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Mrs Edna Baldwin

Shirlen Baldwin February 22, 2012

Mrs. Edna McCray-Baldwin born October 24,1906 in Statesboro Georgia,She was the daughter of Stephen & Charity McCray. She was the 2nd oldest of 6 Children. She was married to my Grandfather’s Brother McKinley Baldwin, the Mother of 7Children. She was active in the Church, Communion Stewardess, President of the Chorus, member United Methodist Women’s Organization, In 1969 after her Husband death she moved to Washington D.C. she join another Methodist church {Aunt Edna told everyone that she was a member of two Churches because she wanted to be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. And she was a Lifetime Member of the Eastern Star Lodge.

At the age of 12 her mother passed, she left school to take care of her younger Sister and Brothers, although she was in school, she still kept up with her reading books & the Bible. In the late 50′s she returned to school {Night School for Adults}, she believed that a good education, good sense,and respect for others would help any one achieve their goals.

Mrs. Edna McCray-Baldwin

Mrs. Edna McCray-Baldwin

My Great Aunt Edna was a Special person to me because I could call her a ask her about the Baldwin Family History , and she was funny.

Most of you do Remember my Great Aunt because she was One the older Women that Voted for President Obama back in 2008. She was the one from Washington D.C. she was 102 years old. She stated by she was going to Vote because this will be the first time “WE” ever had a “Colored” President {Yes Aunt Edna called him Colored} That was one of my proudest Days to see her on TV. It had been a while since she had voted, so she had to with a provisional ballot. But she did it, and when he Won,. she said I told you he was going to Win.

My Great Aunt Pass died the following year (July 26,2009) at the age of 102 Years Young.


She was so Special that she had two Celebration of Life. One In Washington D.C. & the other one in Statesboro, Georgia, She was buried next to her Husband (My Great Uncle McKinley Baldwin)

I Really Miss Her. ( On This Picture She Was 97 years old and looking good with it).

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  • Carol Martin

    March 18, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    what a wonderful story …thank you!

  • Dee McPhersonn

    April 1, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    I was happy to know your ant Edna lived to see a Black/ mixed race/ colored president before she died. I knew in my life time that I would live to see a Black man as president ….I only wished my parents would have lived to see it. My tears of joy was for them, they were born in the 30′s.

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