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Yo-Yo Ma


yoyoma_hpthumbYo-Yo Ma’s multi-faceted career is testament to his continual search for new ways to communicate with audiences, and to his personal desire for artistic growth and renewal. Whether performing new or familiar works from the cello repertoire, creating educational programs that not only bring young audiences into contact with music but also allow them to participate in its creation, coming together with colleagues for chamber music, or exploring cultures and musical forms outside the Western classical tradition, Mr. Ma strives to find connections that stimulate the imagination. Among his many honors, Yo-Yo has been awarded the Avery Fisher Prize (1978), the Glenn Gould Prize (1999), the National Medal of the Arts (2001), and the World Economic Forum’s Crystal Award (2008). Appointed a CultureConnect Ambassador by the United States Department of State in 2002, he has trained and mentored thousands of students worldwide. In 2006, Ma was named a U.N. Messenger of Peace.

Yo-Yo was born in 1955 in Paris, France where his parents were working as struggling musicians. He began to study the cello with his father at age four and came with his family to New York two years later. While it is typical for Chinese families to keep a genealogy, Yo-Yo knew almost nothing of his family’s past. When the Faces of America research team began their search, it was believed that the Ma genealogy had been lost during the political turmoil of the Cultural Revolution. Its rediscovery by the team is an amazing tale of serendipitous circumstances. As it turns out, a cousin had hidden it in the walls of his home to save it from destruction. Yo-Yo’s direct paternal genealogy can be traced back 18 generations to the year 1217. The genealogy was compiled in the 18th century by an ancestor and contains naming traditions, a summary of the lineage and a genealogical chart of the generational ancestors. The genealogy traces all the people with the surname Ma, through the paternal line, back to one common ancestor who lived in the 3rd century BC.

  • Ma

    Fascinating! I have the same surname and have always wanted to know more about its origin. Thanks!

  • Joseph Damian Ortiz Garcia

    Yeah, I like this guy, Ma.

  • L.Tallchief

    What a sweet, kind, brilliant mind. I once saw him on some chat show where he said his kids thought he worked at the airport because that’s where his wife would drop him when he was going “to work”. I love that he not only studied, but truly appreciates anthropology, and sees it as a way to understand not only his own, but all people. He is magnificently gifted not only musically, but socially — what a rare combination.

  • Music Lover

    Really enjoyed the FOA broadcast. The segments on Ma and his family were quite fascinating. The only thing that was a bit off was the program’s depiction of Paris under nazi occupation. As diligent researchers report and newly-found images come to fore, Paris was unscathed and business/life there went on pretty much as usual. This recent article highlights some of this:
    The rememberance of city blackouts in preparation for potential bombing: the concern was bombing by Allied forces which had ruthlessly bombed French towns/cities after DDay.
    Not belittling the horrors of the war or deaths, I’d like to see bit of truth displayed. I guess program’s producers felt it necessary to paint Paris with victors’ view of history as it makes a good segway to Mr. Nichol’s piece.

  • Lu McCoy

    Have no idea how to contact this brilliant man. I am 75 yrs. old & wanted to request that he might consider making a CD of the theme song “Somewhere In Time.” Not having long to live, I can think of nothing that would nurture & comfort my soul more. He has a spiritual connection with his music that heals the heart. If you could help me submit this request, I will, under no circumstances, relay his communication information to anyone.


    Lu McCoy
    1660 Scott Salem Rd.
    Benton, AR 72019

  • Tracy G

    I love you, Yo-Yo!

  • Laura Proudfoot

    Why don’t you go to his official website and click on the feedback option at the bottom of the page? You could post your request or suggestion to them.

  • Tomi

    Yo-Yo Ma… What a brilliant musician. His cello has given me an IMMENSE love of his instrument, as well as classical music in general. Baroque Classics in particular. Listening to him play , to me, displays a beautiful and passionate interpretation of the music. He is beautiful!

  • Jim Stephenson Jr.

    That is amazing, tracing the Ma family back to BC times. I was recently in Hawaii and most Chinese Americans in Honolulu are from southern China and speak Cantonese not Mandarin. Many Chinese and Japanese families in Hawaii migrate back and forth to Asia over the Centuries. It is very possible that Yo-Yo’s grandmother was born in Hawaii and returned to China with her family. Many second and third generation Chinese Americans are returning to China now because China has many opportunities. Yo-Yo is right, all the places a person has lived should be cherished and each place helped shape you as a person. Home can be many locations and you should have a place in your hart for all of them as I do.

  • Michelle

    I knew I liked Yo Yo Ma!! Deep.

  • natalie

    Love the show! Geneaology has never been more interesting.

  • myra hammond

    Love the show. So interesting . I watched last years . Wish. it was me you were doing. Ancestry is for everyone to learn why and who makes you you.

