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Family, race and color

Malcolm Gladwell talks about the variations in race and “skin politics” in Jamaica and America among West Indians and African Americans. View Malcolm Gladwell’s full profile.

  • Elaine Burnett

    Thank you PBS and Professor Gates. I found the entire series so valuable. I just read Gladwell’s comments and understand completely. I was married to a person from Trinidad, West Indies, and then to an African from Ghana. It is all about culture, and the many ways to understand or be misunderstood. As an African American raised by family with roots in African,Europe and Native American, who also spent her formative years under the care of Irish and Italian nuns – I know you must embrace all the cultures that made you. Of course, as a Native New Yorker who takes pride in the Jewish and Spanish, and Asian influences that polished my youth, I would say that. The implications of culture became pronounced when I move south; then I realized culture will always define you to others, no matter what. However, if you are proud of how your humanity was formed, you will always find a way to fit in.

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