:) And I was always wondering why I liked
    his philosophy and approach to life and medicine.

  • Safak Dogan

    As a young Turkish (also Muslim) professional living in New York city and enjoying the multicultural diversity, I am very proud of being in the same community with Dr. Öz. Please do not evaluate Turkish people, with religion-based thoughts. Turkey is a unique country which can embrace the Western values (the Modern day civilization) and not give up on its cultural human-oriented heritage which avoids the false interpretations of Islam, which is often associated with dominance of men against women and terrorism.

    Dr. Öz is a perfect educator, a wonderful human-being. God bless him.



  • kerana

    wow Dr. Oz is such a wonderful,charming, very warm soul…AS A MUSLIM am so proud and happy to have such a amazing example in the muslim community!!!!!! i love his show and find him very commpassionate and caring with his guest…..he is so humble and AMAZING….GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!!!

  • gwasha

    Very excited to hear more about Dr. Oz’s Caucasian roots. I was told a long time ago that his mother’s lineage hails from the Northwest Caucasus Mountains, I believe she is an Adigha/ Circassian.

  • Stephanie

    I can’t believe as intelligent and loving Dr. Oz is he still has religous beliefs. It seems as if along with Einstein that he understands we ar eENERGY and energy never dies we are spirit consciousness and only our bodies die we come right back. How could you see the HLA’s inyour DNA and still not understand- we are all equal- we are the creators!

  • Sterling in Texas

    I really like his show and hope it has a long run. The fact that Dr. Oz places such great emphasis on what we can and should be doing right when we go to the grocery store empowers viewers to make better choices with their lifestyle.

    I’ve substantially reduced my salt intake, and am eating a lot more fruits and vegetables now after watching his show for several months.

    Where does this guy find the time to do all this?

  • Andrew B.

    No doubt Dr. Oz is proud of his Muslim heritage, and the Muslim posters have
    every right to feel that pride.

    But I must say that the revelation that Dr. Oz shares genetic heritage with Jews
    surprised me not in the slightest bit – I assumed that he was Jewish after
    watching him on TV a few times.

    His appearance, mannerisms and speech patterns strike me as being
    VERY Jewish.

  • Ed Morse

    Dr Oz seems to be a fine person and I wish I knew more about him.

    I have to say that the one quibble I had with the show was Dr Gates’ surprise that “Jews and Muslims were related”. While I see Jewishness as a nationality much like any other nation, I believe Islam is a religion shared by a multitude of peoples. I think he would have been more accurate to say Arabs and Jews were related.

    That said, there is a theory, detailed in Arthur Koestler’s “The Thirteenth Tribe”, that modern Jews are descended from a tribe that converted en mass in the Middle Ages that were from… Turkey. I would like to see more DNA research into that.

  • John

    Dr. OZ is a very special person. God bless him.

  • Nick S.

    After learning that DNA testing revealed a common ancestor for Mike Nichols and Mehmet Oz, Dr. Gates did say that it seemed to confirm the belief that Jews and “Muslims” are related. He should have said Jews and “Arabs.” Muslims are a religious group that extends from West Africa to the Phillipines and includes all the major “races” of mankind. The belief that Jews and Arabs are related refers specifically to the first Hebrew prophet, Abraham, as recounted in the Bible (book of Genesis). Abraham had two sons — Isaac by his wife Sarah and Ishmael by the slave girl Hagar. Abraham is considered the father of the Jewish people through the line of Isaac. Arabs believe they are descended from Abraham through the line of Ishmael.

    My guess would be that Mike Nichols and Dr. Oz have a common Eastern European ancestor. Mr. Nichols is of Russian Jewish descent. Many people in Western Turkey — I think Dr. Oz’s parents were from Istanbul — are partly descended from Balkan Slavs (Bosnians and others) who converted to Islam during the Ottoman Empire.

  • Angie

    Dr. Oz is a Muslim??? Didn’t sound like it to me… Sounds like he was trying to distance himself as much as possible from being labelled a “muslim” and tried to play the “Sufi” card to avoid telling Dr. Gates that he actually isn’t a Muslim AT ALL.

    Also sounds like he’s never visited any other middle eastern countries… In WHAT other middle eastern country are the political leaders ALSO the religious leaders?????? I challenge anyone to name ONE country where that is true! Not true in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Indonesia, Malaysia, or ANY so called “Muslim” country. Each country has it’s political leaders that are NOT the religious authorities of the country!

    I think it would have been better if he had simply said he takes after his mother’s side of the family and that he is a SECULAR Turkish/American. Considering that he had all those comments about unity between different groups I found it unfortunate that he attributed all the “harmony” between different religions in Turkey and their acceptance of the Jews who fled Spain in 1492 to TURKISH culture instead of ISLAMIC PRINCIPLES.

    Why does it shock ANYONE that a Jew and a Muslim could have common ancestors? Jewish is not a race, neither is Muslim. Both are SEMITES…

    Very disappointing to see the spin put on what could have been enlightening… Dr. Oz ought to stick to medicine.

  • NS

    When I read mostly intelligent people to reach this link and comments – not necessarily, it amazes me the depth in mostly of each comment about Islam.

    About Dr. OZ I liked watching his show because my grandmother family used to be the first from Istanbul to spread the wealth of herbal remedies, even her first husband was Egyptian who died after my mother birth then she married a Turkish retired military man when they lived in Haifa before the Israeli occupation, my mother married Palestinian also whom his mother was Syrian- I married catholic Iraqi because when smart people try to analyze people by bunch of lunatics whether they were Jewish, Christian or Muslim I consider them either ignorant or real hazard to the society.

    We need to wake up and grew up to learn from each other’s rather doubts. Islam by the way brought a lot of the best of our today civilization. Between the Greek, Roman even to China with Marco Polo trading learning a lot about spices too. We have to go through DNA as Nick S said it the best. Traveling men or women too used to leave their born children or who knows what a mess was that then. We are all mixed blood-DNA and people PLEASE, you have to learn to distinguish the difference of being Jewish or Zionist like saying Russian or Communist. Any way these stories will never end as long as we have greedy politician to power.

    It is wonderful to know your ancestor, someone might not or can’t handle the truth of their past. We shouldn’t be ashamed of such past as long as we don’t keep creating more wars in the name of religion or democracy.

  • A. Hamilton

    This is one place your nationalistic statements are not needed.

  • A. Hamilton

    I agree with the comment that Jew and Muslim are religious affiliations and not races. Although I believe what Angie was trying to say after that comment is that Arabs and Israelis are all Semites because they are descended from the Semitic tribes that inhabited the Arabian peninsula and eastern Mediterranean. Therefore, when someone is accused of being anti-Semitic, they are not only against Jews but Arabs as well.

  • rania

    It’s not important if he’s a muslim or a turk or if his mother is an adiga.

    The main thing is that he is a wonderful human being.

    This is what I think.

  • Seemeen Kamran

    Dr. Oz is a great human being and a wonderful doctor. I watch his show every Monday on television. I feel I have learned so much from just listening to him.

  • christine

    Dr. Oz is so warm and caring inside. I watch all his shows on tv, and you can see that he really cares for the people. God bless him!

  • Vicky

    An also to know what you want to do when you grow up and work towards how you want to feel when you are doing the work. Will it make you feel good to _____ ? Very powerful.

  • Nancy

    Amen. What he does is who he is!

  • Murat Tastan

    Such a compelling story indeed, I love him not because he is my fellow country man I love him because I do see the sincerity from his eyes ,I simply feel it ,

    He wants to help people PERIOD,although he takes advantage of the rules of capitalism by involving himself to celebrity world ,but that’s besides the point obviously ,
    at the end he will pass his legacy to next generation i do hope that doctors like him multiplies rapidly throughout the world

  • Murat Tastan

    He is Turkish like myself , the way he speaks very Turkish the way he manners is very Turkish most importantly the ways he saves life is very Turkish as well .

    There is nothing in him that is called jewish

  • Tom

    Please do not use this comment section for publishing your nationalistic thoughts about the Turks, and how great a Muslim can be – that are totally irrelevant to the topic. Religious, political or social thoughts are not needed.

  • nicole


    I Started to watch the show of doctor Oz last week, I am retired now…All I can say he is an exceptional and special person, we need men like him, no matter his religion, we have all the same GOD, the most important that what and how he teaches to the peoples those beautiful knowledges on a simple way with humanity, humble !!!
    THANK YOU DOCTOR OZ.. You are more than WELCOME TO VISIT US IN CANADA….We love peoples like you, authentic, human and who loves justice !!!!! keep doing this excellent work, you should be the next PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES !!!!!

