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Before Slavery And After, Maner Family Struggles

Latraiavice Maner September 5, 2013

First and foremost I am a fan of very few people in this world but Dr. Gates and Oprah Winfrey are among the few. I have been researching my families history for about 20 years and the stories handed down gave me a window into a world forgotten. When i saw Alex Haley’s Roots , I was confused i didn’t know if i wanted to be a writer or an actress, but i did know i wanted to tell my families history in this country. I am willing to work hard and achieve only the truth in the form of a book and a movie. my story starts with the Maner’s of South Carolina in the 1700′s their illegal land grants from the King giving them claim to lands that are not His to give to the plantations built and filled with human beings bought and stolen from Africa and the West Indies. Wealth , Power and Position of the Southern Slaveowner.The slaves and their lives on these plantations. My Ancestors and my admiration and love for people i have never met or seen. Ross bostick, African(1790-1850) Snowden Bostick(1854) Phyillis Gibeson Bostick(1st wife) Martha Bostick(2nd wife) Ross Bostick(1879) Rollin Bostick(1856) Hannah Bostick(wife) Jacob or Jake Bostick (1880) Corneilia Mew Bostick(1884,wife) Marie Bostick Maner(1925) daughter of Jake and Corneilia. Rena Mew, mother of Corneilia, Wife of Jim Mew (runaway) son or son-in-law of Hanna Mew.(1810) Charles Maner Jr. (husband) of Marie Bostick Maner (My Grandparents) Is the son of Charles Maner Sr(1889). and Mattie Hopkins Maner Addison(1892) Grandson of Corneilous Maner Sr.(1810) and Margaret ? Maner. Maternal Grandparents were Harry and Clarissa ? Hopkins (1800′s) Great Grandson of Silas Maner, Shadrack Maner or Henry Maner. These are my Maternal ancestors. On my Fathers side Im going to need some help… What i know is that, my Father is Melvin Clarke Son of Mary Lee Graham Clarke and Sameul Perry Fraizer. Son of Bram and Sallie Early Fraizer(1892) William Graham and Cathrine Ellis Graham (parents) of Mary Lee Graham Clarke. I would be so honured if you could spare some time to help and advise to seek a past i would like very much to visit. Mr.Gates i really think there is a lot ot uncover with the families owning mine being a part of American History Politically as well as Socially and Religously. I reside in South Carolina Only miles away from the plantations my people lived on every day of their lives, yet i know so little of them that suffered so much for me. PLEASE help me tell a story of the people that make me. Again you are a role model and someone my ancestors would admire and hang to your every word because you are the epitomy of everything they endured as slaves the single dream of millions of slaves. I will continue to watch your shows and learn as i go along. thank you for your time and God Bless. Latraiavice Maner,Ridgeland S.C.
P.S. I also found a relative or two through the slave narratives, Very helpful they are!

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