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Week 10: August 16, 2001
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Gordon Clune
  Gordon Clune and his horse. Read his profile.

Update from the field:
Simon Shaw, Series Producer

Doctors on the frontier were as rare as hen's teeth. Charging $1.00 per mile travelled for work, they were prohibitively expensive for most homesteaders to afford. But last week the local doctor came to Frontier Valley. Halfway through our project, it seemed a good moment for him to take stock of our families and their general well-being. Three months of ax wielding, scything mountains of hay, and building cabins has been a brutal workout, far from the gentle exertions of our families' lives in the twenty-first century.

"Am I healthy, doctor? Look at how much weight I've lost!" was the standard refrain. Indeed, all the men on the project have shrunk before our eyes. Trousers that were trim in May now hang loosely around their waists, gathered in by string belts. After weighing the men, the findings were revealing. Gordon and Nate, in just three months, have both lost 25 pounds; meanwhile Mark is a shadow of his former self, now 30 pounds trimmer. "You look lean and mean to me," said the doctor, after comparing them with their original weights. "I'd say you've never been healthier."


Gordon's physique is most telling. He's shrunk from a 37-inch waist to a 31-inch waist.
-- Simon Shaw, Series Producer

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Gordon fixes shoes. Read his profile.
Gordon talks about work on Frontier Valley.

The Way it was

From calculations of body mass index (a polite term for you personal fat quota), we've discovered that two of our participants had been in the overweight or obese category before starting their frontier lives. "It's a disturbing fact, but thirty percent of the U.S. population is overweight, tending to obesity. I'd say your folk have really benefited from this experience," says the doctor. "Only thing is, will they keep it up when they get home?"

Gordon's physique is most telling. He's shrunk from a 37-inch waist to a 31-inch waist. Yet the breadth of his shoulders has increased, a sign of muscle growth. "What am I going to do when I get home?" he asks. "I have dozens of suits, but not one of them is going to fit me." Only time will tell.

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