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Who was Louis McBRYDER?

Kenneth Warren LAMURY

The images I've uploaded are all that I can find on my maternal grandfather Louis McBRYDER. He also resided in Cincinnati, OH, Weston, OH, Jefferson City, MO, Orangeburg, SC, VanBuren Co, AR & in IA. Continue reading ...

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lost family

jacqeline morgan-patterson

My great grandfather Robert Morgan was born in Prince Edward County Virginina in 1835-1840. Married Indiana Elizabeth Stokes, born in 1845..They had 13 children, 9 survived...The story told was that Roberts father was Colin..They came from a breeding farm...Roberts father was used as a stub to breed slaves, possibly with indentured servants from England or Ireland. Continue reading ...

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Christophe family roots New Roads LA parish of Point Coupe

Carmen Wimberly

Want to really know if the story passed down to us That my mother Christophe side are defendants of Henri Christophe of Haiti. Continue reading ...

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Lezlie Harper Wells

My great-great grandfather came to Canada in 1850 from kentucky with his brother and 9 year old sister. He married a Mohawk woman. They lived in Fort Erie, ON. That is my maternal grandmother. Continue reading ...

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Want jewish DNA traced

Harriet (Mrs. Harrison) Church

Grandmother Frieda Catherine Hoffman came down from Detroit to see the 1904 St. Louis World's fair and fell in with grandfather, a policeman assigned to guard President Theodore Roosevelt Next year, shecame back and married him. Continue reading ...

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Before there was a USA

lincoln rowley

Drums along the Mohawk was on TV the other night and I got to explain to my 7 year old son that the hope chest behind the couch we were sitting on was the actual (or at least that is how the family story goes.) hope chest that was used to amputate General Herkimer's legs after the battle of Saratoga. Continue reading ...

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Sopher, NImrod — Turnpike in our generations of history but where were we before VA?

Marti Sopher

My father, Raymond Otto SOPHER (b. 10/26/1912 or 13?) and Mary Isabel CONNER (b. 9/21/21?) of Streator, IL married in St. Louis -- her parents were Wayne Conner and Marie Cox. Continue reading ...

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Related to Frederick Douglass via Anna Murray?

Angela Jones

I was an adopted child who found her biological mother and father in 1989. I met my father Steven Andrew Murray in 1990 but I did not meet my mother Estelle Fisher Grimes until 2011...but I talked with her over the phone and via letters since 1989. Continue reading ...

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A Quintessential American

Reginald Huse Beardsley

My father's family, Beardsley & Huse came here in ~1635. My mother came from Sweden in 1944. Continue reading ...

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The Brick Wall

Bonnie Owens

My ancestors, both paternal & maternal, have been in America since the 1600s. I have a tree with about 7300 people on it at this time. Famous folks on Dad's side: Francis Scott Key, William Faulkner. Continue reading ...

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