  • Karen D.

    Dr. Oz is a warm, sincere, gifted and brillant doctor. His religious identity is his to express how he sees fit. He doesn’t have to conform to anyone’s idea of what a Muslim should be or believe. He is an open minded man who believes in the beauty and sanctity of many paths to God and spirtuality. He is healer, a teacher and a prophet of health. I believe in the church/temple/mosque of his health preachings and the obvious genuine care and concern in which he delivers his sermons from his pulpit/show. I thank God that Dr Oz’s teachings of good health and healing comes to millions of households Monday to Friday. I, like many of his viewers consider it the “gospel” especially in these challenging times. His religious and ethnic identity are not what makes him special, it is his heart and compassion for the care of others. In the end that is all that really matters.

  • Just a Turk

    Why do people care if Dr. Oz is Muslim or not? I’m Turkish who don’t practise Islam like many Turkish people around the world. It just says on my Turkish ID that I am muslim. He may not be muslim but he is 100 percent Turkish so get over it!

  • kilic

    hallo können sie mir sagen wie ich kontakt zu dr.öz aufnehmen kann

  • Philly Turk

    This is a response to Tom’s rather belligerent post above addressed “to all Turkish commentators” to knock it off with the “nationalistic” posts. I saw only one or two posts that could be–potentially–construed as nationalist in a possibly offensive way, though it might have just been due to the writers’ limited English. The other posts–whether they were “religious,” “political,” or “social thoughts”– were completely relevant to this forum in particular. In the wake of 9/11, Americans in general have been unable to distinguish between Muslims and terrorists. As a Turk (born in Philly–my parents actually knew Dr. Oz as a child!) I was always blown away by people’s ignorance of the difference of the diversity within the Muslim world. During the first Bush administration, in fact, I was cautious about the people to whom I would reveal my Turkishness for fear of this ignorant prejudice. (Yeah, I know, cowardly…) The Ataturk comment was actually right on point–when the modern Turkish republic was established in 1923, with Ataturk as its first president, it was written into the constitution that church and state would be kept separate, that the church (mosque) cannot interfere with the secular administration of the state, that women could vote and had the same rights as men (my mom and her sister went to college in the 1940s and became a writer and a lawyer and were not, as in the U.S. in the 1940s, expected to become secretaries), etc. I think these posters above are trying to educate us that not every Muslim country is full of crazy, woman-hating, jihad-promoting yahoos. Even in the countries that ARE full of such yahoos, you’ll find a fair amount of dissent, if only in private.

    As for Turkey, if you go to any city, you’ll see women running around with impunity dressed like Britney Spears, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes openly in bars with male friends–much like in Philadelphia. Yes, there are conservative, even backwater towns, but we have them here too. Most Turks dress indistinguishably from Americans. My family is full of atheists, with no repercussions–in fact, one of my cousins, a university professor in Istanbul, said, “F-ck Islam” at a big conference at her college, and everyone laughed. And, btw, the reason for the relatively large Jewish population in Istanbul is due to the arrival of Sephardic Jews from Spain during the Inquisition and due to the arrival of Ashkenazi Jews escaping from Austria and Germany during Hitler’s regime–half of my dad’s teachers and mentors in medical school in Istanbul were German Jews. Although my own relatives are mostly Moslem, some are Sephardic Jews.

    Sorry for the lecture! Anyway, I’m glad for the presence of Dr. Oz in the American media, and for Dr. Gates’ eye-opening show, if only to open our eyes to the ridiculousness of assigning labels based on race, religion, nationality, gender, and other confining boxes.

  • David Mosley

    He is a Muslim so he must also be a terrorist. They all are. you just have to listen between the lines to what they say.

  • sara

    hey i’m from saudi arabia ..

    i like Dr.Oz so much he’s a great doctor and a wonderful person .. and i thank every one who Respect my Religion Because i Respect all the Religions .. Peace .

  • Ian Chesterfield

    I too love Dr. Oz as a single human being. But some here are taking this further than needed.
    One flower does not make a Spring. One good Turk, does not make a nation (Turks, Turkey) which has butchered about 15 million Christians worldwide (confirmed), and forcibly converted about 30 million to the Muslim religion, great. The suffering continues to day, Kurds denied basic rights, Israel verbally attacked (almost daily), Turk Muslim terrorists killing coalition troops in Afghanistan. Cyprus occupied, and the list goes on and on. Christians are persecuted daily in Turkey, priests and missionaries murdered and their throats slashed, and we are here praising Islam and Turks, instead of concentrating on the man himself. Why not all of us marry Turkish men, convert to their Muslim religion, and in a few years curse Christianity, the West and the USA and start killing Americans.
    Have any of you seen beheadings in Saudi Arabia? That is called Islamic Justice, and if this tide is Not stopped, and stopped soon, then we all will look at and feel the sword felling our heads.
    The end of Christianity is on the horizon…..

  • tekin

    i was watching Dr.Oz Show, the way he speaks and the way he talks to people was so warm and caring sounds like wanna help hundred percent to heal the people,admired him.and learned background is Turkish,wow ,proud of you Mr Oz. are a heaven-sent hero.

  • Tommiette Ingram

    What a wonderful person you are. You care about everyone. I was delighted to find out that my father’s DNA also had ancestors that came from the Caucasus mountians many years ago. Further research although not documented, links him to King Alexander the great, King Phillip the II and Cleopatra wife of King Phillip. How about those genes for a proud 86 year old African American.

  • Martin L

    Thanks for your post – good reminder that ignorance exists everywhere.

  • Mahir J

    Based on your posting – I highly doubt you can love anything. Where do you get the 15 million Christians being killed numer ? I suppose you will provide some BS theory from the Ottoman Empire. During the Ottoman ruling, it is true that Ottomans invaded land – but which country did not? during those times. Each European country had colonies where they sucked dry. Hell – Europeans invaded all of America and killed 90% of the Native Indian Race. This all happened at the same time when you claim Ottomans were killing or converting Christians. If Ottomans had in fact converted all conquered land, most of Europe would be muslim. Just the opposite, they promoted diversity amongst national backgrounds and religions. You could be Christian and move up the ranks to become the “vezir” which is the second highest rank to the Emperor. Even the so called “Armenian Genocide” was as a result of Russians conspiring with the Armenian population to rise up against the Turks. If the Turks had yielded at the fall of the Ottoman Emprire, they would have been worse off then the palestinians that are niow linving under Israeli land.

  • walter moss

    Hello;I a’m trying to locate Dr. Oz show on oral hygene and with differant saws of the mouth it is imperative that I locate this series as I have beensuffering for a long time with out the correct help.Thankyou,DR. OZ.WALTER MOSS,201-865-0092

  • zach

    The fact that Oz shares a lot of DNA patterning with Jews(be they Askenazic or Sephardic/Mizrahi) isnt shocking at all. The fact is we already KNOW Jews of all stripes have the preponderance of their DNA in common with light skinned arabs from the northern ME, Kurds, Iranians and Turks….the question is why is this group different from most “Arabs” in the ME. It be much more neat for us to assume the darker skinned Arabs(excuse my political incorrectness for a second) were indigenous to the whole area…they are not. Most “Arabs” are in fact mulatto children of Arabs great great…ad infinitum- grandfathers and East African slave females. In short they are mixed in ancestry….Also, there is simply a distinct indigenous group of Middle Easterners coming from eastern Arabia with “darker” features and skin types that came to dominate/colonize much of the ME through the spread of Islam from the peninsula.

    Long story short….the DARKER type is actually an invader/colonizer and the lighter type can be understood as indigenous…though, that in itself is problematic. People/science are hesitant to discuss this bc 1) People are accustomed to a certain dialectic …..light colonial abusers/dark indigenous victims and 2) Many left wing groups worldwide work off the assumption that Jews have no place in the middle east and are simply Europeans who imposed themselves in Palestine(geographic term used for centuries before Arabs ever set foot in the area).

    Sadly, real life isn’t always as simple as black/white..many lighter Palestinians have more in common genetically with Israelis and even Askenazi Jews than they do with Yemenis(Bin Laden) and Saudis. Some residents of Gaza have more in common with Egyptians and Sudanese than they do with any group of Jews or Arabs…..

  • zach

    Full disclosure-

    I am half Sephardi and half Askenazi. Tunisian/Hungarian Jew. One day in AP european history class I turned the page and my father seemed to be staring right back at me from the page… was in fact not him, but a middle aged General Mustapha Kemal…later known as Ataturk- leader of modern Turkey. My father is in fact Askenazic of supposed Eastern European lineage, but his father looked Sicilian(olive/light brown skin in summer) and he looked straight Turkish/Greek or perhaps Lebanese. All around me I saw supposed “white” Jews like Jeff Goldblum, Henry Kissinger and even Adam Sandler who looked anything but German/Polish/Hungarian.

