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Am I related to Dr. King?

Bryan Cobb

My grandmother was Vera Ethal King. She was born in Minden-Gibsland, LA area. Her father's name was Pink Pleasant King. He was a preacher and helped build Coleman College. His father's name was Nelson King. Nelson was born in 1837 or 1840 possibly in the Marengo County area of Alabama. Continue reading ...

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Who Are We, Really?

Aniko Williams

I have recently become very curious to find out about my family. My grandmother and grandfather on my mother's side had 11 children which produced over 40 great & great-great grandchildren, yet we can't seem to go too far past that. Continue reading ...

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From Ghana to Guyana to the OLympics to Me

Dale Edwards

My fathers fame is very relative but to me it is a gift . He rose from a family of 13 in British Guyana moved to New york and pursued a career in medicine but his real gift was as a runner and against few odds he finally ran with the greatest runner in the 1936 Olympics in Hitler's Germany and won a bronze medal for Canada in the 8-80 metre race. Continue reading ...

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The Island Calls

Teresa Garrido Roberts

I went on a very long journey trying to find my father. This journey took me half way around the world to Guam. I grew up with my white mother and my white sisters, while I looked like my Chamorro father - a father who had left when I was three but I never forgot. Continue reading ...

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My family roots

Michael L Burak

My grandfather comes from Poland and my mother is irish. I would like to learn about my ancestors who came to the United States from poland. Right off the boat when my grandfather was 19 years of age. Continue reading ...

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Irish Immigrants from Dublin

Joellen H McGinn

My great-grandfather came to the US from Dublin, Ireland. He entered through the port of New Orleans, LA. I can get back no farther than him as I'm told the records were destroyed in the Irish Rebellion. Continue reading ...

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seaching for my 10th generating great grand father.

Ferdinand Fonasaff Ngwota

My great great grand father told us that their oldes great grand father told them that one day traveling from the ebo land from Nigeria to Cameroon, they were force by four red people he call it to follow them. Continue reading ...

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From Riverside California to Mary Bolyn, The sister of a Queen

Cheryl McManus

I was born in Riverside California in 1957. My mother and father had immigrated from Canada in the earley 1950's. My mother is 3/4 Kootenay Indian (Southeast British Columbia) and 1/4 European. Continue reading ...

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marie laveau’s grandchild and neice

sylvia robinson

My grandmother's name was Marie Laveau. Her half-sister was also named Marie Laveau and was the infamous Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, I found both Maries thru meticulous research and plain good fortune. Continue reading ...

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Closing the Gap

Ron Duvall

When people ask me if I'm related to Robert Duvall I can say sure, he's my brother. I think they're talking about someone else though. The actor Robert Duvall and many of the Duvalls in America (along with Barack Obama and Harry S Truman) can trace their lineage to Mareen Duvall the Immigrant who showed up in Maryland as an indentured servant in the 1650's. Continue reading ...

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