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From Mexican to Celto Germanic to W.E Africa

Aaron Casillas June 12, 2012

An amazing last 12 years from Oxford Univ testing to Nat Geo to Family Tree.

I’m of Mexican Heritage and what we discovered was what my grandfather said and more.
Paternal R1b u106 L48 Z5+, Casillas, although we believed we were descendant of the archectect of the Cathedral in Guadalajara, it appears through dna testing several families who also thought (although R1b) are not related in the appropriate time frame. My paternal ancestor who appears genetically to be Celto Germanic and perhaps at some point English, was an orphan. His parents are unknown. But what we know from his marriage certificate was his wife was a mulatto.

Mothers Fathers Haplo I1, finally got to the bottom that his lineage known for its Germanic and Scandavian links is also tied to Portugual. Our line ends up wtih a Conquistador who name was Alphonse Alvarez. Further testing to pintpoint how they got Portugual is under way.

J2a4b1* M92, Ramirez, a link to Greek colonization and the Western part of Turkey, further Autosomal testing perhaps shows a recent arrival to Mexico.

Mtdna D, native meso American heritage automally came in at 22%. Interesting enough when we followed the line maternally, the Caste system put her as Mulatto. The system was as much a phenotype as it was a geneological, this birth certificate certaintly showed it’s errors as just a generation later they were regarded as Spainish.

Autosomally using varies tests, there are remnant of Germanic, Paleo Scandanavian, Baltic, Medit., Asain and E/W.African. What a ride!

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  • Garth Tuttle

    June 13, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    I hae been trying to get the term Celto -Germanicas a genetic clasification for the general dominant West Euroean peoples, since that, in the case of The U.K. , Ireland, Holand, parts of Germany and Denmark, Belgium, Luxembug, France, Switzerland, and to some extent, Spain, Portugal, and parts of Italia are domianted by people of that mix, while varients can be found throughout Europe, as wel as in central Turkey (because of the Galatians )
    Ergo, I’m gad to see that someone else is using it.
    It is, ofcourse, nice, at times, to knowone’s specific ancestoy,espcially if there is a specific family story youd like to verify – or if need be, debunk

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