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Elizabeth Alexander

(Professor and Poet)

alexander_hpthumbElizabeth Alexander is a poet, professor and current chair of the African American Studies Department at Yale University. A graduate of Yale and Boston University, she holds a Ph.D. in English from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2008, Dr. Alexander was selected to compose and read a poem at the inauguration of President Barack Obama. She is the author of five books of poems (including American Sublime, a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize) and two collections of essays. Among her many honors, Alexander has been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, two Pushcart prizes, a Guggenheim Fellowship and the inaugural Alphonse Fletcher, Sr. Fellowship for work that “contributes to improving race relations in American society.”

Dr. Alexander was born in New York City and raised in Washington, DC. Her paternal grandfather, Clifford Alexander, came to the U.S. from Kingston, Jamaica in 1918. Though family legend had it that Clifford traveled to New York City as a stowaway, Ellis Island records reveal that he paid his way as a first-class passenger before settling in Harlem. On her maternal side, Alexander’s lineage can be traced back an astounding 37 generations. Notable ancestors include 23rd great-grandmother Joan, Princess of England, 24th great-grandparents King John I of England and Clemence, Mistress of the King, and 37th great-grandfather Charlemagne, first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

  • Ernestine M. Ingram

    I have been trying for the last 25 years to find out any information about my family. I’ve tried online dvd’s, wrote to lots of people who say that they can help me but cannot find any information about them. We have a large family, and I am the only one left of our first family. I am 77 years and would like to leave some trace of my parents and grandparents for my family, my children, their children. We’ve had much sickness over the last 10 years, and would like to know if some of this is in our family tree. I notice that most of the people are well known, but I am just an African American plain person. We are not famous but I must find out something soon.
    I have a dealth certificate for my mother and father, and remember their parents name. This is about all that I have. I would appreciate anything that you can do for me. I am willing to try anything to get this information. This program is much needed to understand just how important information about your past, reflects your future. I love it.
    Thank you
    Mrs. E.M. Ingram

  • J. Davison

    I can’t wait to see the program about Elizabeth Alexander. I have the same ancient genealogy in my family line through my Yale ancestors of New Haven CT and their predecessors from Wales. I am very interested to see which, if any, of our lines might connect more recently.

    I’m looking forward to watching this entire series. Genealogy enthusiasts like myself appreciate this type of programming so much, and we only wish there were more of it. I’m so glad that I received notice of the upcoming series in a newsletter I received from the Warren County Genealogical Society (in Ohio).

    The comment from Mrs. Ingram really touched me. I don’t know whether your staff has the time to respond to the kind of request she is making. If not, is there a way somebody like me can help her? I am not a professional, but I have been researching for years and have lots of resources at my disposal. I have responded to appeals for help, like this one, for years as time permits, and any information I am able to find is always passed along free of any charge.

  • Felicia Albritton

    I would love for Elizabeth Alexander to contact me…..252-268-8303 I will hve my eyes and ears attentive.

  • B Demery

    To Ms Ingram. Your post truly touched my heart. Have you submitted a query on Maybe someone there can assist you. Have you been able to check census records? Can you post the names of your parents, and grandparents, and county and state they lived in…also siblings names if possible? I have limited access at this time, but I can see what I can find for you.

  • DL Christy

    I’ve read that some believe almost all people with ANY caucasion ancestry would have a common ancestor in Charlemange (as well as others lesser known). Charlemagne had 10 “wives” and/or mistresses that are known of (he needed one wherever he was fighting to expand the empire) and would leave progeny behind (and appoint them to important posts in scattered areas – setting up their lines for success for generations) .

    Then look at the math. Everyone knows that we have 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents, but go back only 32 generations (only about 700-1000 years well AFTER Charlemange) and you will have ancestors in the BILLIONS, many many more than the entire population of the earth at that time. This is possible of course because people appear on the chart multiple times (inbreeding) but even with just a little “drift” there’s a good chance most of us share at least ONE common ancestor (likely a few) if you go back over 1000 years (In Europe, for those with any Euro ancestry at all)….

