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Christopher L. Schaefer May 23, 2012

One of my grandfathers had a mom from India (Singh), and a father who was born of a black slave whose father was a Royal Scottish slave owner in Scotland (Patterson).

My other grandfather had a father whose father was a German/Morrocan slave owner (Schaefer). His mother was an Irish indentured servant (Swindler…don’t ask me how…she must have been part German).

One of my grandmothers from Jamaica had a Sephardic Jewish father, either Spanish or Portuguese (Lindo), who might have been a slave owner, and an African woman (Francis) who was possibly a slave. I have another grandmother who is from slaves (Hodges), and perhaps native American.

yDNA (fathers, father and so on) is G2a. mtDna (mother’s mothers and so on) is L0. It would be interesting if I could get cousins to take test to make up for the sides they couldn’t get to with my blood.

My father’s brother fought in the WWII in the U.S. Navy. It is believed a relative on the German side was in the German Luftwaffe. A Doctor Konrad Schaefer..

I believe if my background was formally scrutinized/traced. It would be one of the most interesting of journeys. Sincerely – Christopher L. Schaefer

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  • Garth Tuttle

    May 24, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    Just a note: Scotalnd is part of the U.K., which outlawed slavery decades ahead of hte United States …that aside, it may be that some lineage imfo got twisted up together in the telling. Put in order, you have, say, one great, great grandfather, German – could have either had a child by a Morocan or …. there were Sephardim in Morocao – stillare a few , in fact ; now, say, one great grandfather inpregnates one Irish woman – and it makes more sence .
    All in all, a facinating collection.

  • Shari Hodges

    May 28, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    I can clear up the Hodges mystery for you. My husband’s family is from Hodges South Carolina. Everybody is named Hodges. They had a plantation. They were from Scottland. They have a reunion – although we’ve never been. There are African American Hodges, and Scottish American Hodges – we are going to visit this summer.

    Look it up on the map. Most of the Hodges’s are related thru the common ancestor.

    I can tell you a little bit about the Hodges family. My husband’s father left the family in 1935 to be a professional dancer. He was playing football for Clemson – and they had a few issues with his dancing.

    He became a professional roller-skater. Then he joined the Marines and they put him in charge of a unit. He survived Iwa Jima – but got wounded in another battle and sent home. He met his wife when she was working in the hospital.

    Apparently he took his Irish Catholic wife home to meet the family, and it hit the fan. She apparently insulted Colonel Hodges – and they never went back.

    35 years passed, my husband married me – and I contacted the family. They were so nice but explained the grudge. They were old white southerners who rejected their oldest son for whatever reason –

    Most of them are gone now –

    But I can tell you, his father was the nicest man you ever want to meet – they lived in Reno and then in Sacramento – he worked in a lumber mill, something he learned in South Carolina

    The Hodges intermarried with the Douglass sisters when they came to the country – so you’re also related to the Douglass clan – through Archibald Douglass – pretty famous character – his father told him all about it

    We go to the Scottish Clan events, because I play Scottish music – never had much luck with these Clans – these are just little societies of people with common heritage- in fact one of the leaders in the Douglass Clan society, isn’t even a Douglass – his wife is a Douglass -

    I can tell you though, that you’re more of a Douglass than you are a Hodges – and more of a Douglass than this guy who is part of the Clan – You’re a real Douglass

    They called him the Black Douglass – and you have a castle somewhere -

    Apparently the Hodges/Douglass family was as powerfl as the Washington family – because there is a Gen. George Washington Hodges, and they were members of the First South Carolina Legislature. And you’re related to the former Gov Hodges of South Carolina.
    He’s one of my husband’s counsins.

    My husband has never met any of his Hodges relatives – so he’s anxious to get a look at this place.

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