    I suppose that got me thinking…..and from there it is always a short trip to the truth…

  • Shama

    The comments are always so much more interesting.

    One fact that I think is being overlooked is that there used to be proselytization in the Jewish religion therefore what does a Jewish ancestry mean. I do think Semitic is the better term and that includes Arab – Jews, Muslims, and Christians too. And yes, there’s no Muslim gene. The poster saying that Dr. Oz’s mannerism hinted of Jewish background cracked me up. I know many Jews and Christian who have Islamic mannerism :-)

    It seems Dr. Oz is an interesting personality and more people should try to be like him. By the way, one only has to look around to find many muslims like him as of course many non-muslims. I feel that no matter what religion or belief system one is from, one can alway try to be a good person. I am kind of surprised that no one even the muslim posters attributed Dr. Oz’s good qualities to his family especially mom. That’s the first school, the mom’s lap and that’s mainly where people learn to be good and do right.

    I totally agree that this is no place to express nationalism or even make proud to be a muslim statements because only the Almighty knows what’s in the hearts – What we know for sure is that he is a caring Doctor and that’s good for him, his patients, and the rest of the world at large.

  • dr.radwa

    sorry! ignorance???
    who is the ignorant guys ??? u generalize every thing on every one ,, n call ur self world leaders ,sofisticated,,civilized,thinkers!!
    just becoz some islolated groups like jigad.expressing their anger and wrong believes under the name of _islam_ by the most distant means to what islam really tought as to be and publishing the wrong picture on every muslim..and wz their actions ,,eeeeevery muslim is a 9/11 plane pilot,,every beard man is a terrorist,,every vailed women is carrying bombs!!!!!!!
    sorry guys but u r the one whos ignorant
    just like 2 or 3 serial killers for example are americans,,soo,can i say 90% of americans are serial killers? what would u feel about that..
    any wayyy sorry every one else 4 an irrelevant replay to an irrelevant post :(

  • rash

    Very nice to listen to him what a great person he is

  • Mom of two

    Thoughtful and interesting, thank you. I was brought up in the philipines but moved to england at such a young age I barely remember anything apart from the delicious food. I finally found some authentic Filipino recipes if you want to have a look, I thought I’d share it with you!

  • jamie

    interesting. I think the iPad is going to have such a huge effect on the iPad board games industry. Already there’s a ton of board games available for it…

  • Alpha

    It really matters whether his a muslim or a christian! You have 2 get a sense of spiritual direction. And he needs that.

  • a. noori

    I dearly respect Dr Oz but when it comes to his religous view, I agree with Angie, , In my opinion, he is muslim if he believes in the Holy Quran and all that is in it, you can’t just accept some parts but not others. Anyhow, Only GOD knows best, he seems more sincere than a lot of my ‘religious’ friends. again, if I was a patient, I would take DR Oz to be on my team any day.
    Sincerely A Noori

  • A. Noori

    Here two facts, Judaism is a religion, you can be of different ethnic background and be jewish and the same is true for Islam. Another fact which not many people know about is the Muslims and Jews always got along well, the drift came after the creation of the state of Israel when Jews around the world with the help of the British empire created the State of Israel by kicking out Palestinians (in direct violation of International human rights). There are jewish cemetries in Kandahar,(the spritual birthplace of the Taliban) Afghanistan. There are also Jewish cemetries in the tribal belt of pakistan, There was and is a great jewish presence in Moracco, there were many triving jewish communities in the muslim spain. There Jews and Muslims always got along well. The two religions have a lot in common and therefore no one should be surprised if jews and muslim get a long again once the palestinian issue is resolved.

  • a noori

    I wish this world is filled with terrorist like DR. Oz, the world would be better off. David Mosley comment is an adiotic one

  • a. Noori

    Ian, where did the turks kill 15 millior people, During world war 2, there were more than 15 million killed from all sides, Turkey was not involved in WW2. I never have heard of Turkish terrorists in afghanistan,, but I have heard of Turkish troops helping the afghan people in Wardak province and they are doing a great job. George w Bush signed the execution orders of over 150 convicts when he was the Governor of TX, Do you have any muslim friends, if not, meet a few and trust me they won’t kill you because you’re christian. lol idiot

  • jpeditor

    … the Muslims and Jews always got along well”

    Another lie, Mohamed’s first massacre was of Jews.

    “, the drift came after the creation of the state of Israel when Jews around the world with the help of the British empire created the State of Israel by kicking out Palestinians”:

    More lies, Israel was controlled by Jews for over a thousand years before Islam was started by the pedophile and murdering Mohamed. And jews lived in Israel under ottoman and british rule, but always being killed by arabs.

    ” Palestininans” is simply a flavor of arabs / islam – there has NEVER been an arab nation that used Jerusalem as it’s capital even when they occupied Israel -and Jerusalem is not mentioned ONCE in the koran.

    Regarding Jewish presence in other muslim / arab lands, they were all there before Islam and were kicked out after the rebirth of the modern state of Israel on THE TRADITIONAL LAND OF THE JEWS which the arabs were only squatting on.

    The UN offered the arabs their own state in 1948 on half the land of Israel and the arabs turned it down and went to war with Israel, the same way they have turned down every offer because their sole goal is to wipe out the Jewish state of Israel. Only this month the “palestinian” governnment SAID THE WESTERN WALL ISN’T JEWISH.

    This is your “peaceful” Islam, trying to finish Hitler work and wipe out the Jews.

  • Zahra

    I’m only 13 years old. My dream is to becoemt he next Dr.Oz. He’s inspired me since he is muslim and so am I. Thanks you Dr.Oz.

  • Jim

    You are an idiot. You just need to listen to yourself to know it.

  • Steven Thaw

    Why isn’t Dr. Oz Vegan and Cruelty Free?
    If he is so smart, than why does he have a fetish for flesh without compassion for our fellow creatures of the Earth?
    His muslim/jewish religion stifles him.

  • hwda

    salam. i like four things about u:
    1-u r Muslim
    2-married to a Christian woman
    3- popular
    4- so so so brilliant hwda, Kurdistan,iraq

  • Damla

    A. Hamilton:
    I’m not even going to bother beating around the bush and just say it – your comment shows how unintelligent you truly are. What he wrote was very spot on as Dr. Oz is your typical Turk who is very compassionate and goes out of his way to help others. Unlike individiualistic American society where selfishness has been engraved in every one of you, Turkey is a collectivistic society where people have a sense of community and feel the need to look out for others, and Dr. Oz is a product of Turkish culture and does an excellent job of representing his people. Also, the commenter mentioned “Ataturk”, the very same person Dr. Oz mentioned in the interview while he was talking about the person who threw out the pope of Islam for Turkey to be able to grow and be open-minded unlike the majority of current Islamic countries. Seems like you did not even pay attention to anything Dr. Oz said so it was pretty hard for you to make the connection between what the commenter wrote and what Dr. Oz said.

  • Marie

    Dr Oz always comes across as very caring and warm. In my opinion this is just as important as the doctor’s medical proficiency. Thank you for sharing the wonderful video.
    Marie from

  • Esther Sackheim

    Seeing Dr, Oz on the Oprah show said he is a very caring intelligent person.
    As to is religion. That is really his own business. I am a Jewess.
    One may never know how long his family are Muslims.
    I met a very nice Muslim man while at our walking center. This is what played out.’He said his family were Zorasterisms. They were forced to convert thousands of years ago.
    Many Jews were forced to be Christians or die. Some prefered death other decided to live and went back to Judaism.
    There are thousands of people in our south west who are Mexicans who finding their Jewish roots and returning to Judaism.
    There is a woman in Italy who found her Jewish roots and now is a rabbin helping people return to their roots. There is a doctor in the southwest who found women with a certain type of cancer found only in Jewish women. At first it seemed strange to her, but she decided to look into it further. She is not Jewish.
    I hope this will let you, know there are lots of hidden Jewish roots.
    Who knows what Dr,Oz roots were thousands of years ago, and who really cares.
    Dr. Oz is a wonderful human being and Iam sure God loves him
    Esther Feinstein Sackheim

  • Rigo G.

    The way he saves lives is turkish? until the Turks admit and recognize the genocide that they submitted the Armenians to, they have NO business being referred to as “life savers”. “killers” would be a much more suitable term.

