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Mike Nichols


nichols_hpthumbMike Nichols has been one of the America’s leading directors for more than 30 years. One of only twelve winners of all the major American entertainment awards (Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony), Nichols’s productions focus on the absurdities of modern life as revealed in personal relationships. Though his career began in improvisational comedy, Nichols went on to direct a series of commercially and critically successful Broadway plays, many written by Neil Simon. His first film Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), was followed by The Graduate (1967), a landmark film about the generational conflicts of 1960s for which he received an Academy Award for best director. Other notable films include Catch-22 (1970), a macabre look at warfare; Working Girl (1988); Postcards from the Edge (1990); Wolf (1994); The Birdcage (1996); and Closer (2004). Nichols received Emmy Awards for his work on the made-for-television adaptations of Wit (2001) and Angels in America (2003).

Mike was born Michael Igor Peschkowsky in Berlin, Germany in 1931 to Jewish parents, Paul and Brigitte Peschkowsky. In April 1938, as the Nazis were arresting Jews in Berlin, seven-year-old Michael and his three-year-old brother Robert were sent alone to America to meet up with their father (who had fled months earlier). Mike’s mother eventually joined the family, escaping through Italy in 1940. The Nichols family tree is filled with illustrious and accomplished individuals. His grandfather was one of the leading theorists on anarchism in the early 20th century and a cousin on his mother’s side was none other than Albert Einstein.

  • L.Tallchief

    Where’s the vid? I wanna see his talking head. One of my earliest memories is of parents laughing hysterically to May & Nichols’ album on their “hi-fi”. Especially their impression of Albert Schweitzer being ambushed by a pushy New York housewife. “Kobi . . . if that woman comes back, KILL HER!”

  • C. Weinberg

    I was surprised to see a Jewish person included since I thought it would be hard to trace ancestors killed by the Nazis. What happened to Mr. Nichols (AKA Mr. Peschkowsky) who remained in Berlin?
    I also remember the May and Nicols album (reverence for life and the psychiatrist), I wish they’d do it again.

  • Liberty Spinner

    Jews can trace their ancestry back to the 1300’s easily. Everything is on line. If you go to the ITS in Bad Arolsen Germany they will have information about the relatives you never found and those who survived.

    Too bad the Red Cross kept those records to themselves for 63 years otherwise many families might have been reunited with those who survived and felt less guilty because the reunions were possible. The Red Cross sat on its hands the same way it did when they saw what was going on in the Konsentrations Lagers* and kept silent.

    For those who were in lands where they did not die (including one million Jews taken from Poland on a Friday night in November 1940 by train to Central Asian parts of the Soviet Union) they can trace their relatives using the net, personal visits to places the family lived, cemetary records and in books. Jews were literate even when their neighbors were not. The books and letters were written in Hebrew, Ladino, and Yiddish.

    Jews fought in the Civil War on both sides and in the Revolutionary war. They came to America around 1640.

    Next October a new building will open in Philadelphia The National Museum of American Jewish History. That will certainly be a myth buster.

    *Concentration Camps.

  • Joy

    American Blacks are the ones who have little to no existing information on their ancestry beyond the mid to late 1800’s due to being recorded on paper from birth as a number instead of a name and having the very young separated from their family, not remembering who their parents were.

  • Joseph B. Russell

    A propos Ms. Spinner’s comment, my wife can trace part of her Jewish family farther back than the 1300s; her Salonika-born mother’s maiden name was Saltiel, and her family has traced its ancestry back to about 950 CE in Gerona, Catalunya, Spain. Her father’s family, Sananes, from Tetuan, traces back to its expulsion from Seville in 1492. I wish I were able to do that with my own ancestry, but am unable to to back more than four or five generations, as they were Galician Jews in origin and no known records exist where my grandparets on both sides came from at the close of the 19th century.

  • Anita Spivak

    Not every Jew in the world was in Europe during the holocust. Relatives of those who were killed during this horrible time were able to escape. Some did survive the camps. Jewish people do have roots and records.

