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Captain Hopper

Sean D. Hopper

My Great, Great, Grandfather Daniel D. Hopper fought in one of the greatest military campaigns in American history. The Battle of Atlanta and Sherman’s March to the Sea. He survived countless battles and the most extreme harsh conditions imaginable. He entered service as an infantry solider and was discharged four years latter a Calvary Captain due to his many battlefield commissions. Continue reading ...

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From Mulatto Slave to USCT Soldier

Denise I. Griggs

Our gg-uncle, Peter Hunt, was fathered by his white slave owner with one of his slaves named America in Amite County, MS. Continue reading ...

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Eliza Liela Preston Paige c 1912

Liela Eliza Preston, British Home Child

Lila George

Eliza Preston British Home Child 1898 , London England PRESTON-PAGE, Liela Eliza 1894 – 1981 Liela Eliza Preston was probably born in 1894; the month, day and place are still unknown. Very little is known about the first four years … Continue reading ...

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Connie Taddune

My 5th great-grandfather William Rea 1743-1792 signed the Coxsackie Declaration of Independence in 1775 one year before Philadelphia's. Yet,, on January 5, 1776, it was reported to the Albany Committee of Correspondence that William Rea was guilty of speaking "contemptuously" of the "Committee", and Provincial "Congress". Continue reading ...

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Lucius Van slave son of William Demit Vanarsdel of Bossier Parish, Louisiana

Judy Cassidy

Lucius is not my ancester, however, his story is such a mystery and so interesting it is worth telling. Continue reading ...

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Ronald Windsor

The Windsor’s

Alou Golden

My father who past away at the age of 30 had a lot of children. Some I know and some i don't know. Some I've met and some I haven't met as yet. Continue reading ...

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Texas Traiblazer

Mickey Mathews

My great grandfather Joseph Vance Lewis (Jousille Lewis was his name based on 1870 census) was one of the first African American in the state of Texas to be a practicing attorney, a published author, holds a Medical License, along with trying to start a bank in Houston, Texas in 1919. Continue reading ...

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Africans In the Caribbean

reynold millette

As I was told, my grand father John Millette, 1862 to 1958, was of French birth on the island of Grenada in the West Indies. He changed his family name, Millet to Millette, for what reason I do not know. Continue reading ...

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george washington

jennifer critelli

Born in seattle washington 1968 .adopted grew up in california with Jon and ruth betow and brother name john. Continue reading ...

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My Family

Amelia Collins

My family is very close, well I guess as close as we can be considering how far away we live from each other. I live in Pickens, South Carolina and have lived here my whole life. Continue reading ...

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