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the usa censor have my mother people 3 generation back listed as mulatto


I did a search of my mother family and in the usa censor they were listed as mulatto with the exception of 1900 . grandmother told us that they do have Cherokee in the family line and i had a aunt that pass for white which was my grand mother sister.I trace them back to North Carolina . Continue reading ...

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Always Remember Family Legacy

Lloyd Clements, Jr.

I can remember sitting in front of the television in 1977 and watching the T.V. series “Roots.” For a whole week it held the entire nation was held captive and spellbound. I experienced a wide range of emotions ranging from anger to sympathy and finally empathy. Continue reading ...

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Grandma, my favorite girl.

Peggy Douglas Rinehart

Lovin' the stories on finding your roots and I’m looking forward to next season. I'm beginning to appreciate that it is difficult to know self with knowing personal history. Here is a story about what I've learned recently about my maternal history. Continue reading ...

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solomans secret


I will start this out by ,saying my family wants to know our heritage,and,our race,we have been told all our lives we are of eastern Cherokee that was the lost ones familys on the Trail of Tears. Continue reading ...

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From Sandersville to Wallertheim

Stephen Hicks

Dad was born in Sandersville Georgia on February 19th,1916. Grandma (Mama) to dad, was the second wife of Duncan Hicks who fathered 7 children with his first wife. Grandma was born Lulabelle Curtis during the last decade of the 1800's and had an older brother (James Curtis) who moved to Springfield, Ma sometime between 1915 and 1920. In 1932 or 1933, Uncle Jim had Lulabelle send two of her sons to Springfield to work with Uncle Jim at the Kimball Towers Hotel where he was the Head Waiter, and eventually the Maitre De. My father (James Thornton Hicks) and his brother George Marion were both able to find work thanks to Uncle Jim who left the South partly because he was tired of the lynchings. Continue reading ...

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Social Networking and my Ancestors

Nancy Konye Csanadi

Through family records my aunt left to me after her death, I knew where my fathers parents were born . I checked the Internet for phone books in Hungary and found that there were families with our surname still residing in the village. By writing a letter to a random man with the name I was lucky to hit a bullseye and found we were related . Continue reading ...

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Descendant from a Slave Owner’s Daughter

Ceteria Richey

I always wondered about my past, as my beloved great Aunt Lily once said " Some things are better left unsaid" Even though there was caution in her words I wanted to delve into our history. I asked other family members but they knew little history about our past. Continue reading ...

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Adoptee Replacement

Bob Smith

I was born 4-10-1935 in the Veil Hospital for Unwed Mothers in W. Chester, Pa. I was a repacement for an adopted child who had died 6 months before I was born. Continue reading ...

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Newmarket, Co. Cork, Ireland

Cathleen Lemke-Wallace

My grandfather, Michael Philip Jeremiah Barry, born in 1886, was the fourth child of five children of Philip Jeremiah Barry and Mary Ahern Barry. They lived in the townland of Toureendarby, of Newmarket, Co. Cork, Ireland. Continue reading ...

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The Melungeon in Me

Narciso Texidor Jr

I'm so intrigued with the search for who I am and who I have found out that I come close to coming from. I am native born Puerto Rican and considered a descendant of the Caribe Indian, Taino but Guanina to be exact. My ancestry reaches several different lands and their people. Continue reading ...

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