  • KS

    i always watch Dr.Oz show with great enthusiasm. it is a great show, knowledgeable and very practical. When I miss his TV show I make it a point to watch it online.

    I enjoyed watching these video clips, which have highlighted a lot of information that I previously did not know about him. In person as well, he is very educated, and speaks with charisma and passion. He is not only extremely intelligent, but also entertaining.

    I hope to watch his show for years to come. Keep up the great work Dr. Oz! May God bless you.


    well its not as bad as the jewish killers who keep murdering the palestinians right??

  • M.Ozgur

    “and Jerusalem is not mentioned ONCE in the koran.” Quoted..

    Even writing this phrase shows that you are a real deal ignorant and do not know that Quoran says about.

    for other respected peoples information : Jerusalem – quddus – mentioned many times in Quoran. !!

  • jesse

    i wish he was anything but not Muslim. if he says he’s Muslim then too bad , he should go ahead read the Koran believe me he will never be proud . Turkish is fine i love the culture , but Islam !!!!!

  • gates fan

    I love Dr Gates and I love Dr OZ, however in his attempt to be politicaly correct Mr. Gates started mixing mythology and science. He said that way the Ismail and Isaak were brothers, Arabs and Jews were too. Except: DR. OZ IS TURK! Dear Mr. Gates Turks and Arabs are two different people. Arabs are same Semitic people like Jews. Turks are not. They are Turkic people.
    As a Serbian I could give you different theory: somebody on his mother’s side was Jew. Ottoman Turkey had big jewish community and probably Dr. Oz’s Eastern Euroopean Jewish ancestor traded with them, married into them and later converted to Islam. This was not unheard among the citizens of Ottoman Empire.

  • mike angelo

    Dr. Oz may be fantastic and a great example of a secular Muslim but even Turkey, which under Ataturk joined the secular world is now being overtaken by religious fundamentalists . I think it’s time that the intelligent, scientific people of the world start their own movement to stamp out religious fervor that ends up turning evil and trying to impose their views on others. Here’s just one comment from the world news’.
    The modern nation of Turkey, based on a secular state, is backsliding into conservative fundamentalism. Spiegel Online has an interesting story on the increasing religiosity in a “secular” state.

    For almost half a century, Turkey has been pursuing European Union membership. With negotiations now started though, enthusiasm is waning. And the influence of Islam is on the rise.

    At first glance, the “Sah Inn Suite” Hotel in Alanya looks no different from the average sunny resort along the Turkish Mediterranean coast: a bulky construction with a honeycomb of balconies, looking out over a generous swimming pool surrounded by parasols and lounge chairs. But, in fact, only men are allowed to take a refreshing plunge into these shimmering blue waters. Women vacationers at the Sah-Hotel swim in a strictly isolated pool for women. And what about a cold beer? Forget it. There is no alcohol here; instead, a mosque offers communion with God.

    Why the piety? It’s an effort by hoteliers to show their consideration for observant Muslims who want to enjoy “a vacation in keeping with religious laws.” And the options for such devout holidays are growing in secular Turkey. Islamic-style swimsuits are the new rage on the beaches and around pools across the country. Nowadays, observant women venture onto the sands clad head-to-toe. Manufacturer of these chaste outfits is the Istanbul fashion firm Hasema, whose customers include the wives of leading politicians of the governing AKP, the religious-conservative Justice and Development Party.


    Even political censorship, which in itself is not unheard of in Turkey, is now practiced in the name of religious modesty. Last week, for example, the ministry of education set off a storm of anger with its regulation decreeing that images of the well-known Delacroix painting “Liberty Leading the People” be removed from schoolbooks. The reason: the bare breasts of the standard-bearer in the depiction of France’s 1830 July Revolution.

    Recently, the ministry of education itself was outraged over the fact that several publishing companies had, on their own initiative, rewritten children’s books that the ministry had recommended for classroom use. In the edited versions, Pinocchio, Heidi and Tom Sawyer live in an Islamic world where inhabitants wish each other a “blessed morning” or ask for food “in Allah’s name.” Aramis, one of the Three Musketeers, even converts to Islam.

    Is Turkey really becoming more Islamic? And particularly now, after coming so far on the way towards Europe? What is undeniable is that, one year after the opening of accession talks with the EU, the atmosphere in Turkey, with its 99 percent Muslim population, is increasingly anti-European, anti-Western and more nationalistic. Only one third of Turks support membership in the European Union, according to a survey published last week in the daily Milliyet — a dramatic change for Turks, who have been big fans of Europe for so long.

    A good a [sic] before the planned publication of the latest EU-Progress Report, the government in Ankara now fears a further worsening of the climate. If the report is, as expected, negative — sharply critical of the judiciary and the limited freedom of opinion, as well as the Turkish relation to the status of Cyprus — then Turkey is on the verge of a “massive shock,” the nation’s papers say.

    This is definitely not a good sign. The backsliding of Turkey into religious fundamentalism could be a harbinger of things to come. In contemporary Turkey, there is a problem with freedom of speech. It’s free as long as you don’t “insult” Islam. There are numerous examples of this, here’s a sample:


    Archaeologist on trial for controversially suggesting Islamic headscarf stems from ancient sex rites

    Women-only park under construction in Istanbul

    Why is this bad? The only country in the Middle East, outside of Israel, that could be considered a stable democratic country is showing signs of a resurgence in Islamic fundamentalism. Not good. The European Union should look long and hard at Turkey and determine whether it wants to allow in a country heading towards religious fundamentalism. The situation is not going to balance itself out, the fundamentalists will not stop Islamization. They want to push it so far, that sharia law is imposed in Turkey. A development such as that should be anathema to the European Union.

    For that reason, I do not think Turkey should be allowed in the European Union. It would give greater access to Europe to Islamic radicals. With the freedom of movement in the European Union, it makes it easier for Islamic radicals to move from Turkey to a Western European country. It would also make it easier for Islamic radicals to reach the United States. The problem is, I see no evidence of major European opposition to increasing fundamentalism in their own countries.

    I’m not saying that Turkey is like Saudi Arabia at the present time. But, it is possible for a mostly moderate nation to morph into a fundamentalist theocracy. Just look at what happened to Iran. Because of that, we should keep a wary eye on any increasing fundamentalism in the government and society of Turkey.

  • Suzie

    Well Armenians need to get over it. OR they will keep producing racists like you who collectively judge people of Turkish background based on their version of history.

    Dr. Oz is great at what he does and yes he has saved many lives including my son’s.
    Stop looking at the world through you narrow mind and you may get somewhere in life.

  • Caroline

    I just love the Dr. Oz show.

    Great to know that Dr. Oz is a Muslim.
    American Muslims like him prove that we can’t be prejudicial by generalizing all the 1.5 billion Muslims into a single category as the racists and neo fascist like to do.

  • Azlan


    I tend to agree with A Hamilton. Stereotyping by making general statement like” you realize how much different than the other Muslim countries” is really unacceptable.

  • Azlan

    I agree with you 100%.

  • ZAI

    i am south african,and i don’t understand why people compare faiths,countries and race.why can”t we accept dr oz as a good doctor and not judge his beliefs.many celebrities are open about their faith or religion why is that not an issue.islam does not mean terrorist neither does jews mean anything christians are not haters or killers of jews.religion is based on an individual person.i respect all faiths and believe in one god.dont create conflict for no valid issue.lets just make our world a better place by just accepting eacother for who they are.let god handle the bad muslims or jews or christians that have given each belief a bad portrayal.

  • Grace

    I agree with Azlan and A. Hamilton. There are good people and bad people in every nation or religion. It is ridiculous to generalize people and describe all Turks as perfect human beings while blaming all Americans of individualism. Also, getting rid of Islam doesn’t necessarily mean developing as a country. Furthermore, Dr. Oz is more of an American “product” than Turkish: He was born and raised in the United States. He got all his education here and lived here all his life.

  • Someone Smart

    I am Turkish, and I think you are absolutely right. Damla is the one who is being unintelligent

  • Ola

    I love the way Dr Oz is educating everyone about their health and dieting.
    Being of Middle-Eastern origin (Jordan), I can understand the healthy food alternatives he is offering, as these are part of our everyday diet, and the secret to our youthful looks!!
    I was in Australia a few years ago, ordered some fish and salad at a restaurant, and they gave me a salad dressing made of mayonnaise or thousand island …can’t remember, anyways, I asked the waiter for some olive oil, he brought it waiting to see what i wanted to do with it, i put some on my salad, then I asked for some vinegar, he got me some, then i squirted some lemon juice (from a slice on my fish plate), mixed up the salad and ate!!! and wow were they surprised !!! I said, I just can’t eat my salad without this “Middle-Eastern” dressing…

  • Efrain Wasurick

    hi I’m a massive cognac fan mainly Remy Martin, excellent blog post, cheers

  • Reader

    Genocide recognition is not an issue of racism. Characterizing Turks as “life savers” is the same rhetoric they use to cover their human rights record (not just with the Armenians). It should absolutely be called out (well done Rigo).

