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  • sally ross

    I thought the program ‘Dr. Atomic’ was absolutely aBOMBinable. Why would anyone want to make a ‘musical’ of the story about the history of the first atomic bomb? I also thought the staging, though interesting, was rediculous and the words to ‘music’ awful. The voices were good but the content deplorable. I managed to catch the end with “give us water” and “help us”. Is this some sort of commentary on the U.S. decision to end WWII and reduce our casualties? I’m glad I didn’t waste time watching the whole thing. Don’t expect me to donate to this type of production or your next- musical of the Holocaust.

  • Prof. Michael Coyan

    After twenty years I have watched my last New Years concert from Vienna. Daniel Barenboim looked as though he’d slept in his clothes and conducted in a coma-like style. Julie Andrews exuded the warmth of a cast iron lamp post. I loved hearing about HER career, HER life – that is when we were not getting lectured as though we were school children. Can anyone in Austria actually WALTZ? No more ballet to Strauss PLEASE!!! And as for the “nymph-children” whose community theatre-like antics ruined The Blue Danube Waltz..spare us! Herbert von Karajan dead, and Walter Cronkite at 93 were better. From now on its’ NPR’s broadcast for me.

  • Felicia

    In 1991, Great Performances aired George C. Wolfe’s The Colored Museum. Since that time, I have not been able to find a copy for purchase. Would anyone know where I could purchase this production?

  • Stephen Pettine

    This comment is quite late in coming re Previn’s “Streetcar,” but I must make it or bust:
    The opera is basically monotonous monotone, except perhaps to a musicologist who would state otherwise. Too, one of the most dramatic moments of impending doom happens when Blanche opens the door upon an omninous figure calling out, “Flores para los muertos”; yet Previn simply slurrs over the moment with that same droning music as before. Even that masterful soprano Renee Flemming came accross as thin and tinny in timbre. To wit: Ah, pooh!

  • Gary

    Wednesday, April 15, 8:00pm
    A production of Gaetano Donizetti’s “Lucia di Lammermoor.” WHAT HAPPENED/

  • I. Schneider

    A breathtaking performance of Lucia di Lammermoor.
    Do you have a Great Performance-Opera Schedule for 2009. Thanx PBS



  • Amanda

    I love that PBS shows all these performances however I am quite annoyed that they only release a few of them to dvd. I have been looking for the 1998 Twelfth Night since it was first shown and cannot find a copy anywhere. If taped if please email me

  • John Liljestrand

    We enjoyed the program “Hit Man” very much. We would like more programs with Joosh Groban. PBS has filmed a least two of his concerts, maybe you could show them. Thank you

  • joy

    PLEASE PLEASE broadcast “Chess in Concert” in Los Angeles!!!!!

  • Robert Laird

    What horrible thing has happened to the audio (the broadcast sound) of the last several Met broadcasts? Compared to Live at Lincoln Center, the Met now sounds constricted, nasal, and weirdly balanced left to right. There’s a hollow resonance to everything, like a massive phase problem. Sounds like two tin cans on a wet string, almost. A great disappointment, and the sort of Emperor’s New Clothes thing that happens (I’m just guessing) when money is spent to ‘improve’ sound and no one wants to admit how badly things turned out.

  • rosalind

    I also watched George Wolfe play The Colored Museum and have been telling anybody and everybody about the play. I was hoping to see it again but it never came back on, so I have been searching the Web for the DVD, can someone help me in locating the the play on DVD. The one that was shown on WHUT about 11:00 or 12:00 at night. Feb 1, 1991. IT WAS EXCELLANT. I loved the one about the airplane instead of a slave ship.

  • Diane Sprung

    to ETV: please, please please– as a member and supporter of ETV, how can I becheach you to re-run Peter Martins’ “Romeo and Juliet?” We only saw half of it and would love to see the entire program. How else can we get our SC children interested and learn about the classics? thank you, Diane

  • Pam G

    I am also looking for a way to purchase of the the play “The Colored Museum” by George C wolfe. I need this for my Black women’s studies group to view, we have read the play, we want more. Please Help someone.

  • Gwen

    Like other viewers, I too would love to get a copy of George C. Wolfe’ Colored Museum for my personal library. Please contact me with details on how to purchase. Thank you.

  • barbara

    1-2 months ago watched public TV 13 on Sat.evening, they had a young man playing violin, can anyone help me with the name of this person, I really enjoyed it and would like to get CD if possible. Thank you.