  • J. Cheshire

    Ms. Ingram–

    Your local public library is probably the best place to start. Librarians can help you to find resources available in your community and online. They tend to be great at helping patrons find free sources and they are wonderful if you need assistance navigating the internet.

    I began researching my heritage a few months ago with and have gone back more than 1000 years on some branches of my family tree. I started out with a bit more information than you have, but not much. You never know what you will find until you look. For example, I have my 3-greats grandfather’s US passport application in his handwriting (with his own description of what he looked like!), a painting of my 12-greats grandfather (the Duke of Norfolk) and I even found a Facebook page set up for all of the decendants of my 17-greats grandmother, who was born in Spain!

    I am white, but it looks like I share common ancestors with Elizabeth Alexander (through the Plantagenet kings in England). We have the same forehead and hairline–very strange (and wonderful) to think we could have inherited these traits from the same place.

    I’ve heard that can be a good source for people who know they have African-American ancestors.

    Good luck!

  • Deidre Powell*

    Mrs. Ingram,

    You can also try to search for your ancestors. I also want to recommend, even though it is a membership service. This site has acquired so many records over the years; it is a jewel for those who are unable to travel to a local library or genealogy center but have access to a computer. I wish you well on your search and hope you will be able to share your findings with your family and the rest of us. Take care and good luck!

  • Alexis

    This is very interesting..I want to find out some stuff about my ancestry but I do not know anything about my family.

  • Lynn

    I too have ancestry that goes all the way back to Charlemange, but, we are still looking through family searches and online stuff. We hail from Scottland, England.

  • Lora S.

    Mrs. Ingram – I agree wtih everyone else who replied to your very touching post, but wanted to add another suggestion: your public library may subscribe to either Library edition or to, both first-rate genealogical sources. When you talk to your librarian, you might want to ask him/her about this. Our public library subscribes to HQ Online and we can access it from our home computers.

    Every person’s story and genealogy matters! It’s great you want to learn more about yours. I hope and pray you do.

  • Tracy Farris

    To Ms. Ingram, I would be willing to help you. I have an online sub to I love the show. After his first show- I got my families DNA tested. Granmothers paternal was 100% Nigerian Ibo, grandfathers side is more complicated, European/Slave masters. And yes some Choctaw from maternal side. I have a case that would stomp Henry’s Specialists. The Whitfields! There records are in colleges all over the south. Still have 4 Museum Plantations. They had plantations in 12 states. And now there is not a state in the US that does not have a Whitfield. Henry Bibb belonged to one. Andrew Carngie also married one. One was in Kansas when John Brown was there. One wrote Lincoln, and Alexander Grahams Bells wife wrote of one. I have a stump-my greatgrandfather pops up in 1910 married to Granma. Thats where my paper trail ends, whcih is strange, I should be able to get back to the 1870 Census.

  • Michele Gaddis

    I know I really liked her poem. I have ancestry that goes back to the 800 AD France and even to BC’s if you count my fathers family being originally Jewish. Two of my ancestors in the US. John and Sara Gaddis established North Carolina University at Chapel Hill by donating a land grant. The Chapel on Chapel Hill is where Sara used to pray. Their daughter Elizabeth was married there. There is a Chapel on the hill because Sara insisted upon it as condition to build the college.They established the college because their daughters were not allowed to attend any of the Ivory League schools because they were women and they wanted them to have an education. One of their grandsons became a pirate in the Caribbean. He was disowned he served with Blackbeard before pretending to be dead to get away.
    Reading about Dr. Alexander it just goes to show that you can never judge a book by its cover!
    Maybe that is where she gets all of the eloquence from -maybe its in the genes.

  • James Marsh

    I am also descended from Charlemange through two “Gateway” ancestresses; Katherine (Marbury) Scott of RI and Dorothy (Thompson) (Freeman) Parke of CT.

    Katherine (Marbury) Scott was sister of the famed religious dissenter, Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson of MA.

    John Pierpont Morgan (rich New York investor) and Diana Frances Spencer (late Princess of Wales) were descended from Dorothy (Thompson) (Freeman) Parke.