    The Armenian Genocide is not a “version of history,” it is well accepted as a truth and not debated in academia, in international archives, and on the world stage generally. Turkish recognition would be a positive step forward for ethnic conflict and state violence in the future.

    Dr. Oz could help save millions of more lives if he came out against the impunity, state violence, and civil rights record of his native Turkey.

  • Reader

    Turkey has, only in recent history, been a secular state. Unfortunately, this is becoming less and less true, as evidenced by turkish relations with Israel, the rhetoric of the political leaders, and the general attitudes of the poeple. They are embrassing their muslim identity now and it is creating tensions with the West.

    But I digress…

    It is true that the turks have had an attorcious human rights record highlighted by commiting the first genocide of the Armenians. It is also true that Christians have many times been . I think it would be speculative to say that the root of the state sponsored violence is Islam. It seems that, rather, it is an isolated turkish problem, that is, a turkish politics rather than turkish religion is the root of the problem. Evidence of this their continued violents from their Young Turk regime against the Armenians all the way up to their current colonization in Cypress and everything in between was executed during their status as a secular state.

  • Guest Post

    I have watched Dr. Oz on TV and learned so much about proper diet and nutrition in a very short time. It is amazing what can happen when higher level education brings medicine that is integrated with mind/body/spirit. Thank-you Dr. Oz. Please know how much your work is appreciated.

  • Sarah Saleh

    Dr. Oz to me is one of the most amazing persons ever. Everyday he does his best just to make people’s life easier. And actually i was trying to lose weight like crazy and i was using all the wrong ways just to be thin and pretty but i learned from him that health comes first and i don’t have to put my life on rist just to lose weight. The great thing is that he sends his message all over the world, I’m egyptian and i’d like to concider myself as Dr. Oz’s biggest fan in Egypt…
    God bless him.

  • no for you

    oh please! you really seem to be Jewish ,you should stand up for your people even if you see thim by eye killing muslims in palestine!
    i wonder! is there anyone other than JEWS beleive in the things you say? i dont think so, you cant hide the sun with your hand!
    the truth is well known no body says you are right unless they are JEWS.

  • no for you

    of course i a gree with M.Ozgur.

  • no for you

    why is that?
    am not a TURKISH but i wounder! are you scared that people may find muslims great and nice?
    or maybe, by reading all this and watching Dr. OZ they will be affected and try to become muslims?
    if Islam produces good people like this, if places like turkey could give us such great personalities like mehmet oz i think i would love to know such a country and such people

  • no for you

    since you’r david then you are a Jewish, you are an ignorant to link islam with terrorism. dont you have eyes to see, cant you listen to the truth with your heart?
    open it to find that love, care, and compation are all within ISLAM

  • no for you


  • no for you

    i agree with what you say, but sure your religion affects your life

  • Joi Lagle

    Article writing is also a fun, if you know then you can write or else it is complicated to write.

  • hihi

    its Muslim*

  • Oh Come On

    Are you serious? There are several ways to spell it. It’s not an English word. Get over yourself.

  • Tis true

    I don’t think there is any agreed upon spelling. I’m an american-born and bred moslem (or muslim, whichever way you prefer). You’ll see it spelled either of these ways depending on the author or publisher or age of the book you’re reading from etcetera

  • Get Real ;-)

    Actually it doesn’t matter that it’s not an English word several words that are not of English origin have a set way of spelling. It is in fact spelled Muslim not Moslem nor is it pronounced Moslem. Thank you ;-)

  • Mr. Avakian

    I love the way Suzie blithely states “Well Armenians need to get over it”

    In 1894-96 over 200,000 Armenians were massacred in Ottoman Turkey , and then about 1,000,000 more were killed at the behest of the Young Turk government during World War One. And ever since that time, the Turks have been in denial about the genocide they perpetrated. In fact, it is still against the law to mention these crimes in Turkey, and anyone who speaks in support of Armenians living in that country is subject to punishment. Doesn’t sound like a very civilized nation to me.

    That Oz is a humane Turk can be attributed to the fact that he’s lived his entire life in the U.S.

  • Ann DeAngelis

    Help ! hair loss , what can i do ?

  • i’m turning 18:)

    :) oh my. guys,is it important how it spelled.even the guy or lady who correct mimi’s word name is ”hihi”. :) i don’t think it matter how it spelled, it’s the value of it that matters. don’t you guys agree?

  • wondering

    I wonder if Dr.Oz is a christian. Would all this religion issues came out in the comments??? Guys,just respect one another. Do not punish the religion, punish the criminals. Please.

  • wondering

    May I ask you, is it still safe to admit that you’re a Muslim in your country,considering the prejudice of your country to Islam?

  • Lee

    He follows Christianity you dip stick!!!!!!

  • vn

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  • Kemal SEZER

    Sayın Dr.Mehmet ÖZ;
    Çooook çoooook uzaklardan yani ülkenden yani TÜRKİYE’den merhabalar,selamlar,mutluluk ve sağlık dileklerimi sunuyorum sevgili doktor.Amerikan TV larında yapmış olduğınuz programlarınızı Türkçe alt yazılı veya seslendirmeli izliyoruz.Ülkemizde sizin tanıtımını yaptığınız American Mango adı altında hapların internet siteleri aracılığı ile satıldığını görmekteyiz.Ancak bu sitelerde iletişim telefon numaraları dışında kimler muhatap alınacaktır,sorular kime sorulacak bizlerin sağlık ile ilgili sorularımıza kim cevap verecek bu anlamda isim olarak kimse gözükmüyor.Bu nedenle sizin adınızın kullanılarak bu pazardan kazanç sağlama düşüncesinde bir topluluk var duygularım ağır basıyor.Ve çok uzaklardan tanıtımını yaptığınız Amerikan Mango ile ilgili sorumun cevabını birinci kaynaktan öğrenme isteği ile sizleri rahatsız ediyorum kusura bakmayın.
    Tüm bunları niye yazmamın nedeni ise göbek bölgemden kaynaklanan kilo sorunum var.Ancak rahatsızlığım nedeniyle yüksek tansiyon, kolesterol,trigliserid ve şeker hapları kullanmaktayım.Sizin adınızın kullanılarak satıldığı Amerikan Mango nun kullanmış olduğum haplarla bir etkileşimi olurmu?Öğrenmek istediğim tanıtımını yaptığınız bu ürünü kullanabilirmiyim?Kulandığım herhangi bir sorunla karşılaşırmıyım.
    Cevap verceğiniz umuduyla sizlere güzel yurdumuzdan selam,sevgi,saygı,mutluluk ve sağlık diliyorum.
    Kemal SEZER
    Emekli Eğitimci-Çanakkale

  • seek the truth

    yes it does matter what religion one comes from its a matter of heaven or hell .there is and can only be one religion that is accepted by the Almighty. every religion has different doctrines and preaches the worship of God or different Gods or partners with god. As such all religions will not be accepted by the Almighty God.He will only accept one religion and those who worship and ascribe partners to him will be destined to eternal damnation.We are all duty bount to seek the truth and search for the truth , if we are sincere we should pray as such ‘Oh my Creator guide me towards the true religion and inspire me to worship you’ if we are in doubt and pray as such hopefully you will be rightly guided.I am a proud muslim and its my duty to spread this message and invite to islam ,there is absolutly nothing to loose in studying islam .remember we must search for the truth by asking questions probing the bible ,we shouldnt just sit back and follow dogma blindly and hope for paradise.

  • Damla

    Turkey IS a lot different than other predominantly Muslim countries mainly because it is a secular nation, and people’s attitude towards Islam reflect that. This is not a stereotype; this is a fact. Isn’t it true that a typical Turk is a lot more open-minded than a typical Saudi-Arabian? He is.

    By the way, what part of Hamilton’s comment do you agree?

    What is wrong with Ali Sarikaya paying gratitude to the person who allowed Turks to grow as a nation? Ataturk was the first person who had the guts to do what he did while other most predominantly Muslim nations are still struggling, trying to come up with their own Ataturk.

