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Bedolla Roots

Monica Avila

I am a American of Mexican culture and my family has been here for over a 100 years. My maternal grandmothers family is the Bedolla family. Continue reading ...

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Legend of Royalty

Mary L Stoudenmire

The legend in my family is that my paternal grandmother, a woman named Zilla King, was a decendent of Ethiopian royalty of the Amhara region. Continue reading ...

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Irene Greer-Bedenbaugh

My Search For Ancestors

Audrey Prince

A number of years ago, I began a journey to discover my parents’ families. This discussion is about my mother’s paternal family. I started with several surnames, spoken to me by my mother’s sister. Continue reading ...

May 23, 2012 | 8 COMMENTS

Aurora Ellsbury-Morris Family

Native american

Aurora Ellsbury-Morris

My heritage is European on my Fathers side, and Pueblo Indian and Spanish on my Mothers side. My husband is Navajo. However, his last name is Morris, a very un-Navajo surname. Continue reading ...

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impossible etymology: Rutan

garth tuttle

One of my ancestors is from a Huguenaut family called Rutan. Continue reading ...

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Finding my loved ones

David Alexander Sr

Hi, My name is David Alexander and i want to know more about my fathers ancestors.My fathers name was Charles Alexander and my dads parents were sharecroppers living in Florence,South Carolina. Continue reading ...

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just an observation

john chamless

Sometimes the math in your DNA revelations underplays the significance. To me, 8 percent of a particular heritage is huge. I'm very proud of being part Cherokee, but I estimate the DNA percentage to be about 0.2%. Continue reading ...

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Polynesian Jew


My mother found out3 years ago that we have Jewish background. That explains the candle lighting on Fridays. Continue reading ...

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Can ‘t seem to find me.

Phyllis Lane

I was born in1961, in Long Island. I went from the hospital to my parents via ambulance. My parents had 2 natural children and I became the 4th foster child. My brother Ronald was legally adopted, but my natural mother, Lori, did not surrender me. Continue reading ...

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Crosby or Cosby – Railroad Riding Great Grand

Jeri Hampton-Sawyer

We are not certain of our family name Crosby or Cosby; my paternal grandfather's father had a family in Detroit MI as well as Dayton OH Continue reading ...

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