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Fischer/Fisher Virginia/Maryland Connection

Angela R. Jones March 27, 2012

I am trying to research my Maternal Grandfather and his side of the family. My mother told me that her father was from Virginia and moved to Maryland when he was young. I did a little research with information from my sister who was raised by our Grandfather and his wife who was not our biological Grandmother. Our Grandfather’s name was William Henry Fischer/Fisher…the reason I put both surnames is because I only found him and his siblings in the census records from Richmond, VA under Fischer and listed as mulatto. I have not been able to find him in Maryland at all. I was told that he died around 1978 or so but i cannot find anything verifying this either. He was born Oct. 4, 1902 give or take a year or two either way. I know his siblings names as well because they are listed in Virginia also with a stepfather named Charles Proctor…but it never lists who his mother was or if she was deceased. I know they moved to Maryland at some point because my mother was born in Maryland and grew up with her father and stepmother and my sister grew up with our grandfather until he passed…although she was not allowed to go to the funeral because they felt she was too young to experience this (she was in the 6th grade) so she does not have an obituary and our mother was in California and was not told of the services until afterwards (our grandfather’s sister did not tell her) and she had 8 small children and could not travel to Maryland at that time. I have searched Social Security Death Indexes and still cannot find him. I am told he was half Jewish…not sure if his mother was Jewish but given the spelling of the last name his father could have been and then changed it to what my mother used Fisher once moving to Maryland. Any information anyone might have will be very helpful in my research. My mother’s biological mother’s name we believe was Carrie Haskins born August 9, 1909 but not absolutely sure…my mother was not raised by her mother and can only remember bits and pieces of what she was told. My mother was born 4/1/1931 and said her mother was 21 when she was born.

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