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Old bible found in Oklahoma at a flea market

Pamela Martin

My mother was at a flea market in the 1980s and came across a table with books piled on it.. She purchased several old bibles that she found there one of which she gave to me. In recent years I started a tree at for my family...I thought it would be interesting to do a tree with the names in my old bible. Continue reading ...

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Brooks Family – Plymouth NC

Kristin Smith

My cousin Tony Larrokko has been digging into our family's history for some time. He has written two books and posted info on his webpage and facebook. Continue reading ...

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A Hawaiian Princess in the family?

Katherine Wier

My grandmother was born in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii and had claimed ancestory to the royal linage of Hawaii in that perhaps her mother was a hawaiian princess. Continue reading ...

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The Search for Harry Mitchell

Pamela Knight

I learned of my grandfather through listening to casual conversations between my mother Flora Hardy, 75 and father Marion Phillips,75 about 5 or 6 years ago. Continue reading ...

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Gold Rush

Kathleen Ritchie

My mother's grandfather was ROLAND PETERS. He had a hotel in Cleveland, OH and he went west in search of gold. Continue reading ...

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Saponi Indians-Stories my Grandmother told?

Cassandra Green-katy Texas

My grandmothers dads family, migrated from Huntsville Virgina, to Huntsville Texas, some say with Sam Houston. "Again stories my granmother told". Sitting in the kitchen with her as she cooked she told stories of her Dad William (Bill) Branch. Continue reading ...

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Red Pants No Shoes

Ms. Yung Hee Kim

On October 26, 1973, I was found on the streets of Korea by a Yeongdeungpo police officer. Apparently I had been abandoned or so my papers say. At the time I was wearing red pants and no shoes. I have no recollection of my early life. Continue reading ...

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Escaping Slavery

Linda Williams Dorage

I grew up hearing a story of how my mother's grandfather had been a slave when he and his older brother escaped towards the north during the Civil War. Continue reading ...

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Christopher Gist of Maryland

Mary Lee Telles

My ancestor, CHRISTOPHER GIST, an airstocrat from England ,emigrated to America shortly before the Revolutionary War and settled in the Baltimore, MD, area. He was a gentleman farmer, and surveyor. Continue reading ...

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N. Santiago

I have been working on my genealogy for over 23 years. Family stories hint at many "secrets" like a possible Sephardic Jewish connection and a possible Baron on my maternal side. Continue reading ...

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