  • Akilah Walker

    I am DESPERATELY seeking a copy of the 1991 Performance of “The Colored Museum” to purchase on DVD or VHS… I am currently in rehearsal for this play and our cast needs more to help us with our production. Please contact me on how i can purchase a copy.

  • Harrison

    Dear Great Performances and Thirteen WNET New York,

    Your web site for Great Performances is fantastic. I try to come to your web site often. Hope you’re doing well.

  • david ernst

    Dear Barbara,
    The “young man” you saw play was most likely the American violinist, Joshua Bell on PBS’s Live From Lincoln Center program. We hope you keep an eye out for GREAT PERFORMANCES in the future.

  • David

    I am in the process of viewing the PBS program of Renee with Dimtri Hvorostovsky in Russia. (Stated to be LIVE – but, doubtful)

    I have never been more disgusted by the Americanization and musical bastardization of repertoire in a long time.

    Renee – seemingly – was on a microphone: heaven knows he did NOT need one.

    Other than for “Public Relations” (both for National reasons and for ‘PR’/bull crap reasons) why was it slated for Ms. Fleming to sing Russian Repertoire? – - she sounded absolutely awful. Granted the performance spaces were not air conditioned (we spoiled Americans) but being in full costume at the Met isn’t any different in feel. Ms. Fleming looked ragged: off-the-shoulder dress was not becoming, the more-than-obvious tan lines certainly weren’t Russian appealing, and she acted (in fact over-acted) as if she were under the influence.

    Ms. Fleming may be “on the top of her game” in the United States (a matter of some opinion) but this was nothing more than a publicity stunt: sacrificing artistry for TV.

    The”solo” material was obviously programmed to try and re-capture the universal image of Ms. Fleming that was destroyed in this special.

    I have sent these comments to PBS (America, obviously) as well – - and they want monies for this crap . . . . . NOT!

    Put your best foot forward in the future – - do NOT sacrifice the music for the money.

    David Comer

  • Phillip Page

    I was trying to find a listing of upcoming Live from the Met performances and see nothing. I have posted this question here before, got no answer, and do not see it in the feedback. What gives with either the feedback system or the lack of information. If you don’t know (hard to imagine) please just say so. Thanks. Phillip Page

  • Robert White

    The first two dates for the new season are all I’ve been able to find so far: January 5 begins the run of Don Pasquale (5 opportunities to see it in the metro NYC are; February 12 begins the run of Boris Godunov with Pape. I could find no other dates except that the plan is to show on the first Wednesday of every month (though 2/12/11 doesn’t count as the first). I’m expecting the Rheingold will be delayed slightly, but we’ll go to Don Carlo in March, Fanciulla in April, RHeingold in May, Nixon in China in June, Iphigenie in July, Lucia in August,, etc.

  • Pete

    If you’re still listening (and reading) Robert, and a cable or satellite subscriber,it may be your provider’s fault. All cable and satellite providers compress their feeds and sometimes they affect quality noticeably.

  • Pete

    I,too miss Walter Cronkite as host and commentator for the New Year’s Concert from Vienna. I loved Julie Andrews as his replacement but this year they replaced her with news reporter Paula Zahn. Absolutely terrible;many mispronunciations and the delivery of a football announcer.
    NPR is my choice,too.

  • Teri Bohl

    I have to completely agree w/you. I LOVE that version of “Twelfth Night”. I was and am very sad/disappointed that they do not have it available to purchase. If anyone knows how to get a copy, I would be interested as well.

  • Stuart Goldstein

    Trying to get information on this site about upcoming GP broadcast schedules in NYC is like trying to get blood out of a stone.

  • Austin Pearce

    Her husband was ill. That is why she was replaced.

  • Nicole Yeates

    I’ve been looking for it for years as well. Has anyone found it?

  • Pr. S. Blake Duncan

    I completely disagree. I saw Dr. Atomic when it was broadcast live from the Met and I felt that it was a powerful and profound work. Great art does not just make us feel good. It should raise questions and challenge us. This work does this. It is Adams’ finest work in my view.

  • Sandy

    My husband and I were enjoying the September 11th performance by the New York Philharmonic of Mahler’s Second Symphony last night. Excellent programming and so very timely. We were horrified when, with 6-7 minutes – the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE SYMPHONY!!! – wttw cut away to different programming…!!!

    I mean, really?!?

