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Calvert Family (Lord Baltimore)

Clinton Parker Pipkin November 6, 2012

Last week my father was provided with information that was both startling and exhilarating our family. The full story, including all the tangents, happenstance occurrences in my family’s history, and truly mind-boggling coincidences has compelled me to reach out for confirmation from someone with investigative resources far beyond those that I can muster for myself. The bottom line is this… my direct paternal heritage, from father to father to father and so on, apparently leads directly to George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore… through his son, Leonard Calvert, Maryland’s first Governor. There is apparently a single direct paternal link from Leonard through to my great grandfather, William Calvert, whose wife bore 9 children, one of which was my grandmother, Laurna Calvert of St. Louis, MO (died in Troy, MO in 2005). The most incredible aspect of this story is not the direct bloodline, although that is a bombshell to me and my father, but rather the fact that my father now lives in St. Mary’s County, MD (founded by Leonard Calvert in 1634). Further, the college I chose to attend was St. Mary’s College of Maryland, located in historic St. Mary’s City, and my family has long been active in local St. Mary’s County politics, while I have focused most of my career working for the State of Maryland. (Mind you, none of the hereditary information listed above was known to me until 3 days ago!). Thus, this genetic revelation for my family has spurred a great amount of introspection, and caused me in particular to wonder if “chance and luck” were really the only driving forces behind many of my family’s choices about where to live, etc. By the way, my father was in the Navy, and was stationed at Patuxent River Naval Air Station, at the end of his career, which is the reason for our choice of where to finally settle once he retired. Last, the question that I know have to grapple with is this: Am I the last and only living direct paternal ancestor of Lord Baltimore the First, and his son, the first Governor of Maryland? If that answer is “yes”, then I need to make some radical changes in my life. I don’t know what you can do to help me find any of this out, and I fully understand that this website and the “submit your story” section where I am currently typing is NOT for genetic or hereditary inquiries. Rest assured, I will certainly find other sources to help confirm if this information is correct… something more official than the Calvert Family Tree which was only this past week provided to my father, but I thought that this story was at least interesting enough to share. My best. -Clinton Parker Pipkin (Gwynn Oak, MD), presumptively now referred to as the Current Lord Baltimore. =)

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