A Concert for New York
Watch the Fully Edited Broadcast Program with Tom Brokaw

Watch A Concert for New York , performed by the New York Philharmonic on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 , led by Music Director Alan Gilbert, taped the previous night at a free concert in Avery Fisher Hall at New York’s Lincoln Center. Hosted by NBC News special correspondent and author Tom Brokaw, the concert features Mahler’s Symphony No. 2, Resurrection with soprano Dorothea Röschmann mezzo-soprano Michelle DeYoung, and the New York Choral Artists.

  • Chris Williams

    As there is no perfection, this is as cloe as one can get. Best performance of this work I have head in my life.

  • muriel Keenan

    Thank you for making this available. Hearing (watching) it once was not enough. Appreciate your generosity.

  • Albert

    It doesn’t play. There’s nothing you can click on.

  • Albert

    Oops, there it is! Sorry.

  • Albert

    But it keeps freezing up every few seconds. Please fix this. I have a high-speed connection, so it’s not my PC.

  • Lynn Brubaker

    Thank you so much for letting me hear the last moments (cut off at broadcast) of this most moving performance.

  • FB

    This was a fantastic performance – I listened last night and then again today on line. What a piece, and a very moving performance. Conducting, orchestra, solos, chorus – all wonderful. Thank you.

  • Grace

    Are there any plans to re-broadcast the concert in its entirety?

  • K.H.G.

    This gigantic work is restoring my dwindling faith in humanity and its final destiny

  • Sue Ann Bowling

    I’m not a music critic, but I loved this concert. Hope you don’t mind that I linked this site from my Tuesday blog.

  • Kristin

    Beautiful! Just beautiful, thank you.

  • Nona

    Thank- you so much. Tremendous performance.
    I will have an oportunity to see Ground Zero for the first time next month. I will be hearing this in my soul.

  • Joe Gardner

    This was an inspiring performance of a wonderful work with a nearly perfect audio mix and a creative video edit. Thank you so much.

  • Sylvia

    Thank you for providing the whole thing online. Wonderful tribute by the NY Philharmonic.

  • Don Free

    This and all MAHLER WORKS take us from ALPHA and not to OMIGA …, but are INFINATE…!!!

  • Hildegard Sadoo

    I did not watch it due to previous engagement. But I am very happy to learn that Mahler “Resurrection” will be re-broadcast this coming Thursday. I’ll be listening.

  • Dorothy C. Davis

    Will there be a rebroadcast of the Mahler “Resurrection” of 9/11/11?

  • Thomas Kirkman

    This was wonderful. I wish that I could purchase it.

  • Hazel Shaw

    Great, enjoyed it.

  • Dave Lawrence

    The perfect choice. My dad’s very favorite symphony, and what a breathtaking performance. Thank you so much for this. My father has been gone for a little more than two years now, and he would have absolutely loved to have seen this.

  • Barbara Mitchell

    An absolutely incredible performance – BRAVO! A most appropriate piece, indeed! Thank you very much!

  • Bill Hocking

    My wife Shari and I flew in from Sacramento, CA just 2 hours from downbeat and managed to recieve 2 tickets from a person who was gracious enough to give them to us, to get into Avery Fischer to witness history. It was in my mind the most beautiful concert I have ever heard from a symphony. Impeccable performance of the highest degree. Very moving, I cried tears at various times during the concert as the NY Philharmonic laid it out so beautifully for America and the world in it’s tribute to the heroes and surviving loved ones who lost their beloved loved ones. The ovation after the concert went on for an eternity it seemed and rightly so as the ovation was not only for the performance but also in reverance for the reason it was played. To honor the lives lost on 9/11 and their families. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.

  • Albert

    Please release this on DVD. It is a historical monument and should not be allowed to fade into oblivion.

  • Richard Young

    Few things in life can stir me like the works of Mahler. As I listened and watched the 9/11 performance I assured myself that Gustav Mahler was granted a personal ressurection just to be present and witness this performance. In my imagination as I thrilled at the precision of director Gilbert and each section of the orchestra surely Mahler would have approved. How can I obtain a dvd?

  • amin

    I can’t watch the concert. Is there a special procedure or any problem? What must I do?

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