  • Lauren Kahn

    There is an active organization of Jewish genealogists. I was a founding member of the Washington, DC, group, but am not currently actively researching. I did a lot of interviewing about 35 years ago and looked up records at the National Archives before the Ellis Island records went online. About 10-15 a young distant cousin contacted me. She knew next to nothing and has taken the research to a new level with use of DNA to establish links between individuals with the same last name but no proveable connection. As yet DNA can only determine that family groups are in some way related; it cannot prove how they are related.

    I got interested in all of this after “Roots” was on TV. In searching for your roots, you understand yourself better. The full story of Jewish immigration to the US has yet to be written. Many Jews in the US are related to one another. One distant cousin on my maternal side started asking questions about my ex-husband’s family. There are not a lot of Jews in the world and we are probably all in some way distantly related. I also suspect that there was a connection between my paternal family and maternal family somewhere. Some come from the same areas and last names are similar.

    Once the Ellis Island records went online, the interest was phenomenal. I remember one night where that young cousin and I looked at family records from 2:00am to 4:00am because it was the only time we could get onto the site. My cousin downloaded the records and I explained who everyone was (I am a generation older than she was). It is so much easier to do this online than paging through microfilm at The Archives. My paternal grandfather has a common last name, and, once the records became available, I found him in the Ellis Island records in a flash. There was only one family where the first names fit what I knew. The interesting thing is that my paternal grandfather always said he was born in the US. He lied because he was a 6 month old baby in the Ellis Island manifest. Some family stories though prove to be true.

    In Europe Jewish people oftern married cousins. That creates a lot of crazy genealogy where you are related in several different ways. It also creates a lot of genetic diseases. Of course, people were unaware of the dangers of marrying in your close family line in the old days. After all, Kings and Queens did it (and they had genetic problems too).

    All genealogists have problems proving family lines at some point no matter what their origin..

  • Lauren Kahn

    Should read 10-15 years ago. No way to edit the comments for typos.

  • Lynne

    Yad Vashem and the Holocaust Museum in Washington have detailed information of as many people as they can find who were killed by the Nazis. Finding that is easy. Going further back would also be no problem. The misssing information for many Jews are those secret relatives without whom each community of Jews somehow look like the people in the community they joined wherever they landed!

  • Kal Appel

    This comment is directed at Mr Joseph Russel above regarding the maiden name of his wife’s mother, Saltiel.
    Actually, the history of this name and its variants (Shaltiel, Shealtiel, etc.) goes back much further than 950 CE but actually back to the Bible. Shealtiel is mentioned in 1Chronicles 3:17, where he appears as a son in the royal lineage going back to the House of David through David’s son Solomon. A television program in Israel a number of years ago traced the history of the Shealtiel family beginning with the Davidic lineage and through the start of th 21st century. A website dedicated to that family name and history exists at .

  • Debi

    at the end of the interview Mike read something …. I missed it. Can someone direct me to the statement? — a close friends mother just passed away, and I from what I heard I think would help her.

  • Jaada

    I too would like to know more about the statement that Mike Nichol’s grandfather said. Something about “Ancestors?”

  • Ed Morse

    “Our complete ancestry is within us. The individual is a result of a long chain of ancestors which are all still present within us and execute power over us.” Grandfather Landauer
    (I was watching a recording when I came to this site)

  • Elissa

    The idea that it is easy to trace or find the names of those killed by the Nazi is not really accurate…and sightly silly. There are so many different stories of loss and survival, you can’t just paint them all with the same brush. My Great-grandmother’s family all disappeared into the Nazi death machine. She was never willing to talk about those that stayed behind in Austria, and so all of those stories and history died with her. Years later, when my Grandmother went back to try to find any trace of her Mother’s family, she could find nothing, Their home & village had been completely obliterated. You might be able to find the names of those sent to the camps, but those who were put into mass graves, not so much. Plus, many European Synagogues and Jewish cemetaries were destroyed or dismantled. (Forgive any typos please.)

