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Sometimes the nearest in time is hardest to find

Deanne Denver Smith Jackson

As a child, I used to pump my grandfather for information about his Irish heritage. He told me that his father and all of his older brothers and sisters were brought to the US by the Catholic church and put in an orphanage in Montpelier, VT. Continue reading ...

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Discovering Great Grandpa

Elizabeth Smith Torres

My father died in 2006. When he died I had so many unanswered questions about his family. My mother, who is still living, began to hear my unending questions about her family. I'm sure she got a little irritated at first. I wanted to find her relatives. I also wanted her to tell me what my father had told her about his family. I wrote down every story and everything she could remember. Continue reading ...

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Moors of Delaware

Janet (Grinage) Flores

My father (James Grinage) tried to find his family roots but always came to a dead end. He recently passed away and my son turned to the internet to find our "Grinage" ancestry. My son traced our family to the Moors of Delaware, an isolated tri-racial community. Continue reading ...

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Jamestown relatives

James West

We had always heard stories that there was Indian blood in our Harrison Family blood line. Imagine my surprise when tracing my ancestors back that I found out the Pocahontas is my 11th Great-grandmother. Continue reading ...

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Unspoken Heritage

David Reid

For the past 13 years, I have been trying to discover the true identity of my nationality. The research I have done has given me many clues, but now I have run into a dead end. Continue reading ...

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A Rhode Island Magyar

Jeannine Casselman

I am the daughter of a Hungarian Jewish World War II refugee. I grew up in a small town in Rhode Island, where being Jewish made me the "ethnic" kid. Continue reading ...

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Peter Johnson family tree

Linda Antonio

I was told by my mother that her great great granfather was a sea captin who traveled to either Spain or Portugal and might have brought a woman back to the U.S with him. Continue reading ...

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Family Members Taking over Canada

Dianne Jordan

I am a desendant of the well known Col. Benedict Arnold, that took over Canada way back in the 1700's or so. Continue reading ...

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The. Elstons in America

Debbie Elston DeCaluwe

My dads family came from England. I saw a book titled "The Elstons in America" in which the family is traced back to a king of England, with 2 British and 1 Irish crests towards the front. Continue reading ...

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Donohoo Family

Dwight Donohoo

I am decended on my father's family from an American born Irish an Assistant U.S. Federal Marshall who lineage is traced to 5th Century Ireland. Continue reading ...

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