    We could not stop laughing, it was about the worst truncation of a show I have ever witnessed. Worse than any sporting event or news coverage. At least then you could turn to another channel to get the outcome.

    Shame on you, PBS and wttw. Just ridiculous.

  • colin fitzpatrick

    Hi Sandy -

    The full broadcast version of the concert is now online, so you can catch the parts that got cut off from your local station’s broadcast.

    Thank you for watching Great Performances.

  • Austin Pearce

    I would love it if the Broadway production of Wicked was recorded for Great Performances. It seems tailor-made for Great Performances. It should be recorded over two performances. I would be very grateful.

  • Josephine Shaffer

    Jackie Evancho i agree she does a great performances, and i like that.

  • Alyson

    Me too! I’d taped it back in ‘98 and my parents threw it out. LOVED this version, and now that I’m a teacher, I really wish I still had it.

  • Shell Sutton

    I loved your telecast of Memphis, which really felt like I was at the show. But I have no idea why you went and bleeped several lines of the dialog throughout the show. At the end the producer said he wanted us to get the full experience. Well sitting at home listening to the audience laugh at an off color rmark that was bleeped takes away from the enjoyment.

  • TinaTsu

    PLEASE ADVERTISE THESE EPISODES MORE!!!! I can not tell you how many times I happen to turn on PBS and catch the last 1hr of a Great Performance episode, having NOT known at all that it would air. I watch PBS VERY VERY often and rarely see any commercials or promotions for GP–so annoying!

    I completely missed Memphis and the encore!

  • david ernst

    Dear Tina,

    We’re sorry that you missed our broadcast of Memphis. Although it’s true that PBS television advertising is extremely limited, at GREAT PERFORMANCES we do our best to post all episode information on our website around 2 weeks before a program’s air date. The nature of music rights and clearances combined with longer show lengths make it a more difficult program to schedule. We promise that we post all program information as soon as it has been finalized.

    We suggest that you “Like” us on Facebook where we can respond more quickly to viewer input.

    Thank you for your comment.

    GP Team

  • david ernst

    Dear Shell,

    We are required by the FCC to bleep or drop any FCC actionable language and in most cases these are common swear words. We hope that your enjoyment of Memphis wasn’t diminished too much!

    Thank you for your comment.

    GP Team

  • howard green

    re Tina Tsu request for more promo for GP episodes.

    How about an old fashion Listserv mailing list for the two different streams of GPs — one for General performances and one forGP at the Met. A Closed (no unauthorized postings) distribution with open subscription would allow us to enroll with limited staff effort, once established. Old fashion, but effective.

    While local times vary by station, The National Satellite Feed is a clue to be alert for local sheduling

  • Austin Pearce

    When will Richard II, Henry IV Parts 1 and 2, and Henry V premiere on Great Performances?

  • Austin Pearce

    When will the 2012-2013 season of Great Performances be announced?

  • david ernst

    Hi Austin,

    The Divine Right has not yet been scheduled by PBS, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon it has an airdate.

    Thank you for your question.

  • david ernst

    Hi Austin,

    Our seasons roughly begin in September and go until August. So in all likelihood (though subject to change) our new season is usually announced in late August to September.

    Thank you for your question.

  • Karen

    Come on PBS, people have been asking for this for years. It is all over the internet. Let’s release this on DVD already.

  • Austin Pearce

    How can I make suggestions for future programming on Great Performances?

  • Mr. Z


    I’m a viewer from all the way from up yonder in Canada and I just ADORE Great Performances, ESP. the Great Performances at the Met, which is simply the best thing I have ever discovered on T.V. Thank you first of all for bringing these amazing programs to the small screen!!

    However, I have a concern/question/comment about the “schedule” link on this website ( I can enter a zip code and search for future programs for Great Performances, but when I search for future Great Performances at the Met programs, nothing shows up and I cannot enter anything. This happens in IE, Firefox, AND Chrome and I’m on Windows 7 with (to my knowledge) updated software.

    Also, I would really appreciate if for the schedule search, one were able to search by state in addition to zip code since I don’t have a zip code and need to search by state for relevant schedule info.

    Would really appreciate if somehow these issues could be addressed! Thanks again from a very happy (and regular) viewer! :)

  • david ernst

    We’re looking into the issue on the GP @ The Met schedule widget and we’ll have it back up and running as soon as possible. You can also search by state if you need to, just click the “location” link under “Edit Settings.”

