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Week 14: September 28, 2001
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Mark's Hands
  Mark's fingers.

Responding to Tragedy
Many visitors to our site have inquired as to whether or not the families of Frontier Valley are aware of the recent acts of terrorism in the U.S. They are. While the families still have not had access to TV, radio, or most other media, due to the magnitude of the events, they were given the local newspapers following the attacks. Like so many of us, they are struggling to cope with the tragedy.

Read Gordon Clune's response to the tragedy of September 11.

Update from the field:
Micah Fink, Field producer

Mark Glenn, looking weathered and a bit worn, holds up his hands and shows three fingers covered with surgical tape. He'd just had a visit from the project's emergency medical technician. "I did a little surgery on my little finger a few nights ago," he says, "but it didn't seem to work."

A week earlier, he had been working on his root cellar when a splinter of wood broke off, cut through his leather glove, and lodged itself deep


"It's one thing to keep things clean around here, but it's impossible to keep anything sterile."

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Karen Glenn and her Spring box. Read her profile.
Karen on privacy on the frontier.

School's Open

in his little finger. It didn't seem like too big a deal at the time, he recalls, but the finger didn't heal and after a few days had swollen to twice its normal size. "It's one thing to keep things clean around here, but it's impossible to keep anything sterile," says Mark. "There is just no way." The finger was painful and got in the way of work, so he decided to try to fix it himself. He sterilized his pocket knife over a flame, and lanced the wound. It drained, he says, but the finger refused to improve. "I knew it was serious," he says, "but I work with my hands every day, and I couldn't stop to let it rest or heal."

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