  • beny dictus

    verry interesting,,,,

  • Charles Donaldson

    Dr. Gates and Ms. Alexander,
    Thanks for sharing this invaluable immigrant experience with us. Like Ms. Alexander’s grandfather I migrated from Jamaica. I have started a family, and somewhere along the journey I neglected to share my immigrant experience with my boys. Tonight while holding back tears, I shared with them what it was like for me as a seventeen year old boy to live in a new strange foreign city called New York City. I told them of my travels and what it meant to be hungry, and go without your immediate family for an extended period. I migrated to New York City alone (and have continued to live here without my immediate family). Like all the other interviewees, becoming a US citizen was the high point of my immigrant experience. Ms. Alexander, your grandfather’s sacrifice can never be easily measured or calculated. The decision to leave one’s roots and start a new family is a sacrifice that is worth it when you see your children and grandchildren succeed. Thank you both for sharing such an intimate story.

  • Kathryn Hanley

    Thank you for the poetry reading broadcast last year! My boys loved it :) (as did I, of course!).

  • Matu

    If I may interject a memo here……….The Mormon’s keep record of slaves, their familes. Especially the Carribean Islands. They were the keepers of records, still are. I found my Father’s Army records there, then my Grand Mothers records. How children she had, there names and place of birth, I know, amazing, but there it is……..So, those of you who are looking for family, please do check out the Mormons records on line or in person……..They have a very large building in Los Angles where all the records are kept. you may enter for free. you may also be so happy to find your relatives that you may make a donation to the liberary of records…… I hope this has helped those of you who are looking for lost relatives.
    BTW, my gGand Mother was born in 1870, so I was surprised to learn that. I am 68 years old…………Peace Out

  • A.D. Powell

    I’ve met Hispanics, Jews, Arabs, Italians and others who looked far more “African” than Alexander. Gates and Alexander have been spreading a lot of misinformation. If you want to know about miscegenation, you’d do well to read:

    1) The Forgotten Cause of the Civil War: A New Look at the Slavery Issue by Lawrence R. Tenzer. Shows that white slavery was present in the antebellum American South and played an important role in increasing the tensions between North and South that led to the American Civil War.

    2) Legal History of the Color Line: The Rise And Triumph of the One-drop Rule by Frank W. Sweet. Shows that American slave status was not truly based on “race” but on maternal descent from a female slave, regardless of race or color.

    3) Whiteness of a Different Color: European Immigrants and the Alchemy of Race by Matthew Frye Jacobson. Shows how ruling planters created anti-black racism and white supremacy in order to divide the labor force and secure the help of lower class whites in putting down slave rebellions and fighting Indians.

    4)What Blood Won’t Tell: A History of Race on Trial in America by Ariela Julie Gross. Ariela Gross has performed a great service by writing a book that can be used a reference for anyone (teachers, journalists, etc.) who THINKS they know about racial classification in the U.S.

    5)Walking Toward The Sunset: The Melungeons Of Appalachia (Melungeons: History, Culture, Ethnicity, & Literature) by Wayne Winkler

    6)The Melungeons: The Resurrection of a Proud People : An Untold Story of Ethnic Cleansing in America) by N. Brent Knnedy.

    7) Neither Black nor White yet Both: Thematic Explorations of Interracial Literature
    by Werner Sollors

  • Pat B

    A.D. Powell you just reminded me of a group that I wish Prof. Gates (or someone) would give media exposure to – Melungeons. Abe Lincoln’s mother Nancy had that ancestry. That was a very early and facinating example of American mixed pedigree that I think many people are unaware of. In fact it is almost myth because of repression.
    But I guess there are hundreds of groups like that in America, that hid their ethnicity in order to survive the American experience. Prof. Gates can only scratch the surface of such an extensive and diverse collection and I think what he has explored so far is fascinating.

  • C McDonald

    To Ms Ingram,

    Go to you local library and see if there is a local genealogy society in your area. As a society member we are always willing to help each other and volunteer at the library to help others with their research. If there is a Morman chuch in your area, they will also help you start your research. I am fortunate that a library in my County holds all of the genealogy research materials in the local County library system, as well as has access to Ancestry and HeritageOnline. Through new frienships other society members will do a look up for me on Footnote and WorldVitalRecords when I hit a sticking point. Good luck and much success in you search; and enjoy the many friendships that you will garner on your journey.

