Hamilton’s America: Extended Trailer

Hamilton’s America comprehensive documentary three years in the making comes to THIRTEEN’s Great Performances Friday, October 21 at 9 p.m. as season kickoff to PBS Arts Fall Festival. Broadway and history combine in a timely look at the making of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award®-winning megahit “Hamilton.”

GRAMMY Salute to Music Legends™

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Live performances by Ry Cooder, Lila Downs, Earth, Wind & Fire, Andy Garcia and The CineSon All Stars, Herbie Hancock, Jefferson Airplane, Kris Kristofferson, Lucrecia, Martina McBride, Magnolia Sisters, JD Souther, and more.

Hamilton’s America

Hamilton in :60 The Politician

In 1783, Alexander Hamilton retired from the military and began his life as a politician. Hamilton contributed 51 of the 85 Federalist Papers, essays that are still used to interpret the U.S Constitution.

Hamilton’s America

Hamilton in :60 The Military Officer

Alexander Hamilton served as George Washington’s assistant during the Revolutionary War. Hamilton was unfulfilled in this role and requested a field position. Washington granted his request for the 1781 Battle of Yorktown. Read the transcript As the Revolutionary war raged on Washington looked for an assistant. He found young Alexander Hamilton, an artilleryman in New […]

Hamilton’s America

Hamilton in :60 The Immigrant

Being an immigrant was a part of Hamilton’s identity that he carried with him his entire life. Watch the first episode of Hamilton in :60 The Immigrant and learn more about Alexander Hamilton.