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Italian royalty and funny bone

Lisa ElyAshby May 3, 2012

I have four amazing kids. I wish you could meet them.
Their father is a first born generation Greek Italian man whose father came from Italian royalty. Their name is Di Regolo which I am told translated means “The Royal or Regal” Their father and I divorced and they know very little about their heritage. I come from some interesting heritage also. My uncle was as US senator for 18 years and my grandfather a federal judge yet my other grandfather worked for the mafia. When I was a little girl I remember a yacht ride to Catalina Island off the southern California coast. When I asked how grandpa had such a expensive boat I was told it was his “friends” Acually, I was on a mafia boat! Anyway, the Ely side of the family seem to have a penchant for humor. My kids could all quick their day jobs and be comedians… really. I would love for my children to know their true heritage. I have a feeling some interesting facts will unfold. If I could figure out how to download a picture of them from my facebook I would. It shows all four of them clowning around and how beautiful they are… both inside and out.

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  • garth tuttle

    July 11, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    When I read where someone was told a name means such-and so- I usually, if need be, get a dictionary, but I don’t have a full English / Italian dictioanry; however, they arre easily available – at the library, or second hand – sometimes even free: please do make sure !
    Greek: htere were (maybe still are ) Greeks at the heal of ‘The Boot’. (I know a boor who thinks Lousiana is a boot: it’s at best a claw ) –
    names like King, Bishop, et c. may indeed, in any language indicate ancestory – but since it is not a personal name – like ‘Windsor’, it more than likely implies a ‘son of the packsaddle ‘ ; it could also imply someone in service to said person.
    Mafia : humor or not: my own experiance is enough to suggest ’tis possible – but I wouldn’t go on about it – for just that reason …

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