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School's open!

Here are some of the students' responses to your questions.

Kids' responses to questions asked by the high school students in Christianburg, VA.

Q. What sort of grains are you growing?
A. Not growing any grains.

Q. Do you pasteurize milk.
A. No.

Q. Do you ever get time to play.
A. Very seldom.

Q. Do you ever have breaks from working?
A. Meals, school, and occasionally at other times.

Q. What are the hardest things to do?
A. Get up early in the morning, and eating the food we have available.

Q. Do you catch your own food?
A. No, we don't have to. But we can fish and hunt small game.

Q. Was this your parents' idea or did you have a say in the plan?
A. Tracy says she chose to go to be with Aine, who would have otherwise been the only girl in the Clune household. Erin and Logan say that they were really in on the plan and wanted to go.

Q. How does lard taste?
A. Its worse than margarine and vegetable shortening. We can believe "it's not butter."

Q. Is life in 1883 a better life with less stress?
A. The children agree that the mental stress is easier, but the physical stress is harder.

Q. Are you learning things that have changed your life?
A. Yes. We no longer take things for granted, and we are more able to take care of ourselves.

This is a response to a viewer who asked Mark Glenn how he was doing from a medical perspective.

Dear Viewer,
Thanks for your email and your interest in the project. On the question of overall physical health, we were all recently weighed and measured by the medical director for the project. He found, according to the Body Mass Index that we were all in excellent health.

Concerning hygiene, the project installed water purification units that are based on period designs from the early 19th century, and the water is tested periodically, and we also add chlorine to the water as an extra precaution. There is also an EMT just off site, 24 hours per day, but fortunately, they've only had to deal with minor things, like blisters, etc. There is also a life flight helicopter on alert in the area for emergencies. Outside of filming, we are contacted bi-weekly and can discuss any problems we might be having. The drought in the area has caused some safety concerns because of fire, but overall I have been extremely impressed with the preparedness of the production crew, the consultants, and the support staff in answering and responding to the needs and concerns of the participants, as well as the animals involved in the production.

Once again, thanks for your interest,

Mark Glenn

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