Jackie Evancho To Record PBS Special for GREAT PERFORMANCES

Twelve-year-old classical crossover prodigy Jackie Evancho will record a new GREAT PERFORMANCES special in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theater on June 13.  Jackie Evancho: Music of the Movies will feature Jackie singing arrangements of favorite songs from the movies (the full set list is below.)  Jackie will release an album of movie songs this fall.

Jackie Evancho got her big break at just 10 years old as a contestant on America’s Got Talent, where the break out star finished in second place.  Her first release for Columbia Records, a Christmas EP titled O Holy Night, was certified Platinum and earned  Jackie the distinction of being the top-selling debut artist in 2010 as well as the youngest solo artist ever to go platinum and debut in the Top 10.  In 2011 she released Dream With Me, her debut major label full-length.  Dream With Me was produced by the legendary David Foster, and debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart and is certified Gold.  She recorded Dream With Me In Concert for GREAT PERFORMANCES in 2011, and the special rapidly became one of PBS’ most broadcast programs of the year.

Jackie Evancho Live Set List:

  • What A Wonderful World // Good Morning, Vietnam
  • Some Enchanted Evening // South Pacific
  • Cinema Paradiso // Love Theme
  • When I Fall In Love // Sleepless In Seattle
  • The Music Of The Night // Phantom
  • Pure Imagination // Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
  • The Summer Knows // Summer of 42
  • Come What May // Moulin Rouge
  • My Heart Will Go On // Titanic
  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight // The Lion King
  • Reflection // Mulan
  • I See The Light // Tangled
  • Sam

    The song “Pure Imagination” is from the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”, not the 2005 film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, Interestingly, Peter Ostrum, who played Charlie in the 1971 film, is an animal lover like Jackie and later became a veterinarian.

  • Jim

    Sam’s right. It is indeed from the 1971 version of the movie, not the 2005 version. I am sure that Jackie will do a perfect job on that number. I am looking forward to it..

  • david ernst

    Dear Sam and Jim,

    We corrected the error above. Thanks for your help. We hope you stay tuned for the show!

    GP Team

  • Sam

    Thanks, David.

    Can you tell us more about the first PBS special, Dream With Me In Concert? In particular, can you confirm that Jackie was the youngest person ever to have a PBS special, and that it was the most broadcast PBS special of 2011 (or ever?) Can you give more information about when and where it was broadcast, and how many times?

    Many thanks for any information.

  • Edward Traxler

    Wonderful. In response to Sam’s question about her first PBS special .. at least .. I can’t off-hand think of another person who will have two PBS specials by the time she was 12-years old1 :)

  • PG Antioch


    Connie Talbot was younger when she had a PBS special, but Jackie’s the youngest to have a (more prestigious) Great Performances special.

    Jackie’s fans understand that her PBS GP’s special last year broke fundraising records all over the country, so that it became perhaps the most successful single show in that regard in PBS’ history. Is this true?

  • david ernst

    Dear Jackie fans,

    Although we are very proud of Dream With Me In Concert and its success, it was and is not the most successful single show in PBS’ history.

    We hope you stay tuned for this upcoming special.

  • Wendy Darling

    I realize that the song list is set, and that the people of PBS may not have any input on this matter – but here goes. Judy Garland performed as a child at the Orpheum in 1933, as part of the Gumm Sisters. June 10, 2012, would have been Judy’s 90th birthday. I think it would be a wonderful tribute to Judy if Jackie could perform a Judy Garland classic. They both are known for grown-up voices coming out of little girl bodies.

  • Donna

    I heard a soundtrack of Promises, Promises from the late ’60s starring the late Jerry Orbach. I could hear each and every word clearly, so if I didn’t know a particular song, I could still enjoy its lyric. It was breathtaking. I hope that as this lovely young woman’s voice evolves, she learns such elegant diction because some of the songs on the playlist above contain some of the most moving words ever applied to musi and we all want to hear them. Break a leg, Jackie.

  • bob larson

    Jackie’s voice getting more pure every day, and I wish they would tell us when this will be on tv.

  • John Frassinelli

    I heard Jackie sing in Alpharetta, Georgia just a few days ago. How pure and strong her voice is! We are blessed to be present as she develops; it’s very exciting. Thanks, PBS!

  • Lawrence Ng

    I’m excited that Jackie is singing “I See The Light // Tangled”. It’s probably my favorite Disney film! When is this airing on PBS?

  • G.I Steph

    Oh my god!

    Basically all my favourite songs of all time from movies are on that list! And the one person who I’ve wanted to hear sing those songs is Jackie!
    Someone clearly has very good taste!

  • Adele Morley

    Hi, I can’t wait to see it on TV. Please tell us when it will air. I watched her Dream WIth Me every time it came on, bought the DVD. Love her voice. Good luck Jackie..PS..thanks for singing at Canada’s Got Talent, hope you had fun in our beautiful country & will return.

  • Chris L


    I am a foreigner (Australian) and was wondering whether there are any PBS channels that might be livestreaming this productions when its start to go on air?