  • Mary

    I grew up with genealogy charts spread all over the dinning room table, so I know a lot about my ancestors. I am just now joining the DAR, because I like that they try to educate people about the history of our early years as a nation, the constitution, and other matters of historical interest. They recognize everyone who was reported to have aided in the Revolutionary War. It was sad to see Meryl Streep mention the DAR with a look of disapproval. The DAR has adjusted and changed with the times, and it might serve her well to investigate it. I encourage her to do so. I am also eligible to join other genealogy groups, and I am looking into that as well. I think these groups all serve a useful purpose in reminding us of our history. I am amazed at their contributions to our society. Also, I love the show, and I am looking forward to the next episode. Ms. Streep, I am a fan of yours. Some of your movies are among my favorite (Sophie’s Choice, Out of Africa, etc.)…Please don’t belittle the hard work the DAR members do for our country. If you investigate their activities, you would be surprised, and probably amazed.

  • Cathie Breck

    Here’s the office. If you put his name on it it should get to the appropriate person.

    Sound Postings/Office of Yo-Yo Ma
    11 Water Street, Suite 2B
    Arlington, MA 02476

  • Sandra

    I love this show. All of the stories have touched me. But Yo Yo Ma’s story really touched me. Just look at his kindness and graciousness. He is a good soul.

  • kay carey

    What common ancestor does Yo-Yo-Ma and Eva Longoria share???

  • marjorie mar

    My husband’s surname is Mar and accoding to family tradition their ancestor discovered a horse that would allow the ruler’s horsemen to defend themselves against the marauding horsemen from the north. To show his pleasure he gave him the name of Ma or horse. Another site on the internet That I can’t find again stated that the Ma family was from the Zhou Dynasty and their surname was Zhou before the name change.Just thought I’d share that.

  • marge

    I love the show and really enjoy the pleasure and the deep emotion that appears on participants faces as they discover their ancestors. In the process of discovering my own geneology I have the same awsome feelings and am eternally grateful to my ancestors who struggled and faced seemingly insrmountable obstacles to create this magnificent country of ours.They must be remembered.

  • DLP

    Some years ago, one of my cousins came from South Africa to visit the California branch of the family. He brought with him a photograph of our great-grandfather. This man was my father’s favorite relative, and he often told stories about him. Great-grandad appeared exactly as my father had described him—right down to the pipe and waistcoat—-and the emotion that welled up in me when I first looked at the photograph was quite overwhelming. I can’t begin to guess at the tide of feelings that would wash over one who is presented with an entire family tree that goes back 800 years and then finding that the family name dates back 2300 years—especially after knowing next to nothing about one’s ancestry. I wish Mr. Ma good journeys through his family history!

  • g.longoria

    I truly enjoyed the segments with Yo-Yo Ma. He has revealed himself to be as beautiful as the music he makes.

  • Meg

    A lovely portrait of a truly lovely man. One thing struck me; as excerpts from Mr. Ma’s family geneology scrolled by, I noticed that only the men were named in full, the women being listed as “A Woman of the ___ Family.” I certainly understand the historical context, but I still found it very sad.

    One other thought came to mind while watching this. As wonderful as it is to know a part of one’s family history dating back centuries, I wonder if it mightn’t be somewhat oppressive as well. Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote, “no man is free who has a thousand ancestors”. It could be that some of our forebears who immigrated to North America were trying in some way to free themselves of the weight of that history. Maybe it’s easier to appreciate one’s familial/historical background from a distance!

  • NewFan

    What an absolute sweetie! His music went well with the show, too, when they’d play it. His uncle’s heirloom was awesome and inspiring and made the show more educational for me, since I did not know anything about Chinese traditions. I like and agree with Meg’s comment, but also feel (and she probably does too) that members of the family, no matter how distant, should not be forgotten.

  • NewFan

    What an absolute sweetie he is! His music went well with the show when they’d play it too. His uncle’s heirloom was awesome, inspiring, and gave the show another educational element for me since I knew nothing about Chinese tradition. I like and agree with Meg’s comment, but also feel (as she probably does too) that no family member should be forgotten no matter how distant. This show and especially Yo-yo’s uncle inspires me to not be lazy in at least looking for past ancestors and also to finally completing my almost-three-year-old’s baby book!

  • RayC

    Regarding Ma’s name Yo-Yo:

    My guess is that it’s a very thoughtful name. In classical written Chinese, most nouns can be used as verbs, so the character “Yo” (friend) is often used as “befriend”, Yo followed by Yo could mean “acts like a friend to friends”.

    Paradoxically, it’s an intelligent choice because it ’s not overly intellectual by the sound of it (in any language), a name sounds like a nickname and yet completely presentable as a formal name.

  • SheilaW

    Fascinating! I love the show. Genealogy is so interesting to me. I was especially intrigued by the fact that Yo-Yo-Ma and Eva Longoria share a common ancestor. I read a book last year titled “1421” (Author: Gavin Menzies). In this book, the author claims a Chinese fleet arrived in America in the year of 1421 and one of the commanders on board also has the same last name:Ma. Could their common ancestor be the result of an encounter between Ma and a Native American Indian in 1421? There are so many mysteries in the world. I think the study of genetics will be the key to solving many of them as it unveils the mysteries of our origins and ancestry.