  • mina mcgee

    I love your programs on genealogy, I’ve watched the African American Lives series as well as the “Faces of America” programs. Ms. Alexander’s mixed heritage is similar to mine in that it is very mixed. She handles the unique depth of her european linage in a very humble manner. Some people both black and white might view it as reason for just another layer of elitism. That said, your comment during your interview with Mike Nichols was interesting. You said, nationality seems to trump race. That has not been my experience nor the experiences of family, friends, and acquaintances when it comes to blackness. It seems that even in this new millenium there are many people who deny being of African descent because of politics and colonization. In recent years, I’ve experienced more racist attudes amoung latinos and asians than from white people. Learning about my heritage has strengthened me and helped me to see all human beings as related to one another. I hope the future will involve more cross cultural learning so that racist beliefs will be lessened.

  • M Gillette

    Look for an African American Genealogical society in your area. Most if not all members will be just ordinary folks, also trying to record their family histories. But they can help you to get started.

    Look for a Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Family History Center in your area. They have records or access to records and can help you get started.

    In the meantime, record the information that YOU know so that is not lost.

    M G

  • M Gillette

    The Mormons have copies of records kept by others. The Army records, census records, my county’s court records, etc., were copied from the original sources (or copies of them) by the Mormons and made available on microfilm, many now online. So, yes the Mormons have COPIES of records, but they DID NOT make the records. They go around the country, and now the world, asking various entities if they may copy their records.

    Go to to find what they have online. There are Family History Centers (FHC) around the country, the world actually. In locations with a Mormon Temple, (such as Los Angeles) you may find a larger library, but usually you can also order records through the smaller FHCs. At the website above, you can search to see what FHC is nearest to you. Their main Library is in Salt Lake City, and you can order microfilm through the local FHC if they don’t have them on hand. The books in Salt Lake City do not circulate, but each FHC has its own much smaller collection of books, etc. that you can use onsite.

  • A. Hunt Mingo

    I love this program, it is so enlightening. I am currently trying to research my family’s history, not easy.
    Ms. Alexander I understand from the seniors of the Hunt family that we might be related, but on your mother’s side of the family.

  • Benjamin Chapman

    “J. Davison says:
    “I have the same ancient genealogy in my family line through my Yale ancestors of New Haven CT and their predecessors from Wales.”

    I have the same line on my mothers side. Running from Benjamin Bunnell who was married to Rebecca Mallory….follow this and it goes to several different royal lines/branches until you wind up earlier than 100 A.D. supposedly. Once you hit Charlemagne….history takes over… It’s so cool.

  • david lengele

    I was watching (faces of america) on mar 3, 2010 when Elizabeth Alexander was told abou her ancestry.
    It was like you were reading my ancestry tree. My 23rd great grandmother is Joan Princess of England and
    my 26th great grandfather is John lackland King of England, My 39th great grandfather is charlemange emperor of the roman empire.
    I can go back further if she would like. please pass on my contact information to Elizabeth Alexzander.

    David Lengele
    phone: 503-393-8113
    after 4:30 PM PST
    or email:

  • Cynthia McClelland

    I also am one of Charlemagne’s descendents! He reportedly had twenty children by eight of his ten wives and concubines! I have read that many people whose ancestors arrived in the New England or Virginia & Maryland areas of America before 1700 are descended from nobility/royalty. Not to mention that these are the folks whose lives were recorded in one way or another. My genealogical adventures have changed my view of myself and the world. I was raised to think of myself as English-Scottish, arrived in America before the Revolution (paternal) and German, arrived in America in the late 1800’s (maternal). Now I see myself as Viking, Vandal, Middle Eastern, Frankish, etc.

    And of course, we are all African! I participated in the National Geographic Genographic Project, through which my maternal haplotype was identified as Haplogroup T (Subclade T2), descended from Haplogroup L3, said to be the first modern humans to have left Africa, from which they went to the Middle East, Central Asia and Northeastern Europe. I have been unable to trace my paternal DNA – there is no male descendent alive from whom to get DNA. My genealogical research on my mother’s side of the family has not been very successful. I have only gotten back 5 generations so far.

