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A Simple Woman with a Royal Lineage

Tim Alonzo

After watching Professor Gate’s numerous programs on family history I began doing a family history for my Grandmother for Christmas 2013. I began doing some research on her family’s genealogy. She come from simple people from the Webb County area … Continue reading ...

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The Azores: a DNA melting pot

Karen Sullivan

I always resented the term “melting pot.” To me, it signaled a lost grasp of one’s past; that in all of our admixing we somehow lost not only a physical, but a cultural and emotional connection to our ancestors. Growing … Continue reading ...

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Trying to fill in the blanks


Born 12/1/1944 at the community hospital brooklyn ny..surrendered at birth ..l believe birth name was Kathleen Lewis..adoption finalized July 1946 ..Attorney handling was Morris Kaplan..I would love to find ancestors to help fill in my life story..

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A Soldier in the Segregated Army

Henry Smith

Every other Saturday back in the 1950′s Daddy would take me by the hand and we would walk down 23rd Avenue in Seattle to Mr. Nesbit’s barbershop. I would sit in a chair along the wall of the shop and … Continue reading ...

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Irene Risedorph

I would like to know more about my father’s mother’s family who were Alcala’s from Spain. Per my father, he fought with Pancho Villa at the age of 19 for a couple of years. I don’t know anymore than that. … Continue reading ...

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Nella Bass Cottman

Recently discovered my great, great, great grandfather was a free man of color in North Carolina in the early 1800’s. In fact the Bass family apparently was never enslaved. Awesome!!!

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Black American Maternal side Joyners(Grandfather),Smith(Grandmother)from Hampton, SC/ Paternal Side Grant & Richardsons Orangeburg SC

Adrienne A Richardson

I am so interested in finding my African orgins and my genetic breakdown. Like most money money money hinders a lot. LOL The picture attached is of my mother who is about 17 at the time, 1969, she would definitely … Continue reading ...

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Huguenot and Jew intermarriages from the South to PR

Ivonne Colon

My paternal grandmother is from the Escalante lineage of Spain Hidalgos (descendent of G. Washington from Elvira Sra de Escalante) there is a wealth of historical data about them during medieval times, but rescently I discovered shepardic roots due to … Continue reading ...

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Finding where French Indians come from.

paula jo scott

My dad told us when we were growing up we were Dutch-Irish and French Indian. My sister clearly got the French Indian because she was dark complected and dark brown eyers and jet black hair. I am fair have blue … Continue reading ...

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My DNA test

Julio A. Lopez

A few years back I had my DNA tested as part of the Nat Geo Genome project. I knew that my family had immigrated from northern Spain to Cuba and then to the US but I was quite surprised at … Continue reading ...

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