About Great Performances


Great Performances is America’s longest-running and most prestigious television series devoted to the performing arts, produced for PBS by THIRTEEN Productions LLC in association with WNET New York Public Media.

With 2013-14 marking its 41st season on PBS, Great Performances (along with its sub-series Great Performances at The Met) brings the best in the performing arts from across America and around the world to a US television audience. The only continuing primetime performance showcase on American television, Great Performances develops, produces, co-produces and acquires a diverse programming portfolio of classical music, opera, popular song, musical theater, dance, drama, and performance documentaries. Regardless of geographic or economic limitations, Great Performances insures its audiences “the best seats in the house” with a roster of artists and performing arts companies representing a “Who’s Who” of excellence and virtuosity in the international performing arts.

With funding from the Exxon Corporation, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and public television stations, Thirteen launched Theater in America under Executive producer Jac Venza in 1972; this was the first component of the series that would come to be known as Great Performances. In May 2008, David Horn was appointed as Great Performances’ Executive Producer. Mentored by Mr. Venza, Mr. Horn brings 35 years of experience to the position, and has served as Series Producer for Music since 1986. Supported by his seasoned perspective on the process of funding, developing and producing a wide variety of performing arts programs, Mr. Horn’s mandate is to bring a new energy to Great Performances’ national programming activity.

Thirteen/WNET New York is one of the key program providers for public television, bringing such acclaimed series as GREAT PERFORMANCES, NATURE, AMERICAN MASTERS, CHARLIE ROSE, RELIGION & ETHICS, NEWSWEEKLY, WIDE ANGLE, and CYBERCHASE—as well as the work of Bill Moyers—to audiences nationwide. As the flagship public broadcaster in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metro area, Thirteen reaches millions of viewers each week, airing the best of American public television along with its own local productions such as The Ethnic Heritage Specials, The New York Walking Tours, and Reel New York—and reaching vast new audiences through its MetroArts/Thirteen cable arts programming. With educational and community outreach projects that enhance the value of its productions, Thirteen takes television “out of the box.” And as broadcast and digital media converge, Thirteen is blazing trails in the creation of Web sites, CD-ROMS, educational software, and other cutting edge media products. More information about THIRTEEN can be found at www.thirteen.org.