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The. Elstons in America

Debbie Elston DeCaluwe

My dads family came from England. I saw a book titled "The Elstons in America" in which the family is traced back to a king of England, with 2 British and 1 Irish crests towards the front. Continue reading ...

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Donohoo Family

Dwight Donohoo

I am decended on my father's family from an American born Irish an Assistant U.S. Federal Marshall who lineage is traced to 5th Century Ireland. Continue reading ...

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My Step Dad Clenon Briggs

jennifer Jones

My Step-Dad will be 88 next month in June. I would like to know more about his family history. We know he was born in 1924 in Franklin La. He also was in the 93rd infantry division in WWII. Continue reading ...

May 9, 2012 | 1 Comment

Native American??? Really??

Tammy Taylor

Passed down is a story that my great-grandmother truly was native american (although not a princess!!! ha!) Here's the rub----I found a ggpa that is rumured to have saved Pocahontas from drowning (no proof) but I can not find a native american merge so to speak! Continue reading ...

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connection to lst Jamestown settlement and all British nobility and Royalty

Donna Louise Baize (nee Hood)

I did not think I had enough information to research, but I did have names on my maternal side going back to my great-grandmother; and all I knew about my ancestors up to that point was they had been poor tenant farmers in Kentucky. Soon, I was discovering my roots went back to the first ships to arrive in Virginia and Maryland. Continue reading ...

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My great great grandmother was Darthula Jane Evans (who married John Patton Grant). Darthula looks Cherokee but said she wasn't. Continue reading ...

May 9, 2012 | 4 COMMENTS

My mysterious Polish Grandmother

Patricia Mosson

I am trying to find information on my grandmother Harriett O'Brien. She was born either Harriett Novak, Novacki, Novack. She was born in Chicago, Il. Her father supposedly deserted her mother and her siblings in the early 1900's or so. Continue reading ...

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All the way across America…

Kevin Buell

This may have been posted before in a different form. I started to seriously look up my ancestors in the last month. I found a direct line on my father's side to the Plymouth Colony. Continue reading ...

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Finding the Truth


My grandmother, Betty, never knew her paternal grandparents. Her father, Mack Huyler, was in and out of her life during her childhood and was a known story teller. He told his daughter that his parents had been German immigrants, but never gave their names. Continue reading ...

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Mix of Founding Fathers, Feuding Hillbillies, and Samurais


My father's mother had the maiden name of Hatfield and am related to Devil Anse, of feud fame, in two ways. Most directly because my 2x great grandmother had the maiden name of Chafin and was a sister of Devil Anse's mother. Continue reading ...

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