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Scene 27

A captain orders two watchmen to be vigilant, and leaves them to their duties.  As nothing has happened on their watch for 30 years, they decide to watch a pot of ale instead, making up a series of puns on beacon and fire to justify a story that they were doing their duty should the […]

Scene 26

About to embark for England, the Gallian King gives a rousing speech to this army, hoping for an easy victory, but promising personal assistance if the going should be more difficult.  Mumford joins with a promise to restore Leir or die, to which Leir gives humble thanks.  Mumford then adds his own speech, but puns […]

Scene 25

Alone, Ragan worries.  She has not seen the assassin since he was supposed to have done his deed.  She suspects he may have been persuaded otherwise, in which case Leir is undoubtedly in France.  She wishes for the strength of a man, wondering “why should they have preeminence over us, since we are creatures of […]

Scene 24

In one of the play’s longest scenes, the disguised trio from France has walked a significant extent.  Cordella is joyful that they have been able to mix with the common people.  They see at some distance Leir and Perillus, but, owing to the miserable condition they see in the pair, they decide to eavesdrop.  Leir […]

Scene 23

Perillus and Leir have met two mariners at their ship (they seem to be in France).  The traveling pair have apparently been robbed of their money, so cannot pay for their passage. They exchange clothing in return for which Leir and Perillus get free passage, but Leir and Perillus argue about who should have to […]

Scene 22

Cambria wonders at the whereabouts of Leir, now missing two days.  He organizes a search party and sends an envoy to Cornwall on the chance that Leir migrated there.  Ragan feigns acute distress, and opines that some foul adventure befell her father at the hands of Cordella, whose eyes she would scratch out if she […]

Scene 21

Cordella, the Gallian King, and Mumford talk.  The king once again declares that they will go themselves to England if Leir does not arrive himself in France soon.  Mumford declares his intent this time to come back with a maid.  They exchange some low and crude sexual puns for quite some time, then decide to […]

Scene 20

The ambassador, after accusing Gonorill of impropriety, rudeness, turning his words inside out (he knew), and tyranny, heads off to Cambria to find Leir. Scene 19 . . . Directory . . . Scene 21 Scene 20 Enter Enter the Gallian Ambassador solus. AMB: There is of late news come unto the Court, That old […]

Scene 19

In the longest scene of the play, Leir and Perillus come to the place of assignation with Ragan, stretch, take out books, and fall asleep.  The messenger enters with daggers in either hand, considers killing them immediately, but remembers Ragan’s requirement to show them the letter.   He takes their books away, they awake, wonder what […]

Scene 18

Cornwall wonders why the messenger to Ragan is away so long.  Gonorill suggests that Leir may be returning with him, but cannot get away as yet.  The Ambassador from France arrives with a message for Leir, which he insists on delivering personally.  Cornwall asks after Cordella, and in the ensuing exchange Gonorill expresses displeasure at […]