    Azlan, you’re offended because you’re not Turkish. You feel proud of Dr. Oz merely because he is a Muslim so you want to think he is the way he is because he is a Muslim, not because he’s Turkish. In any case, one’s culture is largely affected by one’s religion so you may go ahead and feel proud that Dr. Oz is making your peeps look good in the Western world.

  • Damla

    No one said all Turks are perfect. In addition, no one said Dr. Oz is perfect. I said “your typical Turk” – the key word here is “TYPICAL.”

    I am not blaming Americans of individualism. I am stating facts. It IS A FACT that the US is an individualist society (far more individualistic than Europe) where “me first” is the common attitude among Americans. The point of the post was that you guys think Dr. Oz is so amazing and so different from other doctors because he’s so down to earth, super friendly, deeply caring and compassionate when in reality, such traits are very typical of Turks. I look at him, and I see nothing special about him besides his extensive medical knowledge and talent as a surgeon while most of you are left in awe. You can sit here and claim Americans are also friendly, compassionate, this and that. Any person of any ethnicity can be of those things but go to Turkey, and you will know what I am talking about and will see what I mean.

    Dr. Oz was born in the states but he was raised with two Turkish parents who were born, raised in Turkish culture with Turkish values (Dr. Oz kisses people on both cheeks even in the states) . He is a product of Turkish culture. Get to know a Turk whose parents were born in the states or immigrated to the states when they were toddlers. He will be nothing like Dr. Oz (your typical Turk) as he will have been assimilated.

  • Damla

    Someone smart? You’re the user “Grace”.

    Gee. What a coincidence that you write your post, and on the same day, 3 seconds after your post as “Grace”, a Turk shows up here to attempt at insulting me while pretending to be Turkish to give the impression she knows what she is talking about.

  • aynubar

    some of these comments are ridiculous. the only problem I have with oz is that he served in turkish army, which if it were any other country besides israel, would have required him to give up his american citizenship. but we have double standard for certain countries. if suzie wants armos to “get over it”, then maybe god forbid something happens to her son down the line, how would she like it if I told her to “get over” her son’s demise. duh.

  • Mostafa

    inshallah one day you will be better than him , Muslim people are peaceful , i love being a Muslim and hate everyone who says that we are terrorists ?!

  • Mostafa

    Islam is the relegion of peace and humanity , greetings from Egypt <3

  • I am a Turk, too

    Stop speaking for me please. Not only my fingers move over a keyboard but my mouth can roll more than a few words as well. Please don’t label me as anti- Turk or whatever else you may utter but I really get tired of people getting too nationalistic although I am very passionate about Turkey and I love and miss Istanbul and Turkey both. But, please, Damla, stop it already, It is very annoying. No, not all Turks are awesome people. No, not all Turks believe in collectivisim or act as such. Turkish prison population or legal documents will prove it to you. But, yes, almost all Turks are nationalistic. Some, like myself keep it to himself while others, like yourself, everything turns into nationalism. I am thankful to be living in the U.S. and I would do anything for the U.S as I would for Turkey as long as what I do or support is just.

  • I am a Turk, too

    I like to whisper this quietly ” Actually, his Turkish is very poor, his Turkish accent is very difficult to understand. Nonetheless, he was just appointed to “the board of directors” of one of the Turkish-American councils (representing Turkish American Diaspora) and he has been travelling to Turkey for various meetings more often. It will probably help him to improve his Turkish.

  • I am a Turk, too

    All the Armenians (particularly, Reader and Avakian)

    Take your ranting elsewhere. In the last 20yrs the so called Armenian victims number has reached from 15,000 to 1.5million. Just like the inflation of your little country squeezed between mountains in no-man land, the deads have seen hyper-inflation, too… In a country, where majority of Armenians lived were the northeastern region, where Kardashian’s grandparents come from, and the vicinity. The population in those areas were not even more than 100,000 in 1990s let alone 1.5 million in 1915 in the Turkish land with a population of 13 million. Armenians were not even second or third largest minority group then but you claim more than 10% of the Turkish population in 1915 was of Armenians. Woww!!! For your info since claiming so called Armenian genocide, stop being lazy and make some serious research, no wonder you can’t take the case to the International Courts or the U.N has never recognized your argument. Since you are lazy, I will sppon-fed you with the truth below. Read it well, buddies rather than continuing your lies:

    You know that one of your admiral(admiral Bristol) has a report that proves Turkish points about Armenian issue? if you would stop watching one-sided media and search for these things you could actually learn something.. Like how the first prime minister of independent Armenian Republic said that it was a war which they have started with Russian support which they had lost:

    Confirming the American Eyewitnesses:

    “The war with us was inevitable. We had not done all that was necessary for us to have done to evade war. We ought to have used peaceful language with the Turks. We had no information about the real strength of the Turks and relied on ours. This was the fundamental error. We were not afraid of war because we thought we could win. When the skirmishes had started the Turks proposed that we meet and confer. We did not do so and defied them. Our army was well fed and well armed and [clothed] but it did not fight. The troops were constantly retreating and deserting their positions; they threw away their arms and dispersed in the villages.”

    Hovhannes Katchaznouni
    First Prime Minister of the Independent Armenian Republic
    The Manifesto of Hovhannes Katchaznouni, 1923.

    From the same source: “Edward Fox, the American District Commander at Kars, in a telegram, dated October 31, 1920, (7) to Admiral Bristol, the U.S. High Commissioner in Istanbul, wrote that the Americans were continuing their work of looking after the Armenian children as before, that the Turkish soldiers were well-disciplined and that there had not been any massacres.”

    Put it in your small uneducated brain rough and soft there is just one genocide in Armenian history and it was in Hocalı Azerbaijan that Armenians killed Azrbaıjanies!

  • I am a Turk, too

    Sorry for the error…since 1.5 million so called victims did not make up the entire Armenian population at the time, that would mean the total Armenian population must have been more than 20% of total population in Turkey in 1915 and not the 10%. Kurds claim to be the largest minority group and they also claim to be as much as 40%… Let alone the dosen of other minority groups. It is almost saying there are no Turks living in Turkey not now and not then. Yet, it is a republic named nothing else but Turkish Republic.

  • I am a Turk, too

    No, Mr. You are dead wrong when it comes to Dr.Oz’s background. You almost want to say Dr.Oz is Jewish but Dr Oz, himself, doesn’t know it. It is always the same story with Kurds, Greeks, Armenians. I have been witnessing the same thing in various Internet sites for years that any time a wonderful and successful person comes out of Turkey, you all want to claim him one of yours. Thanks God, the man tells his own background. Maybe, you, sir, were one of the midwives when his great grandmother gave birth. Similarly, you were also probably also took the same role when his grandmother, and his mother gave birth. If your own ignorance release the your chains for a little time, you would have known, he said they come from Konya, which is the center of Turkey, called Anatolia, a city even today have preserved old Turkish customes from early Ottoman era. Furthermore, that is also probably why, his facial profile is a resemblance of the Turks from Ottoman or Seljuc Turks, sort of Asianic features. Turks have settled for centuries along the Caucus even today. Turks from Chechneya, Russia as far as Kazakistan, they have sharp deep dark eyes with slight central asian features. So has Dr.Oz.. Balkanic people or slavs lighter with some blonde features or chesnut or brown hair with pale face though high cheekbones (turkish but if they are from Balkans it is possible they might be Bulgarian, which is also originally a Turkish ethnic tribe from Asia though reach to Bulgariu from Asia minor by travelling over Black Sea unlike turks of today Turkey who travelled south from Caucus into Anatolia. So, even if you try very hard, no he is not Jewish.

  • I am a Turk, too

    Yes, I think like Ozgur as well, you are ignorant indeed. True the Quran doesn’t speak of Jerusalem. Besides, it is mentioned by various names as Ozgur has stated, it is also called as Palestine (Philistine). And, no you Jews are not Kenans. Kenans were tyhe Palestinians. The founders of Israel not only held Palestinian passports and the citizens of Palestine under the British rule but also were called terrorists running underground terror organizations and wanted by the British at the time.

  • Jocey

    I have learned so much from Dr. Oz. and have done many of his suggestions. I am curious about his Islamic beliefs. Why would he have someone on his show who sees the dead and talks with them? What does this have to do with health? The Bible repeatedly states we should not be part of any such activity as the dead are dead and are not living…so how can they be talking? Is God the Creator of the Islam believers? Do they believe the Bible to be the Word of God? Do they believe what it teaches? So why did Friday’s (March 23, 2012) program have a physic-medium?

  • Carm


  • Ataturk

    You seem to have a lot of opinions, though you sound like a rather ignorant fellow. Little wonder that we Turks generally have a poor reputation in the U.S. and Europe.

