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Deborah Garrison was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1965. After graduating from Brown University, with a thesis in creative writing, she joined the editorial staff of THE NEW YORKER, where she is currently a senior nonfiction editor. Since 1987, her poetry has appeared in the pages of THE NEW YORKER, ELLE, THE NEW YORK TIMES, and the online magazine SLATE. Her first collection, A WORKING GIRL CAN'T WIN (1998), charts with honesty and humor the terrain of the urbane, post-single life, including ambivalence toward one's day job and the joy of flirting after marriage. The poems' pleasures come partly from juxtaposing our working and personal realities against our hyperactive fantasies and the ever surprising satisfactions of the actual. Deborah Garrison lives with her husband and their infant daughter in Montclair, New Jersey.