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Reginald Sawyer May 31, 2012

Iam Reginald Sawyer Choctaw-Cherokee iam the Son of Elizabeth Sawyer(Maiden name Roberson) and iam aloso the Grand Son of Tercsia Ramond and George Roberson iam searching for my Native American roots and documentation of my Grandmother and Grandfather’s birth records that are not on file with the Mississippi board of health and i am also in search of my long lost Blood cousin i only know his Indian name Stocking Thunder he is directly related to my Grandmother, i do know for a fact that my Grandmother’s Father was Full blood Choctaw Native American and her mother was half Choctaw and part Creole and Grandfather George Roberson was Cherokee this we know for sure from the oral history from my Grandmother and my Medicine Elder Grand ma Bobbie jean Mike (Mohawk) my main goal is ti find out the names of my Grandmother’s parents and to find my Cousin and i need to know what other indian tribes do i share DNA With.
Reginald Sawyer(CHoctaw-Cherokee)

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  • Garth Tuttle

    June 1, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Native DNA is very difficult, in that, for example, the Choctaw are of hte Muscogian language family, but so are, of course, the sub -tribes of hte Creek, such as the Tuskeegee, some of whom were registered in the Cherokee Nation; also, the Natchez might have been another branch of the Muscogians, but htey are split mostly between the Cherokee, Creek, and Chickasaw. There was a band of Shwnee with the Creek, as well as Yuchi – this doesn’t even give you hte problem with intermarriage amongst the Choctaw, plus about ten thousand years of adoption (of both children and sometimes favored adult prisoners of war ) as well as white and Balck inter marriage – indeed, that is one reason so many persons of African descnet assume they have Native roots.

  • misty

    June 2, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    The best thing you – or anyone visiting this site – is to click on the “Resources” section and find out how to do your own research. You may also contact your local historical society or one in the area of your ancestors and hire a certified genealogist to do the legwork for you.

    Oral histories may or may not be accurate. And, as Mr. Tuttle writes, finding the information you require is quite complicated.

  • K. Fisher

    June 23, 2012 at 10:48 pm

    HEy If Anyone out there Can Help find The Beggining Roots Of the Cherokee Blood Line , Please let Me Know?? I was Told By myBirth Mother; That; I am of Cherokee descent . I Know My Adoptive fathers family tree going all the Way back to The Mass Bay Colonies . But Would Love To learn More Of My Biological Family Bloodline ??? Can Anyone Tell Me Where to Begin??

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