  • Gabriel

    Really nice to see these interviews, and nice to hear so much about his past to see how that made him who he is.
    Sorry to see all the excessive nationalistic and religious referrals which are a tad over the top and unnecessary. He is one of the few in the media(more by accident ,than on purpose)that I truly want to hear from. Probably because he is actually a truly compassionate doctor and human being than a media hound.

  • xenia

    I’m 22 and I have an orgasm what do I do?

  • bessma

    what is the wrong with islam/????.plz. learn more about islam and than judge. dont belive any thing you hear

  • Moi

    Just to sum up some historical facts:

    Ottoman Empire whose state was based on Sharia was the only Empire that allowed Jews to live within it’s territories at the time when they were EXPELLED,KILLED AND SEIZED IN WESTERN,CENTRAL AND SOUTH WESTERN EUROPE and as a matter of the fact in WW2 countries that were under OE, which were predominantly inhabited by Muslims, recorded that their Muslim citizens were protecting Jews in whichever way they could e.g Muslims in Bosnia and Turkey were giving their jewish neighbors documents which were previously owned by their deceased relatives to cover their non-jewish identity and as a matter of the fact surviving jews landed a hand to their former neighbors once they moved to Israel from the genocidal fire in Bosnia.
    Now, forcing people to convert to Islam is the biggest stereotypical and ideological gibberish, population that lived under the O. rule converted to Islam for several reasons and in order to know those reasons you would have to study a little bit ofhistory of Balkans (avoiding nationalistic sources of course but Noel Malcolm is quite OK). Also, countries that were for long under Ottoman rule have never quit on their language,tradition,etc. whereas on the other hand you may not notice that in non Ottoman colonies i.e Christian colonies i,e colonies owned by a crown and church i,e pope.
    Of course Empire itseld had its contraverses, starting from Sultans themselves but none of them had connection to Islam. If you use Islam or Christianity to enforce something on people, the fault is not being subscribed to the Religion but one who tends to preach it i.e manipulate it.

    Finally back to the Dr. Oz, he really does represent the image of a Muslim, a real image. Being Muslim does not require superhuman powers, au contraire a real Muslim is a simple person with a tiny voice of a reason back in the head and that’s called rules of living which are summed up in Qur’an, contained in other 3 Books and if you know at least bit of each than you would have to know that your own identity is being endangered if you dare to bring Qur’anic verses into question thus giving them nomadic prefix based on stereotypical and subjective stands.


  • FreeSpeech1776

    You Muslims respect All Religions? Is that why you will not allow us to build a church or bring Bibles into Saudi Arabia?

  • FreeSpeech1776


    Please remember that America is a Country BUILT by Christians. Unlike you, we are a very Tolerant people, and we welcome other religions. Judaism. Hinduism, Budhism, and others are ALL welcome EXCEPT your religion Islam. We don’t want Islam here.

    If it’s put to a vote, at least 80% of our people will vote to ban Islam here. Why? Islam is UN-American. Islamic culture and American culture are opposites, like night and day.
    Islamic culture does not value individual freedom or human life, that is why Muslims are killing and terrorizing people all over the world on a daily basis. Muslims even kill people over cartoons and for accidentally burning their man made book!

    The fact is Muhammad created Islam and set a terrible example by spreading it with deadly violence. As an incentive to fight wars to spread Islam, Muhammad promised 72 virgins in paradise to his followers who die fighting for Allah. Islam is the enemy of Christianity. Muslims killed millions of Christians and converted thousands of Christian Churches to mosques to grow Islam. More than half of all lands and countries that are Muslim today used to be Christian lands and countries.

    Muhammad founded Islam, and created the first Islamic state which COMBINED Mosque and State, and commands that Muslims work to form Islamic States and convert countries to Islamic states. This is fundamentally contrary to the western Christian concept of separating Church and State.

    We know that for you to be a Muslim, you have to believe 100% in Muhammad and also believe in his command to convert the whole world to Islam which is why Islam is more like a cult and NOT a “peacefull” religion.
    Therefore we know it is not possible for you to be Muslim and then trully be American. You can NOT believe in Muhammad, believe in Sharia law and the conversion of Countries to Islamic states combining Mosque and State AND stiIl be an American who believes in “Freedom of Religion”.

    To trully be American, you MUST get out of Islam the religion of Terr*rists. But remember, in the Quoran, Surah 4:89 states… “Those who reject Islam must be killed. If they turn back (from Islam), take (hold of) them and kill them wherever you find them…” So I pray they don’t find you and kill you when you try to get out of Islam.

  • FreeSpeech1776

    “Muslim people are peaceful”? Mmmm sorry we didn’t know all those Jihadist Muslim Terrorists are peaceful people.

  • esraa

    I love dr Oz very very very much and i was surprized after h had known that he is muslim

  • susks

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  • baju bayi murah

    Dr. Mehmet Oz | Faces of America | PBS Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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  • Lei

    Dr. Mehmet Oz is PARTIALLY JEWISH. This was found within his documentary, and he said that he was very surprised that his mother comes from a highly wealthy & Jewish European heritage. You should find this documentary with him researching into his mothers family origins, its so interesting.

    In Jewish culture, if your mother is a Jew, then it automatically makes the children jewish.

  • AMAL

    His mother is a European Jew, watch the documentary and see Doctor Oz’s expression when he researches into his mothers’ family.

    I like doctor Oz because

    1> You’re half Jewish
    2> Non practising Islam (he does not pray, and sets the example that religion is not compulsory
    3> Married to not a christian, but a pagan who practises magic from pagan religions other than that of the book

  • AMAL




  • AMAL

    The above comment is true, islam is not compulsory and I choose not to practice religion but I still believe in Allah. People need to learn the differences, and stop creating binaries that are problematic.

    By the way, I am from cyprus, and it has been Turkish long before it was Greek or anything else. People there are secular, wear anything they like, which is fair enough. However, people need to stop pushing their ideas as though they are facts, which is far from the truth!

  • AMAL


  • AMAL


  • amal


  • AMAL


  • andalusy

    I love dr Oz very very very much and i was surprized after h had known that he is muslim

  • omar

    It doesn’t matter what your religion is as long as you are an honest and caring person.

  • Engerek

    Damla, thanks.

  • Apoliticalypso

    Any idea about the number of people killed on the Christian crusades?

  • Steve Shustak

    I wish Dr. Oz continued success and good health. Sam and I look forward to his broadcasts. The doctor has a wonderful “bed-side manner,” probably influenced by a wise Jewish Mother, who instilled in him the makings of a “mensch.” It’s not surprising that so many look to him as a source of inspiration for young and old alike. We need more people like him !

  • H Anderson

    It is now understandable why Dr. Oz is so pro-circumcision. Being mandatory in Islam, let’s encourage everyone to get cut. Forget about any human rights issues, here.

  • fkawau

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  • Esther

    Thank you Rigo. Well said!!! .. The modern-day Turks are trying hard to erase their past and be accepted as European, civilized… Now that Dr. Oz is a celebrity (thanks to Oprah), they are using his presence to strengthen their platform… what nonsense “saves life is very Turkish” ??? So a Turkish doctor can save a life better than a non-Turkish doctor? There are many great doctors, even more compassionate and caring than Dr. Oz, but the fact is that they are not on TV to be celebrated and idolized (especially by Turks).

    I appreciate the knowledge and health education Dr. Oz has made available to the general public and based on people’s personal accounts, he is a good person off camera as well. The nationalistic thread of this discussion began by a Turk. That should say a lot.

  • Esther

    Suzie, Armenians should get over it because Dr. Oz is a great surgeon (who happens to be a Turk) who saved your son’s life?

    Should the Jews get over it too?

    You should read “Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story” by Henry Morgenthau, U.S. Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire from 1913 to 1916.

    Suzie, educate yourself and get over your ignorance.

  • Esther

    Proving Turkish innocence (or should I say ignorance) must be your full-time job.

  • Esther

    Perhaps his mother’s side of the family is Armenian? He did say they were intellectuals (writers, teachers, etc). Big concentrations of Armenians lived in the Anatolia region until the death marches began and Armenians were generally educators, doctors, pharmacists, poets, writers… Perhaps when Dr. Oz does take the DNA test and reveals the results, you will deny the accuracy of the DNA test (among other things).

  • Esther

    Murat… Dr. Oz’s daughter has been seen on TV wearing a cross… the symbol of Christianity. Just a note to remind you of where he was raised and educated and how his beliefs reflect his family.

