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Discussion Groups

Please print this form and return it by mail or fax to: Ann Mauze, Director of Outreach by fax: 212-560-6992, or by mail: Ann Mauze, Director of Outreach, Thirteen/WNET, 356 West 58th Street, New York, New York 10019.

wNetStation is not collecting these evaluation forms via the Internet.

Outreach Report
Individual Evaluation




What was your initial reaction regarding the Genesis series?

Do you have comments about the programs?

Did you participate in a discussion group?

Did you watch the series alone or with others?

How did you become involved with your discussion group? Did you go through your local PBS Station, Interfaith Council, church, synagogue, mosque, friends or colleagues?

How many people were in your discussion group on the average?

How often did the discussion group meet?

Did you make it a social gathering? For example, some people met at a picnic or a coffee house to discuss with their discussion groups. Did you do anything creative like that? Was there a group leader?

Did he/she emerge or was this the person that put the group together?

What were some of the resource materials used?

Did the Resource Guide help you?


What were some of the interesting dialogue developments?

Were there differences or similarities between different ethnic groups/religions discussed that may enhance communications between groups and individuals? What were some of the themes discussed?

Did everyone actively participate?

Did you find yourself actively participating?

Did all participants fully listen to everyone else?

What did you learn from people with different ethnic backgrounds and religions?


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