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A Small Part of the Mum Bett Story

Alan Parker

I really enjoyed the Kyra Sedgwick segment and the story of Mum Bett. The story fascinated me and the courageous actions of Mum Bett were remarkable. I consider myself fairly well informed and was surprised that I had never heard of Mum Bett. Continue reading ...

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Calvert Family (Lord Baltimore)

Clinton Parker Pipkin

Last week my father was provided with information that was both startling and exhilarating our family. Continue reading ...

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Thank you

Teresa Mascali

Just to share who I my family I tend to be the genealogy keeper, so , here goes...we are mostly Irish..mixed with a bit of German, and a dusting of English... Continue reading ...

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Hon. Judge Bruce McM. Wright, New York City

Tiffany Alexis Pagana (formerly Tiffany Wright)

I am the daughter of Judge Bruce McM. Wright. I obtained my B.A. and M.B.A. from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. back in 1998. Continue reading ...

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Taylors of LA

sandra chapman

I am the granddaaughter of Leon BLum Taylor born 1889 in LA. He was the grandson of A white slave owner named John Taylor. Continue reading ...

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Sarah Lathrop, Maggie and me

Jewel Moore

On Maggie Gyllenhaal's fathers side the story of the Lathrop family that came to America for religious freedom,helped me to recognize Sarah Lathrop in my heritage going back from Plymouth Massachusettes to England. Continue reading ...

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the life and times of thomas j. chesebrough 3rd

thomas j. chesebrough 3rd

I was born june 4th 1947, blond hair, blue record of weight or length. Continue reading ...

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Asa Dungey

Discovering Multiracial Background at 42


I enjoyed a story I read (probably old) about a gentleman finding his "black roots". I recently decided to open an ancestry account and when I searched my grandmother I discovered the census' always labeled her as "mulatto" or "negro". Continue reading ...

September 5, 2012 | 9 COMMENTS

discoverying My History

Eddie R. Henderson

My story is this; my great great grandfather's last name was McIntosh. There are a lot information about the McIntoshes in American History. Continue reading ...

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Bloody Lowndes

Annette Wright

My great uncle Jim Press Meriwether now spelled today merriweather. Who was a local sharecropper in ft deposit alabama. Continue reading ...

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