  • richard nicoletti

    Hi, I saw Jackie in Newark June 8th. She had a cold, but you wouldn’t know it. Her voice filled a rather large auditorium easily.

  • Valinda Fitzhugh

    I’ve been eagerly anticipating this new release, and am anxious to get a copy. I’ve have been following Jackie since she was first on America’s Got Talent. What a precious person she is, and with a voice like none other. I’m so happy for her, God has truly equipped her with an incredible talent along with many other blessings.

  • Jim Stover

    This is one album I cant waite to get every song is on my favorites list.

  • eddie ropear

    will the june 13th special be broadcasted on tv and if so wat date,i dont want to miss it

  • 67Bill

    Great song list, but I miss some of the Broadway show classics from Soiuth Pacific, My Fair Lady, Oklahoma, etc.

  • Wes McCulloch

    Just change the name from ” Great Performances” to “Magnificent Performances.” The kid gives her first official professionally-done concert and she challenges the world’s greatest tenors, Her first Christmas CD eclipses Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas,” and Lady Gaga fears for her chart life against a classical CD with “Dream with Me.” This is like saying that Mozart was a talented kid.

  • Kim Lariviere

    Jackie’s performance last night lasted over 2 hours for the taping…She sang with The Canadian Tenors, and her brother Jacob…you will be thrilled when you see the performance…. :)

  • Darrell Lawrence

    I will also like to know when it will be aired. I really want to see that because I am looking forward to seeing it.

  • Daniel Lopez

    Magnificent, deeply moving, warmly overwhelming are just three of the expressions barely fit to describe the experience of hearing Jackie sing!! One can’t help weeping and laughing at the same time when she speaks. And her smile can melt hearts of stone! Can’t wait to experience this new PBS special. Thank you PBS in advance for preparing yet another Great Performance, which I’m sure will raise the bar for great performers around the world!

  • ronaldlarson

    Waiting for PBS to air Jackies performance and to hopfully let us get HER recordings on tapes as soon as She or they can get them out to us her fans..Love you jackie and you bring so much too us. Every time I see people watching and hearing you sing there are tears of love in their eyes. Love you and love to see your Family alongside you.

  • Tunanorth

    I attended the recent taping Jackie’s upcoming PBS “Great Performances” at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. Had great seats.
    The theater itself is fully restored to 1920’s opulence, and the professionalism of the PBS technical crew is excellent.
    Some great instrumental talent was also assembled in the orchestra and band, and the veteran producers have worked with Celine, Barbra, you name it.
    Those who already know Jackie and her talent will be delighted beyond even what you have come to expect from her. She’s grown larger of course, with a commensurate increase in power, and her lower register is much improved, as is her stage presence.
    In fact, her stage presence is so phenomenal, Jackie is also the MC of her own show this time.
    For those who have not seen Jackie perform yet, this is a voice for the ages; easily on par with the greatest singing talents of the past two centuries.
    Do not miss it!

  • donald ciciarelli

    How can we find out when Jackie Evancho’s special will be aired on PBS. I recently saw her performance in Russia. WOW! She knocked it right out of the ballpark. What a future this young lady is going to have She is so professional with such a mature voice when she sings and then after her performance, she goes back to being a 12yr old and giggles. You’ve got to love it. So, please post when it will be aired.

  • Darrell Lawrence

    I think Jackie’s performance (AKA Wonderful) will be airing on PBS in August. It will be a tv special. Can’t wait to see it. I am counting down the days lol. I hope that her new cd comes out on the same day as my BDay. The 29th. :-)

  • donald ciciarelli

    Thanks for that info. I’ll be checking for it.

  • Ed Modica

    This young lady’s angelic voice and stage presence continue to amaze me. Her new CD will, undoubtedly, be another big hit! God bless the young lady that He sent to entertain us. Love you, Jackie! Keep up your fine work!

  • Len Phillips

    Why not take pre-release orders for this next album? I’m certainly willing to place an order now! The public can’t get enough of Jackie! And I do mean the World public! What a prodigy! What a gift to all of us!

  • Dan DeBoer

    Check your local PBS stations for scheduled air dates. KQED in SF starts on 8/11. Hopefully there’ll by a dvd available from PBS followed by a cd from Sony. I’ll buy both (maybe several copies for gifts). Hope the cd goes platinum, Jackie deserves it.

  • Bob Sabatino

    I too have followed this girls career since AGT, and Sharon Osborne hit the nail on the head in predicting the future of Jackie Evancho. She is now a world class act. Everytime I see and hear a performance by her on YouTube I think each one is the best, but then she tops the last one, so I imagine this new PBS special will top them all. She just keeps getting better and better, if that’s at all possible. I am 75 years old and never have been a die hard fan for any singer, including Elvis! But this girl has turned me into a groupie, can’t get enough of her singing. Please Lord, let me last until August!!!

  • John Frassinelli

    Right you are, Mr. Bob! May God bless you.

