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Adoptee Replacement

Bob Smith

I was born 4-10-1935 in the Veil Hospital for Unwed Mothers in W. Chester, Pa. I was a repacement for an adopted child who had died 6 months before I was born. Continue reading ...

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Missing family history

Thomas L. Naples

My family story probably isn’t unique but it is one that has plagued my family for decades before I was even born. It involves my paternal grandfather. He was born around January 13, 1904 around the area of Airola Italy. Of course there is a “story” that the family always talked about, some on facts, some still to this day a mystery. Continue reading ...

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My father wasn’t born who he thought he was.


My father was born November 29, 1953 and he wasn’t born who he thought he was. Continue reading ...

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Peter Franklin

I am an adoptee and US Army reservist. Before I deployed to Iraq I started AWOL, to help my fellow soldiers connect to family and fight secret adoption. Continue reading ...

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Nature / Nurture


I used to try to explain that being adopted feels a little like coming out of a void--from nowhere at all. These shows resonate so much for me, especially the Ruth Simmons/Condoleeza Rice/Samuel L. episode, as they discuss the impact of "not knowing" where you came from--or when aspects of your ancestral history are things that shouldn't be--yet otherwise you wouldn't be here and who you are! Continue reading ...

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a slip of paper

harriett washington

actually, there was no adoption, simply a childless couple in their late 30s who took a little girl from a hospital in gary, indiana whom had been abandoned by her birth parents. Continue reading ...

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Iron Orr

Danielle Orr

Adopted by Hungarian Jews survivors of WWII who had immigrated to Canada- given up for adoption by a Scottish woman, in Montreal. Continue reading ...

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A Foundling

John Wilson

Am I adopted and born deaf all my life (What he labelled " a foundling") at Bronx,New York year in 1971 since to now. Continue reading ...

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Ireland to Dakota

Mimi Kane

Patrick (County Mayo) and Bridget Josephine Scanlon Kane (Ennis, County Clare) were married in Oldham, Manchester, England, 1863, after they left Ireland. They came to Baltimore right after they married, on separate ships. Continue reading ...

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Red Pants No Shoes

Ms. Yung Hee Kim

On October 26, 1973, I was found on the streets of Korea by a Yeongdeungpo police officer. Apparently I had been abandoned or so my papers say. At the time I was wearing red pants and no shoes. I have no recollection of my early life. Continue reading ...

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