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Noble Family Mystery

Brenda Noble Fisher May 8, 2012

According to family legend, my Great, Great Grandfather, Philip Radford, was a tutor to the royal family in England and fell in love with one of his students. They eloped to France, married and had a child they named Fannie. The royal family found the daughter and enticed her to leave the husband and child and return to the family. Also, I have been told that Fannie (my Great Gandmother) received a check from the royal treasury once a month for the remainder of her life.

I searched for Philip Radford on and found him in England in 1851 with his 4 year old daughter Fannie and his student. There was no wife listed on the 1851 England Census. I found where in 1852, Philip, his wife Emma and daughter, Fannie came to America. They made their way to Campbellsville, Kentucky where in 1859 Philip and Emma had a daughter they named Annie. I then found the U.S. Union Soldiers Compiled Service Records where Philip enlisted in the Calvary in West Tennessee. I am not sure when they settled in Nashville, Tennessee, but they are listed on the 1870 U.S. Census showing that Philip, Emma and Annie were residing in Nashville and did so until their death. By 1870, Fannie was married to my Great Grandfather, Albert Henry Noble.

I also received an outline of research that was done for a cousin to be accepted to the DAR. From this outline, I discovered another interesting fact. My 5th Great Grandfather lived to be 134 years old. I input the information from the outline in and found Old Henry (Hendrick Francisco.) He was married twice and had 21 children. He was the oldest person to have enlisted in the Revolutionary War at the age of 91. There was a newspaper article in the Indianapolis News about him. He was also featured in a copy of Ripley’s Believe it or Not in February of 1939. I am not sure his age can be positively documented, but it is certainly an interesting story.

I have also researched my maternal Grandmother’s family and have found connections to Kings and Queens of England and Scot.and.
I would love to have help from “Finding Your Roots” in discovering if the Noble Family information is true.

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