  • Charles Hoff

    At this time “Great Performances featuring Jackie Evancho — Music of the Movies” is scheduled to air at the below dates and times on PBS SoCaL.

    Saturday 8/11/12 8pm
    Tuesday 8/14/12 8:30pm
    Saturday 8/18/12 5:30pm

    Schedules are subject to change and for the most up to date information please visit http://www.pbssocal.org.

  • DP Cyr

    Hi 67Bill, Guess you overlooked “Some Enchanted Evening” from “South Pacific” on the list. I agree that there are
    countless other songs Jackie will “WOW” us with, and make her own. In due time, I’m sure she will cover most of them for us. I can’t wait for this PBS Special and the CD.

  • JIm Beszhak

    I couldn’t agree more with your statement. It would have been nice to have a Judy Garland song as a part of the concert. Nice choice.

  • Kris Wuenstel

    Jackie is the first singer to ever affect me the way she has…from her very first performance on AGT, I was blown away by her courage to get on stage and keep her nerves under control. She absolutely thrives onstage…she’s somehow learned to use those nerves to her advantage. It’s uncanny and almost inexplicable. Having such a loving, supportive family structure, along with obviously being taught politeness and manners, has served her well, and will continue to serve her well if she stays grounded. Her interviews are just as enjoyable to watch because she is SO polite and patient…a very humble little girl who’s having the time of her life!

  • bob bartko

    To all the wonderful people above, RIGHT ON Jackie has changed my life. My love and appreciation of her will never end. Being 70 years old, I too hope to last to enjoy as long as possible. God keep her safe.

  • dennis stevens

    kris is right…”uncanny and inexplicable”…she’s mesmerizing. I,too, am in that 70 group.

  • garet Hartshorn

    I live in Atlanta, what is the schedule for the airing of the show? Her preview was simply wonderful. I have all her recordings and they moved me emotionally. The little one has great talent and a closeness to her fans that seems to be so personal. She is simply amazing and what a gift God has given humanity.

  • Russell Boerner

    Dear Great & Wondrous PBS ~~

    Can you tell me how to recieve Jackie’s brodcasts and also how to buy her recordings online? I’m nearly 80 now and hope to hear more of this incredible, angelic voice before it’s too late for me.

    Thank you for all you’ve done and all I’m sure you will do!


  • Edna

    I am lucky to watch her special PBS show last Aug. 11. That was incredible,and waiting for the release of her live concert DVD. Very talented kid and amazing talent,and very refine kid,who can’t deny to love this kid. One in a million singer we have. Imagine with just a few years,she have already in demand to performed on the elite,class of audience. Very rare among our young singer to be honor this way in a short period of time. Honor to meet the Pres. of the USA,and many more High Political officials. Who on earth will never love this little girl! She have her own style of singing. She can move mountain..

  • Richard J Mullin

    Jackie was a sweet, adorable young girl with a rather unique singing voice. But her promotion by others has gotten out of hand. Jackie is a CHILD! And inherent in that fact is the right that she is entitled to a childhood. She is far too young to be whisked around the world singing with orchestras and prominent singers. She is not old enough to be subjected to that kind of pressure and she appears to be suffering from it. Is she really happy? She just recorded Handel’s “Largo” with the Pittsburgh Symphony; that musical number is a FUNERAL DIRGE! My God!
    PBS has now jumped on the cash bandwagon provided by the questionable conduct of her parents and promoters. Many have considered her to have suffered from intense child abuse by her parents and promoters, only those interested in squeezing as much cash out of her until what? Her voice is unique but not trained. Nor
    can she put on a stellar performance without the assistance of creative sound engineering. My heart breaks for her!
    And PBS should be ashamed to participate in this abusive conduct.

  • darlean chitwood

    deeply love jackie, she warms my heart when she performs. i missed the pbs airing’music from the movies, how can i find out if it will appear again?

  • Mike

    Mr. Mullin, I’m afraid you have it all wrong. Anyone who is watching can see that Jackie is living a dream-come-true and having the time of her life. One cannot fake the sincere love that she has for singing. If you really believe that it is “creative sound engineering” that has catipulted her to the level of stardom that she has attained in just a few short years, then you don’t know amazing, pure talent when you see it.

    David Foster doesn’t need to waste his time fulfilling the dreams of parents. It is obvious that even Mr. Foster is in total awe of what he is witnessing. This is not a case of pushy parents … it is a case of loving parents and a loving family, and 70 pounds of a unique talent that is very rarely seen at this tender age. One cannot perform and sing as Ms. Evancho does if it is not a deep passion. Like she said once — and I paraphrase — “When I sing it’s like I’m possessed … possessed by the music.” I believe that is a perfect description.

    Take another look, Mr. Mullen. I think we all fear that someday commercialism will ruin it as it has for many that preceded her … Garland for one. Jackie’s family really seems to have it together … we can only hope and pray that her pure innocence will be protected until she is old enough to take control on her own. So far, I believe it has …

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