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Julian Rios ( my fathers father)

Grandparents Stories

Sara Rios Hochstein

I was told my great grand parents we are Jewish, German, French, American Indian, Aztec and black. I was born in Mexico. However on my birth certificate my nationality is not listed as Mexican but as Castallena. Continue reading ...

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Searching for family of origin, found myself

Thomas McGee

I was adopted in NYC in 1946 and raised at the Jersey shore. At the age of 5 or 6 I was told by a neighbor kid that I was adopted. Upon hearing this, and not quite knowing what it meant, I ran home to my mother and asked her if this were true. Continue reading ...

April 3, 2012 | 1 Comment

Arlynn age 5

From the Oregon Trail to the DNA Trail

Claudia McGuire

One of my reasons for DNA testing is a "needle in the haystack" quest for my biological father. I have just about zilch to go on. Continue reading ...

April 3, 2012 | 1 Comment

John and Nancy’ Sharp’s Emigration to Kansas 1859

Sharon Slay

Having grown up knowing that most of my ancestors on my fathers side of the family settled in the South in the early years of our nations formation; I always had the uncomfortable feeling that more than a few of them would be slaves owners. Continue reading ...

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Deer running Through the Woods

Joanne L. Hjort

The family story is that my Grandfather deserted the Swedish army at the time when Sweden was aligned with Finland and Finland went to war with Russia. As in our Viet Nam era many fled to Norway, so many that they were called a hjort which is Norwegian for deer, like deer running through the woods. Continue reading ...

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My Ancertry


I was able to trace back family ancestry three generations back from my maternal great grandmother and great grandfather side of the family. Continue reading ...

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Drachsel to Troxell

Joy Smith

The biggest name change I have found in my husband's history is his Troxell heritage. It turns out the original spelling was Draschsel. Continue reading ...

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Seminole Cheif Billy Bowlegs

Nelson Bowleg

For years I've given many days of thinking, that, I need to figure a way to fill the gap that separates my relatives relation to Billy Bowlegs, a notorious Seminole Cheif Indian who once defeated the U.S. Marshall in or abouts the 1860's, according to some history books. Continue reading ...

April 3, 2012 | 1 Comment

The man from Ireland?

Cheryl Ann Davis -Dopson

One of my great-grandfather on my mother side was from Ireland, his name may have been Hamp Little. Continue reading ...

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Descendents of Witch Trial meet in the air

Martha Bartlett

A gregarious grey-haired man sits next to me in the last seat of the airplane and reads a manuscript sprawled on his lap. Looking familiar, but unable to place where I had met him, I strike up a brief conversation hoping to make the connection. Continue reading ...

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