In Memoriam
Walter Cronkite

“Walter Cronkite loved music and dancing, which is why he jumped  at the opportunity to return to Vienna in1984–where he had been stationed  as a correspondent following World War II–to host the 1985 Vienna  Philharmonic’s New Year’s Day Concert.  For nearly a quarter of a  century, he created a tradition on PBS of ushering in the New Year with  the festive waltzes, polkas and marches of the Strauss family. All of us at GREAT PERFORMANCES will miss watching Walter and his beloved wife  Betsy as they danced to the strains of the Blue Danube when the clock  struck midnight.” — David Horn, Executive Producer for GREAT PERFORMANCES.

See the complete statement from WNET.ORG on Walter Cronkite’s life and career with Public Television here.

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