  • Pamela

    Hi – thanks for the post. i never know what i will come across when i scroll these blogs. but just wanted to let you know i really liked yours. keep it up.


  • kcooper

    I was intrigued by the Chinese tradition of keeping the ancestral records. I think that including a family philosophy, descriptions and other information creates family lore to pass to other members-so we can have a “feel” about our heritage, however far back it may go. I am interested in learning more about this tradition, and sharing it with my family. I was an Air Force brat, and served on active duty for over 20 years. Now that I am “stable”, I realize I know so little, and my daughter knows almost nothing about my families. I hope we can compile information and create our own ancestral tome to share.

  • Lidet

    i am really surprised to see the show on this issue of face of America on Oprah’s show. i think we all have a link that makes as connected one to the other. most of the time this kind of thing is what i fear not to marry my own relative somehow

  • Carla

    Loved the segment on Yo Yo Ma Dr. Gates did a remarkable job in highlighting chinese ancestry. I thought this would have been very dificult to do not knowing the language. Give thanks to our ancestors for documenting our family history and Dr. Gates for bringing this to light

  • Ann Roberts

    I love Yo Yo Ma – he’s a hot item. And now we see what a really great personality this gifted man is. I love all the segments of this production. Really captivating. I am told that I am the Great, Great, great, great granddaughter of President John Adams. I was severely repremanded by my 3d grade teacher for announcing this in a “lecture” on the early presidents class – she called me a liar. The person who had the “proof’” of this in my family passed away. So I can sympathize with the man who thought he was a liar until Dr. Henry Luis Gates proved it was the truth. I have my geneology dating back to 1725, but the “story” does not show up – only that “Aunt Bessie” had a newspaper clipping that said that anyone related to my Grandfather Ellsworth is a direct descendent of the Adams & qualifies for the DAR. I am now 65 years old.

    Ann Roberts

  • John Kelly

    Yo Yo is Chinese.

    Eva is Mexican … probably Spanish and Aztec or Maya or Inca blood.

    Aztec’s, Inca’s and Mayans originally came across from Siberia to Alaska and down to the America’s.

    You’d probably find that Yo Yo and Eva share common ancestry with many North American Indians too.

    Go figure … we are all related … like it or not … as for me … I like it !

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  • Christelle Sneider

    You’re RIGHT! We’re all related, no matter what language we speak, and what color is our skin!
    Well said @John ;)

  • angelo

    really brilliant. i hope there are more yo-yo ma out there…


    Azn invasion baby! Get ready America.

  • cynthia paskas

    yeaaa this guy is the person i am researchingg on and he iss soo fascinating.. GOOOO YO-YO MA!!!!!

  • melinda foley

    Just saw yo-yo on TV last night. I was so impressed in him as a person,… I thought, “this is the kind of person I admire most” his responses, his genuine heart, his kind face. Looks like the kind of person you aspire to be like. This world would be a better place. Good going, Yo-Yo. You have lifted my spirit and belief that there are still great wonderful people out there in the world. Sincerely….

  • Burt Tomich

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  • Jennifer Bailey

    The page says the 1200s, which are not BC by 1200 years. But going back almost 800 years is amazing!

  • Tina McGown

    Just wondering where in Ningbo I could have a look at the Ma Family record. Going there next monthand would like to know where to look (or should I watch the whole episode?). My maiden name is Ma. My grandfather went to Samoa as an indentured labourer in the 1920s and then returned to China during the war but was not heard of again. We do not have any other details except his name Ma Chong, and we actually use his whole name as our surname as do other Samoan/Chinese families with Chinese ancestry. Hoping someone can help. Thanks in anticipation.

  • Ivan

    Hello yo yo ma! I always wanted to talk to you. I just in 6TH grade and I play the cello. Could you tell me some hints on how to play the Bach suite n. 1 prelude?
    From Ivan

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  • Will Freidel

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  • Carrie-Lee Touhey

    My husband & I watched all the episodes online over the last few days. I have never loved a program as much. This brought us so much joy and gave such depth of character to these celebrities. While I knew who Yo-Yo was, I didn’t know much about his as a person. I found Yo-Yo Ma simply enchanting as a human and his history as well. This has inspired me to start digging deeper into my own history. Thank you so much!

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  • Tanya

    Interesting Tina, my ancestor is a Ma also and he came to America circa 1880s to work as a labourer in Cuba and ended up in Dominican Republic (Caribbean) he never returned to China. Let me know if you find any information on your relative.

  • Tanya

    This was definetely one of my favorites show , I really enjoyed the stories, specially the one from Yo Yo Ma. What an extraordinary individual.

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