  • Debra Kay

    For anyone interested in tracing their Jewish ancestry, go to, there are over 10 Million records on line.

  • harry themal

    My grandmother’s great-grandmother and Albert Einstein’s great-grandmother are Heinrich Moos and Verena Schaml. My grandmother was born in Buchau as were EInstein’s parents before they moved to Ulm. We visited their birthplace a few years ago. Like Mike Nichols I left Germany from Berlin. I am a year younger than he is. If someone reading this comment knows how to get in touch with this newfound distant cousin of mine, let me know at my website:

  • Howard Lesser

    My grandmother, who was from the Bavarian town of Hurben-Krumbach, told me that the late conductor Erich Leinsdorf (b.1912 in Vienna – d.1993), music director of the Rochester, Cleveland, and Boston Symphony Orchestras, was descended from the Landauer family of Hurben-Krumbach, Germany. I would be interested in knowing if Mr. Leinsdorf was related to Mike Nichols and his maternal grandmother Hedwig Lachmann Landauer, who also came from Hurben-Krumbach, or to Mr. Nichols’ grandfather, Gustav Landauer.

  • Robert Landauer

    I am related to the Landauer’s of Gerabronn Germany where Gustav was born. The Landauer family is one of the most important names in Germany. I am related to Alfred Landauer.

  • Phyllis Hirsch

    My husband’s grandmother and Albert Einstein were first cousins. We have many pre-war letters written by Einsteins warninig his cousins about the Nazis. Albert Einstein took responsibilty and sponsored his entire remaining family for entrance into the United States both during and after the war.

  • Jefftoch Adam

    The director Mike Nichols`s have the extraordinary for making the film. I gasses the whole have popularity of Mike Nichols. If I ask the questions what director is best in the world then I tell the name of Mike Nichols.



  • Judy Kreloff

    I have been told that my family is also related to the Saltiel family. At this time I have no more knowledge than that regarding this issue. However, I would like to ask if anyone has info re the Spinner family of Kielce and Warsaw who made their way to Chicago. Also, if anyone is from that area originally, the question would be “are there many twins in your family, as there are in ours”. I have done some research but have only oral tradition regarding our eastern european roots where I am told a direct ancestor was the Chief Rabbi of Kielce in maybe the early 19th century. I can be reached at judykreloff at yahoo dot com.

  • jack3d

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  • Bill :Lipton

    As pointed out, African Americans are the ones with the records problem — the Nazis were scrupulous record keepers (though, they burned many, when it was clear they lost the war).
    The biggest problem with tracing Jewish records is the name changes. Some names were Americanized — eg Nichols from Peschkowsky — to the point where there was no logical association.
    Other names were changed because they were assigned by 18th century Austrian officials — and their meaning was downright insulting.
    Still other names referred to situations and mental states which were valid in Central Europe of the 18th & 19th Centuries, but didn’t apply in the safety of America (names depicting the fear or horror of life in a traditional war zone).

  • Bill Lipton

    The Cousin Marriage was no a problem for Jews — it occurred, but in accordance with the restrictions set down in Mosaic Law.
    In most genealogical “communities”, it is difficult to NOT have intermarriage within seven generations of any given (modern) individual — and historically, most occurred within three.
    It is just a reality of small community life and well recognized fact that most people are born/live/die within 25 miles of their family home. Consider even a big city like New York — only 25 miles in diameter — with some lines that go back to the 1600’s and ethnic groups who, prior to the latter part of the last century, tended to marry within their own.

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  • Cindy

    no doubt the way slaves were treated and sold as cattle .. was a horrible horrible thing .. but I wonder if the African ancestors kept any records. Im sure today there are records but how about 200 years ago? i doubt you can track American blacks further than their American roots anyway.

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  • Marion Skaller

    The interview with Mike Nichols was a major breakthrough for me as it was the first time anyone had given credance to my inner struggles. Having come from Berlin, via Prague, arriving in fall of 1938 I was always grateful to have been “saved” and guilty that I was. One never really asked for more….as one thought of those who didn’t make it.

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