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Week 4
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Wagon train and cabin
  A view of the homestead.

Update from the field:
Nick Brown, Director

Settlers in 1883 would have taken weeks -- months even -- to arrive at their homesteads. We only walked two days, but the arrival had tremendous impact on all of us just the same. The real "magic moment" happened when we rose the crest of a long hill, and suddenly had a view into the valley that was to be the families' home.

A hush fell over the group, and for the first time since the families had been together, they seemed at peace. We watched clouds blow just over our heads and drift into the cul-de-sac of mountains that contained the sites of three homesteads. It was a view that was bigger than all of us.

When we actually reached the first homestead, the wagons pulled in front of the Glenn family's cabin -- meant to be an abandoned miners cabin. The Glenn family knew then that they were kings of the hill, because they had a roof. Arriving at the Clunes' site, I remember Adrienne Clune standing in her cabin site and weeping for joy.


"A hush fell over the group, and for the first time since the families had been together, they seemed at peace."

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The Way it was

Personally, I was so focused on my work that I did not realize what a tremendous achievement it was to arrive at the land -- it represented months of work for many of us. Finally, all the talking about abstract ideas was at an end. We could see this gigantic and humbling experiment unfold for real. "I'm just so incredibly happy," she said. Only a week later, I would see her weeping for grief in that same spot.

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