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Passoninate to find our true roots

Debbie Cordova

For so long my brother and i have attempted to find our true roots …. For years i have these unanswered questions . Do iwe have family in spain, where did my ancestors originate from, why do i love the … Continue reading ...

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lost souls

Jackie Tagoe-Gilbert

My Grandfather came over from Accra Ghana in the early 1900s. ..he met a white lady….Sarah Jeal… and married her….she apparently was disowned by her family for marrying a black man….they had 8 children and he died age 47 without … Continue reading ...

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Tracing my family heritage….

Walter A. Patti

I have traced my Sicilian/Italian family heritage back to the early 1800's. My grandpartens and great grandpartens were born in Tusa, Sicily, with other relatives born in Catania, Massina, Palermo among other locations throughout Sicily and Italy. Continue reading ...

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Waldens – Forever Free

Rik Vigeland

The episode featuring families free long before the Civil War brings to mind my relatives in the Walden family. Most African Americans by the surname Walden can almost certainly trace back to the late 1600's in Surry County, Virginia. Today the family has many, many branches. And with only one brief exception, these Waldens have never been slaves. One of the earlier Waldens was Drury Walden, who, among other things, served in the Revolutionary War, and was a musician, carpenter, and preacher. Continue reading ...

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Rare, but not in the way I had imagined

Shauna Winburn

I first remember pretending to be "exotic" when I was around 6 or 7 years old. While playing with friends, I was always "Christina from Rome", which was as exotic as I knew how to be at that time. My mom was adopted, and thourughout my young life, I always held out this hope that I was actually something different, something exceptional, something I now know as ethnic. Continue reading ...

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Confederate Drummer Boy

Eric Borgman

My great great grandfather was Frank Wecker he was born in Germany in about 1847 or 1848. He and his family immigrated via New York on June 10, 1850. They located themselves in Murray Co., Georgia and were living there on August 31, 1850. But his father George decided to move the family to Louisville, Kentucky where there was a large German population. However, after the Bloody Monday rioting of August 6, 1855 against Catholics, Germans and Irish in Louisville, George Wecker packed his family up and moved them down river to Owensboro, Kentucky. Continue reading ...

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German Migration To Mexico

Publio Zuber

So far I have learned that my Fathers family emigrated from Germany to Mexico in the late 1800's to early 1900's. This had something to do with the German Government. I look forward to finding out more. Continue reading ...

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The old Irishman in the bayou of Louisiana

Victoria Cofield-Aber

Johnny Coleman told the African-Americans that he came from the "hills of Ireland," when he settled among them and married his African-American wife. They had eight children and no one ever knew anything about his family. Continue reading ...

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My name is hard to trace.

Frank Lauch

I haven't found anyone with my name. It might have been changed. My mother was adopted. She also gave up two children for adoption before I was born. Continue reading ...

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Getting to know me

Denise Davis

As a child we were told, (my siblings and I) we were the children of a only son, who was an only son, who was an only son. My father had eight sons, of which six were with my mom and two others with a second wife. We'd always known my father was from Texas, as young children growing up in California, East Texas had no reference he was just from Texas. The year I graduated from high school the family moved to Dallas due to a job promotion my father received. The story of being the children of only sons was continued to be taught even after coming to Texas. My father never took us to his home town of Tyler until after they had returned to California and came back to Texas for a visit. Continue reading ...

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