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Casey Lee Anderson June 29, 2012

Casey Lee Anderson

My name is Casey Lee Anderson born on April 24, 1991 at 8:13 in Athens Regional Medical Center, to Kenneth Dale Anderson and Vicki Lee Carnes,however let me correct something, I was born Casey Lee Spray, because my biological grandma on my dad’s side was first married to Kenneth Grady Anderson, born Dec.27,1945 in Huntsville, AL, and my grandma, Savannah Jo Amanda/Mandy Lou Lamb, Nov. 25, 1948. Then Kenneth and Savannah had three kids, the oldest was Kenneth Dale Anderson,born Mar. 29, 1966 in Huntsville, AL, my dad’s next brother is Stanley Dewayne Anderson, born Feb. 13,1970 in Huntsville,AL, my dad’s youngest brother is Steven Derrick Anderson, born Aug. 19, 1976 in Huntsville, AL, after Derrick was born, Kenneth Grady and Savannah divorced, the Savannah moved to Georgia then married Eugene W. Spray, born in 1940 in GA, Then Eugene adopted all of Savannah’s children,however they kept the “Anderson” name until each one of them got married, then in 2001 or 2002 eugene and savannah divorced, then in Sept. 2003 Savannah remarried her first husband, Kenneth Grady Anderson, then we changed our name back to Anderson. Also I want to know more abot both side of my family
my mom’s side and my dad’s and the records only go back so far.
My mom, Vicki Lee Carnes was born on Sept. 24,1964 in Athens,GA to William Donald Carnes, born Dec. 28,1934 and Martha Frances Sorrow,born Feb 2. 1940.
William Donald Carnes parents are Roy Carnes,birth unknown, and Mae Jordan, birth unknown. Martha Fraces Sorrow parents are Thurman L. Sorrow, born in 1912 in GA, and Mary Frances Sorrow, born in 1915 in Ga. My dad, Kenneth Dale Anderson parents are Kenneth Grady Anderson, born Dec. 27, 1945 and Savannah Jo Amanda Lou Lamb, born on Nov. 25,1948, both of them were born in Alabama, Savannah’s parents are Joseph William the second birth unknown, Laura Bessie Sharp,birth unknown, Kenneth Grady Anderson’s parents are Grady Lee Anderson,birth unknown, and Rosa Lenos Brewer,birth unknown,however both were born in Alabama. and another thing I want to find out if i have any famous ancestors and any famous cousins. Also I have a little sister named Tiffany Lynn Anderson and she was born Jan. 13, 1999 in Athens,GA. The picture I’m attaching is of me, Casey Lee Anderson and it’s a current picture. I would like to be part of the finding your roots show.

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