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The Phantom

Priscilla Arteaga August 2, 2012

I come from a family of immigrants on both sides and I don’t really know much about either side. I’ve tried online sites to try and find something, anything about my family, and I always get nothing. All I know is that I’m filipino, cuban, mexican, spanish, and chinese. I’m related to a famous family in the philippines, ancestors once own a sugar plantation, and on my dad’s side there was a change in last name that would have left me with a different one had my grandfather left it alone. I feel like a phatom, no roots with no home and I just wish I could know where I came from.

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  • Garth Tuttle

    August 2, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    I assume your last name is Filipino; mixes of Spanish and Chinese common in the Filipines; Spanish is often an ancestoral lineage in both Mexico and Cuba; genetically, both Cuban and Mexican are competely meantingless : they are nationalities without one fixed or major ethnicity ; less known is that there are, and probably have been Chinese, and maybe Filipinos in Mexico: during colonial times, the Filipines were part of the Mexican jurisdiction … also, even Spanish might mean one has Semitic (Arab and/ or Hebrew, maybe Phoenician ) Berber/Tuareg or Celto-Germanic roots – to start with.
    Africans were in both Cuba and Mexico, as were, of course, Native Americans, but so were Poles … a DNA test would definately help

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