    Hope this info helps. And we’ll let everyone know here when the GP @ The Met schedule widget is back up.

    Thank you for watching Great Performances and Great Performances at the Met!

    UPDATE: GP @ the Met Schedule widget is now up and running. 10:46 ET – 5/15/12

  • Arturo Schnarr

    It’s the second time when i’ve seen your site. I can see lots of hard work has gone in to it. It’s really good.

  • Daniel

    PLEASE release Twelfth Night on DVD, PBS!

  • designartwork

    Thanks for this! So this came in VERY handy!! So glad you decided to post this

  • Marie

    Please get Paula Zahn to stop her horrible narrating style.

  • Paula Millimaki

    This is a great resource. Thanks for your compilation.

  • Kat

    Same thing – taped “Twelfth Night” (1998) on VHS, parents threw it out in college. Please, please release it on DVD!

  • Frances Brucks

    Pretty good! Just forwarded it to a friend at NASA. He may well already have seen it but if not, he’s sure to be entertained.

  • Katelyn

    Any update on when The Divine Right (The Hollow Crown – Richard II, Henry IV pts 1 & 2, Henry V) will air? Thanks!

  • Lean Roylance

    First reaction….Speechless!!!!!!!!!!!! waking up from state of shock now!!!!!!!!!!!!!AMAZING selection of music and love those tapes man..nothing but memories!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    I absolutely LOVE Great Performances!

    Keep it coming please!

    and yes I am also looking forward to The Divine Right, please air it soon.


  • E. McKee

    Wondering when The Divine Right (the UK’s The Hollow Crown) will be aired? I couldn’t find any mention of it in the schedule.


  • An Rautenberg

    So, like usual I go to Wikipedia to decipher the curious animal you’ve chosen us to focus on for the next six months…and this time I’m still confused.

  • Leonard Jaffe

    Please let me know how I can buy a copy of the program, Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy.

    It is great!!!

  • Gurnell

    I’m still looking. I’ve been looking since 1986 when it first aired.

  • Robert Janke

    Having enjoyed, and it seems a lot of others have also enjoyed Jacki Evancho Great Performance Concerts. Why is there no 2013 concert scheduled?

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  • Cheryl Wilson

    Hi,whyis it taking so long to air The Divine Right? please show it Thankyou

  • Katelyn R.


    I am really looking foward to seeing The Hollow Crown/The Divine Right! When can we expect to find out the air dates?

    Also, will it be aired as The Divine Right or as The Hollow Crown? I noticed on the season schedule it is listed as The Hollow Crown rather than The Divine Right.

    Thank you!

  • david ernst

    Dear Robert,

    We’re glad you enjoyed our specials Dream With Me and Music of the Movies featuring Jackie Evancho. For our 2012-13 season, we do not have plans to televise a concert special with Ms. Evancho, but of course, we are most certainly open to working with her in the future.
    Thanks for your question.

    GP Team

  • kim

    Dear Katelyn: Did you ever get a reply on when The Hollow Crown/Divine Right might air? I, too, am anxiously awaiting it!

  • david ernst

    Dear Kim,

    The Hollow Crown has not yet been scheduled but is planned to air sometime this fall. We promise we’ll announce the airdate here on our website, Facebook page, and via twitter as soon as it’s confirmed. So stay tuned this fall!

    Thanks for your interest!

  • Robert Janke

    Well and good but it seems to me that her concerts raised a significant amount of money during pledge week.

  • Frank Schweitzer

    Just saw part of ” Broadway Musicals” today, 3/1/13. Then saw your email. were you able to get access to the video ? I would love to download , order DVD or get it by other means. I love what I saw of it (30 min.) A great piece of Americana.

    Thanking you in advance, Leonard


  • Michal Lendo

    Oh my goodness! an amazing piece. Thank you!

  • Tiffany

    I can’t wait! I just learned about it yesterday and wondered if I missed it airing in the U.S. So glad I didn’t!

  • Regenia Duzan

    I thought the program Dr. Atomic’ was absolutely aBOMBinable. Why would anyone want to make a musical’ of the story about the history of the first atomic bomb? I also thought the staging, though interesting, was rediculous and the words to music’ awful. The voices were good but the content deplorable. I managed to catch the end with “give us water” and “help us”. Is this some sort of commentary on the U.S. decision to end WWII and reduce our casualties? I’m glad I didn’t waste time watching the whole thing. Don’t expect me to donate to this type of production or your next- musical of the Holocaust.

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