#LoveTheatreDay Binge Watch Guide

In celebration of #LoveTheatreDay, we’ve put together a Great Performances binge watch list – featuring full musical theater and drama performances, film adaptations and films about theater. Share your favorite episode or first theater experience in the comments. Enjoy the shows! PLAYBILL Opening Act – Musical Theater. . . . . . . .  Gypsy Act 1 – Comedy & Drama. […]


Educator’s Guide

In support of the GREAT PERFORMANCES telecast, WNET.ORG is distributing 30,000 copies of a Macbeth poster & teachers’ guide to schools nationwide, which will assist educators in utilizing the PBS broadcast in the classroom. This activity-based analysis of the play is illustrated by various lesson plans and activities.  After the October 6 premiere PBS broadcast, […]


Teachers’ Guide

To complement the film, WNET.ORG, in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), is offering a Teachers’ Guide for educators to utilize the PBS broadcast in classrooms around the country. This activity-based analysis of the play is supported by links to various scenes throughout the film. Download the full PDF of the guide here. All […]

Peter & the Wolf


Sergei Prokofiev wrote Peter and the Wolf in 1936 to introduce children to classical music. In this lesson, melodies from Peter and the Wolf are used to introduce students to pitch, rhythm and meter. Students also explore melodic shape using movement and drawing to represent melodies. Grade Levels: 4-6 (ages 9-11) Time Allotment: One to […]


Are you looking for ways to incorporate digital media into your teaching? PBS Teachers is introducing a series of FREE monthly webinars featuring leading education technology experts, authors, or producers of PBS programs who will share ideas on using digital media to engage students in rich learning experiences. March 2009 PBS Teachers and Classroom 2.0 […]