    Thank you to PBS, Dr. Gates, Elizabeth Alexander and all of the other participants for this fasinating series! I would love to volunteer my DNA for any future studies which may be done!

  • LJ Beard

    Mrs. Ingram,
    I discovered upon the death of my grandmother (at 99 years of age) last June, a treasure of a few select names, dates and places, which started me on my own journey of genealogical self-discovery last fall. I now have 100s of names, dates and places in my family tree. It would be a privilege to assist you on your own journey and I would be honored to start your tree on Please contact me at if you would like my assistance.
    LJ Beard

  • William Dickson Wade

    hello there, i have been tracing my family tree since 1980 and i can trace it back to king james 1st of scotland through both my parents and i just want to say this show is just great because it is very very important to know who and where we come from and i hope this show comes back real soon to everyone associated with this program i just want to say job very well done thanks to you i have uncovered some new relations thank you again

  • Regina Greene

    According to my Aunt’s extensive research, I am also descended from Charlemagne. According to the comments, there seem to be a lot of us out there. It is delightful to see how interrelated we all are. The family of man, indeed.

  • Bob Archey

    My 36th great grandfather is also Charlemagne.
    My “gateway” ancestor is my 8th great grandmother, Catherine de Baillon a “Daughter of the King” – Louis IV.

    I am in the haplogroup R1b

    I echo the praise for this series to PBS, Dr. Gates, Elizabeth Alexander and all of the other participants.

    Bob Archey
    Seattle WA

  • Curmudgeon

    Hate to burst your bubbles here – most of you are not related to nobles, kings and emperors. Simply sharing an erroneously common piece of DNA does not make you a descendent of someone historically important. One of the fallacies promoted in genealogy these days is that everyone is related to everyone, and that everyone is connected to Charlemagne or James I. This is promoted by ‘genealogists’ who gladly collect your money in exchange for telling you what you want to hear. Most individuals’ ancestors to not expand exponentially backwards like some upside-down triangle. It is like an oscillating wave, sometimes smaller, sometimes wider over the years. The ‘royals’ had a much narrower band than most ‘commoners’ due to intermarriage within their families and class. The impulse that drives this genealogical drivel of “my grandparents told me we’re related to Mary, Queen of Scots” is so that people can feel better about themselves and somehow feel validated by creating a myth in their own mind that you’re somehow connected to one of the history’s ‘great men.’ You’re not. But it’s free country, so dream all you want to and by subscriptions to You’re still not going to be related to William the Conqueror.

  • marcia

    Hi. This series is wonderful so far. I don’t have a working TV, so have to go online to see it. Your webpage says that Series 3 will be available February 28th, but I can’t see a link for downloading it. Can you give me some help? Thanks in advance. Marcia Taylor

  • Stephanie Brennan

    Yes, she is a descendant of Charlemagne. So are millions and millions of people on the Earth. Can you imaging the family tree of 40 generations? If everyone had their past documented like the participants of this film, each and every one of us would have just as much of an interesting heritage as each of these people.

    What is interesting is that Louise Erdrich chose NOT to have hers done!! She deliberately chose not to find out the truth because her family’s ‘beliefs’ could have been proved to be completely wrong. How sad that she would not want to find the truth. There was a case this year of a native people who live in the Grand Canyon. Through DNA testing (that they did not subscribe to) it was found that they came from Asia, and were not, in fact, native N.Americans as their oral history has supported. They were upset to learn the facts about their people, but I ask, ‘Why?’. Why would you *want* to perpetrate a fabricated lie about your ancestry? I think it was cowardly for Louise not to sign on for the DNA testing. Her reaction basically says ‘Oh, no please don’t tell me the truth, I’d prefer to be in denial and continue to believe some stories my ancestors started to make up vs. fact and truth’. Sad.