  • ghaowmw

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  • Bob

    I know he is a Muslim, let’s just hope he is not an extremist in the Muslim world…..he is a very intelligent man but if he is an extreme Muslim to me he is useless.

  • solis evans

    joseph mendez

  • Rami

    You’re an racist. Even in your compliment, you still show how narrow-minded and unintelligent you are. How about if I said:

    Will Smith is a really good actor, I just hope he’s not a coke sniffing welfare check cashing hip hop gangbanger thug like alot of other black people. He’s a really great actor but if he say’s “yo homie” or drinks 40oz of Cult 45 malt liquor then he’s useless to me.

    George W. Bush was a great president. He had some really good policies, I just hope he’s not an inbred southern texas hick who married his slack-jawed yokel sister like most rednecks. Certainly I hope that his grandparents were slave owners either. He’s a decent guy but if he’s a redneck, he’s useless to me.

    would these statements be offensive??

  • Seriouslygoreadhistory

    Seriously FreeSpeech1776, don’t u go to school ???….oh wait ..they kinda skipped those chapters in american history ….

    1. The 1st settlers in america stole the Native american lands ,called them heathens and KILLED them , or forced them into takin’ up christianity. ==>go read about indian reservations
    2. Stole Slaves from africaand enslaved them for hundreds of years, and did the same thing ===> theres a big chapter on slavery in the Americas
    3. America started as a big jail for theives and crooks just like austrailia , since the jails in britain got crowded….===>

    There’s alot more on how America was founded, but you gotta read, man

    USA is built on alot of dirty blood and wars …all because of greed, hidden under the banner of religion …
    religion should bring you peace man…accept one another …not to kill steal enslave ppl in the name of jesus moses mohamed or buddha….

    Freedom of religion constitutes that any man / woman are free to practice their belief and religion.
    We don’t define ppl by their religion in the U.S, or their racial background, or ethincity.
    Stop building all these walls man! be UNITED.

    Go read some books you racist ignoramous…..

  • Sarah

    Sorry, but you yourself are ignorant because Islam is NOT a race. That is like saying someone who does not Catholics is a racist. Come on, that is ridiculous. Muslims are made up of every race on the planet, just like Christians. The person may be prejudice, but “racist” is a misnomer. And it is “a” racist not “an” racist.

  • Sarah

    *Moslem is also a correct English spelling.

  • Sarah

    I find it interesting that you condemn one person’s generalization of a nation and go on and generalize an entire nation. Not all Americans are selfish.

  • anwar semmami

    Is doctor oz a muslim ?
    because his name is mohammad. and mohammad is the name of the prophet mohammad the messanger of god

  • managing reputation

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  • Aron

    You can also apply the same analogy to Jews since Judaism is a religion and now a race…and hens having a Jewish state is contradictory to having a democratic state.

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  • Dee

    Bob – he’s totally extreme, I mean look at his behavior. You can totally tell. Oh my goodness. Wow…..

    Like seriously – do people like you REALLY exist in this world? Please take a few college/community/university courses on religions…extremists can be anywhere…even at your church down the road!

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  • Gia

    My trip to Turkey was a wonderful experience. I went alone (I’m a woman from Argentina) and it’s true, people here are great and love turists. I felt safe all the time walking down the streets of Istanbul very late at night. I’m definitely coming back to this beautiful country.

  • Johnny Justice

    Bob is a fucking mouth breathing retard lol what the hell do people this dumb still actually exist today? Wow we should put him in a cage and study him.

  • Aimee Kristoher

    I am so sick of hearing what DR. Oz said from my parents!! Dr. Oz’s background is medical and has nothing to do with nutrition. He should not be a seen as a nutritional expert. Plus, he is filling America’s minds full of unpublished misleading statements and information that have NOT been proven by the science community. Why do people believe anything they hear from a so called DR????

  • Mentor

    dr.oz just carpet and camel jockey on the middle east desert for me, he also smells kebop, hashih and and how come he is white, it’s unbelievable, isn’t it?

  • alan Schiffer

    Bobby Boy, I think u r useless. I got to get out of here; I don’t want to waste of my time!!!

  • Scott K

    People who go through medical school are extremely educated in nutrition…. what happens in the body and it’s interactions are immensely based on nutrition. Even a nurse with a 4 yr. degree studies nutrition in several different classes. Also, having a medical background gives him more understanding of how nutrition affects the body than a nutritionist! He may not be right about everything, but he’s way more educated than a nutritionist and still has a very reputable career as a professor of surgery AND medical director of a cardiovascular institute. Both of these professions involve intricate knowledge of nutrition.

  • Ian R

    He meant 1.5 Million…couldn’t you just google that before typing.

  • Tony Heimburger

    Amazingly fantastic details you’ve got presented here. appreciate it

  • Earthman

    Dr. Oz is mostly ok, good to go against the grain once in a while. But recently he endorsed genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as “no different than organically grown food.” Missed that one big time.

  • Mcmillen

    Rami you gave good answer!congrats!!!

  • Mcmillen

    i am gonna write Turkish that’s because for two Turkish people thinking different!oncelikle muslumanim ve hiristiyanla evliyim.2 tane de oglum var musluman isimli ve kendi dinime gore yetistiriyorum.
    Damla seni kutluyorum tek kelimeyle! oburu baska isimlerle giren kisi is;burda Amerika yalakaligi yapmaya gerek yok! ben de burda yasiyorum uzuuuunnnn yillar ve esim amerikali ustelik asker uzuunn yillardan beri.(halen asker) Turk herzaman her yerde birbirini tutmali!her ulustan insan tanidim ama Turk ler kada birbirinin kuyusunu kazan toplum gormedim! artik yeter su baska toplum hayranligini birakin da nerden geldiginizi ve degerlerinizi unutmayin!
    benim diyecegim tek sey”Ne Mutlu Turk’um Diyene”
    sevgiyle kalin

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  • mert

    No they are not extremely educated in nutrition. Doctors get almost no education in that vein–as studies have shown. So he’s not way more educated than a nutritionist about nutrition. (As my late brother, a surgeon use to say, “If I can’t cut it out, I can’t deal with it.”

  • Aimee Kristoher

    Scott that is where you are totally wrong and ignorant.. Physicians do NOT have the schooling required to give nutritional advice. They barely even have one class on nutrition!!! I am a REGISTERED DIETITIAN and I have had 5 years of intense nutritional curriculum. That is our area of expertise not MD’s. If everyone was able to get into everyone else’s profession than I should be prescribing medications………………Why don’t you get your facts straight before posting your ignorance. I am so tired of the public putting all their trust into physicians!!! I am so tired of everyone including trainers feeling like they can give out nutritional information. Dietitians are way more knowledgable about things in their field! P.S. Another sign of your ignorance. NUTRITIONISTS are NOT DIETITIANS and I do agree with you there that Nutritionists do not know much unless they have a PHD in nutrition

  • mary

    what a fool you are
    Here dr, Oz is speaking of separation is religion and government and freedom or thought and allyou can do is talk to extreemism…If you had any sense of what he is talking about “true connection with God and frustration with ‘legalizisnms” of religions

  • Lucia

    Aimee, you don’t need to be offensive to state your point. Personally if I have to se a doctor or a dietitian I prefer to go to the ones that show respect to others.

  • Salem Caraway

    Dr.Oz appears to be wonderful human being. If he is Islamic, hope he realizes his need for the Savior, Jesus Christ.Only thru Jesus’s death are our sins forgiven.

  • Zee khan

    First of all it’s not Islamic. People that follow the faith of Islam are called Muslims.
    Jesus peace and blessing be upon him is the messenger of God. Almighty God is ever lasting eternal….neither He is born nor dies. He just is and only He can forgive.

    What difference does it make what faith Dr Oz follows? He is amazing!! He has provided a great venue for people to learn info and decide for themselves what’s best for them.

  • Paul

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  • Salem Caraway

    IZee Khan, Dr. Oz is amazing that is why I hope he has accepted Jesus Christ as Savior bc sin is not allowed in Paradise. Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins.Jesus came as the Son of God (in Heaven He was The Word of God.) to show us who God is & to die in our place f/ our sins.(The innocent dying f/ the guilty.)No one else f/ Adam’s line could do this bc of sin.We inherit Adam & Eve’s sinful nature. Sin can’t be forgiven bc of God’s justice so God The Word came as a man born thru a woman w/o the agent of man. Thru Jesus you begin to know God thru His Spirit that resides in all believers,assurance your sins are forgiven & power to overcome sin.If u reject God’s plan u are under God’s judgment bc your sins aren’t forgiven.

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