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Culminating Activity

Step 1. Distribute the FRONTIER HOUSE application to your students. Explain that the form is the actual application that prospective participants had to submit to be considered for FRONTIER HOUSE. Tell your students that, as homework, they will need to complete the application form, ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS AS THOUGH THEY WERE ONE OF THE MEMBERS OF THEIR FICTIONAL FAMILY. Remind students that their goal is to create a perfect application, and to get their family on the show.


Duplicate the applications that each of your students submits. Ask the class to develop a rubric to assess the applications of the fictional families. Have your students work in groups to determine finalists, semi-finalists, and three families who would be selected to participate in the project.

Ask your students to watch, or show your students segments from FRONTIER HOUSE (keep in mind that the series contains some mildly offensive language and frank discussions of biological functions, so use your best judgment). Ask your students to observe the behavior and experiences of the Clune, Glenn, and Brooks families, and to write a persuasive essay detailing why they think one of the families was chosen, based on the information and research gathered in this lesson.

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