  • Maria

    I just stumbled on to this site. I recalled Ms Alexander dissappointment when she found out she was decesended from King John on the wrong side of the blanket. Don’t be dissaponited Ms Alexander! It still means you’re also decsended from King John’s Mother, Queen Elenoir of Aquataine, one of the most amazing women ever born. Read a biography of her and I am sure you will find something in common with yourself. I wish I could claim such illustrious ancestery!

  • Iko

    this is a frightening rerun of racist ideas from the 19th century, which led to the holocaust, only it wasn’t called genetics back then.

  • Ife

    Iko . . . I thoroughly agree with your comment.

  • shayla

    I enjoyed the series and understood Ms Erdich’s reasoning behind declining to have her DNA genome decoded. I was amazed at how the ancestry showed they were not that recently unrelated especially w Colbert and Alexander. I watched the episode and they really did have a connection like they described during the reveal of the common ancestor.

  • Midnight

    Hey, I don’t want to sound mean but I hate this stuff. I wanted to hear about her admixture and all they kept saying was African American this African American that and I have yet to hear what else is in her mix. What percentage of other stuff is she and where can I find that information?

  • Christelle Sneider

    Well, sure keeping talking about african-american is a bit annoying (bringing out the race subject, african-amecans are generally the main axes of the talking). But, you should know that we’re all, somehow, related, back back in the history. there’s even a theory presuming that all humans, how different they are now, came from one single country, The oldest one: Africa.

  • A. Mo’m

    Look at the location of the Garden of Eden on a map “from the river of Egypt…” Tigris & Euphrates

    Noah’s three sons; from these “all the earth’s population spread abroad” following the global Flood.—Ge 6:10; 9:18, 19. One son,Ham was the father of four sons; Cush, Mizraim, Put, and Canaan. (Ge 10:6; 1Ch 1:8) The Ethiopians, Egyptians, some Arabian and African tribes, and the Canaanites descended from these sons

    The listing in Genesis, chapter 10, therefore might be termed the oldest tabulation of nations, 70 in number. Fourteen were Japhetic, 30 Hamitic, and 26 Shemitic in origin. (Ge 10:1-8, 13-32; 1Ch 1:4-25)

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  • Buford Sexton

    My grandfather was Bolvar Alexander Henriques De Souza of Jamaica and have it on good report that the Alexanders were originally a Jewish printing family from England to Jamaica after the English took Jamaica from Spain. I am continually amazed at the ‘relatives’ I find in this country who have their roots in Jamaica. All the individuals in this program make me proud to be an American! BTW 50% of Jamaica has Jewish ancestry.

  • Sisa Fable

    Interesting finding your story. I have been avidly researching Genealogy since 1997, when I met my biological maternal side of the family. I was adopted at a week old, but always had a longing to “know” where I came from. It seems you and I share the same 24th Great Grandfather King John I (Lackland)of England, my 24th Grandmother being Isabella Countess of Angoulême. I recall tracing my tree back to Charlamagne as well, but I took a rather long absence from my research when a computer crashed before I could properly back up files. I lost so much information and in the process of bringing it all together again. I have several projects in the works, one for Regal Roots, the other being Presidential Roots. If we share the same 24th Grandfather then you are definetly in my family tree and would like to include you. If you’re interested, please send a private message and we’ll work out the details.

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  • Kay Taylor

    Dear Elizabeth,
    I was watching ‘Faces of America” today for the 3rd time and while you were being portrayed, Mr. Gates mentioned Sir William Mallory as being in your line. I also have Sir William Mallory in my family tree. He had a daughter, named Elizabeth who married a Charles Irishe in the 16th century (I have a birth date for Charles as 1525). I have the Irishe family going back to about 1210. I have not yet found Charlemagne in the tree, nor any Kings or Queens. My Irish family (they dropped the “e”) ends with my great-great grandmother Lucia Ardora Irish (B-1846)
    On the other side of the family tree, we find Arthur MacArthur, great grandfather of Douglas MacArthur and also Benedict Arnold.
    We have been able to trace most of the family lines back several hundred years except for my father. We have found several illustrious people, ministers, doctors, teachers, military, along with common folk who had large families, were farmers, men who fought on both sides of the Revolutionary War and fought against slavery in the Civil war.
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