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My Mayflower Ancestors and Descendants

Sonja V. Mortensen Abate May 23, 2012

My third great grandfather, Samuel Right/Wright Brown, b. Sept. 26, 1775 probably in Swanzey, Cheshire Co., NH is thought to have been the son of Wright S. Brown and Hannah Newland. He and his family left Swanzey about 1783 when they appeared in Stillwater, then Albany Co., NY.

Samuel, always a good writer even though he had only a common education, was the first to start the newspaper in Saratoga, NY and later published books on the War of 1812 and also The Emigrant’s Directory. I have all of his original published books. His works were considered important works in his day. He was quite a character by all accounts.

When living in Auburn, Cayuga Co, NY, he employed Thurlow Weed to work in his printing shop while he worked on his latest book. Weed talks of him and his wife in his own autobiography and of his time spend in his employ.

Samuel was a war correspondent in the Battle of Tucumseh with General William Harrison and witnessed the death of this famous Indian and wrote about it in one of his books. He said he never saw a braver man facing his enemy and of his eminent death.

Unfortunately, Samuel is also one of my biggest brick walls. I have not been able to find his birth records, his siblings or his parent’s marriage records to be able to connect to him.

With your expertise, is it possible to have your help? I am now 75 years of age and have worked on my family genealogy for over 40 years and I want to leave this legacy to my children and their families. I now have three great- grand children and often tell the eldest about the Mayflower and how they should be very proud to be a descendant of two of the earliest Americans to settle here.

Samuel and his father, Wright S. Brown, possibly named Samuel Wright Brown, was a descendant of William and Susannah White through their son, Resolved of the Mayflower.

Samuel married Eunice M. Annable, daughter of Isaac and Lydia (Peckham) Delano Annable in Saratoga in 1813. She was a direct descendant of Stephen Hopkins and his daughter, Constance as well as Anthony Annable who arrived on the ship, Anne.

It is so fascinating to learn of these past lives. I can almost hear them talking to me!
I only wish I had pictures of one of them! Sonja Abate

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