A-Z List of Great Performances
  • Roxanne VanGuilder

    I heard that the Richard Tucker Gala from 2007 was on. Will it be repeated and if so when?

  • Charles Kennedy

    David Foster & Friends on Great Performances, will it be repeated and if so when? I heard it was delightful.

  • Bernadette

    I have seen excerpts about “Ragtime, the Musical” on YouTube. It’s hosted by Whoopie Goldberg and ends by saying go to http://www.pbs.com for more. I cannot find it anywhere on your site. Where is it?

  • Werner F. Nowack

    Carnegie Hall NewYears Eve concert: Program,Performanc & Presentation were impeccable, but…..
    Watch the “competition” from Vienna, they know are few flowers can’t hurt a great performance!!

  • Michael

    According to Tim Rice’s site “Chess in Concert” is supposed to be on your schedule for 2009. Any clue as to when it will be shown?

  • Carolyn Johnson

    When will you repeat Sting’s Song from the Labyrinth in the Los Angeles
    broadcast area? Also, thank you for all you do to bring wonderful
    programming to TV.

  • manoj

    When is CERTIFIABLE THE POLICE concert being shown? I live in Santa Cruz, CA and I’m not seeing it on the PBS official website or in my local listings? Please help as I do not want to miss this.

  • Marsha

    I, too, would like to know when the concert version of Chess will be presented. I would also like to see the program you produced on Ragtime, the Musical, which was shown some time ago.

  • Susan Halick

    I watched “David Foster and Friends” last night,
    March 9, 2009, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Is there a DVD or CD available for purchase. Thank you.

  • Michelle Maas

    When is The Police Concert being shown in Milwaukee, WI on Time Warner Cable??? I had my DVR set to record it tonight, March 12th, but now the cable guide along with this website do NOT show it! What is going on?

  • Tim Ton

    We’ve all waited so long for “Chess” to air, and it’s almost summer. When are we going to expect an air time for the concert?

  • Jami

    I was extremely excited to hear that a stellar cast had recorded Chess. Adam Pascale, Idena Menzel AND Josh Groban?! I can’t wait to see it! Can you please tell me when this is going to air… and also when I can order my DVD & Album of the performance?

  • Matty

    Chess will air on June 17, here is the trailer (not for PBS, the DVD.)


    Can’t wait!!!

  • Matty
  • Sherry Smith

    Can you please tell me when CHESS IN CONCERT is set to air…

  • Joyce Gray

    I am trying to find Levon Helm Ramble at the Ryman which is being shown in Aug, can you give me any help?

  • Deb Stuenzi

    When is Levon Helm Ramble at the Ryman airing?

  • jerry tedino

    what times and dates are the Levon Ramble sessions airing?

  • jim packard

    Please let me know the times and dates that Levon Helm Ramble at the Ryman is airing. Thanks!

  • j. scholl

    what times and dates are the Levon Ramble sessions airing?

  • Jean McQuillan

    When will the Great Performances presentation “Hitman-David Foster and Friends” be seen in the New York (Staten Island). Is there a schedule of Great Performances in the New York area that include this presentation available?
    Please respond to this request.
    Thank You.
    Jean McQuillan

  • mark

    i too am wondering when the Levon Helm thing is comin on.

  • Rich

    Looking for Levon

  • Ron

    When is Levon Helm at the Ryman airing again, the PBS guide is absolutely useless.

  • Levon Helm

    Hey PBS, when you showing my darn show again, don’t make me sick Garth on ya’.

  • kerwin

    Help Us Please!!! We’re all jones’n for Levon Helm Ramble at the Ryman! When do we get our fix??

  • Diane Jeffrey

    I loves me some Levon. Please show it again. Levon: unleash Garth.

  • Tom Alexander

    Listen to Levon…play that darn show again.

  • Kevin Walker

    I missed Levon.Please show it again.

  • jack bernstein

    are you going to broadcast the met’s current peformance of TOSCA this season?

  • Donald Cole

    I still have not been able to find “Ragtime” the Changing Times about the 1900 and the ethic and cultural changes happening in America with Jewish, Anglo-Saxon Protestants, and African-Americans during the early 1900’s.

  • tom held

    Looking to purchase a dvd of “Levon Helm ramble at the Ryman” can anyone help

  • Diane Figearo

    My request goes back a few years ago. It was documentary/bio of the group “The Mamas and Papas” where Michele Phillips narrated the majority of the show. Will that ever be aired again and if so – when? It would mean alot to me.

  • Andy Averill

    Gosh, why do they have them listed under “episodes” and then it turns out they’re all previews and introductions?

  • William Ward

    When will “The Audition” air again?

  • KG Campbell

    I would like to purchase a DVD of the Levon Helm Ramble At The Ryman show that I saw on WNJN, a local PBS station, recently. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

  • charles steele

    When will the Great Performances Hamlet by the Royal Shakespeare
    Company be aired on GPTV,Cox cable,Macon ??? I have tried to look

    it up as prescribed in Members Matter to no avail.

  • david ernst


    It’s always a good idea to check your local listings (make sure to designate your local station as your home station on PBS.org), but Hamlet by the RSC is a national program scheduled to be broadcast on Wednesday, April 28 at 8pm. We hope you stay tuned for the program. Thank you for your interest in GREAT PERFORMANCES.

  • Tacker LeCarpentier

    Are you guys going to re-play Levon Helm’s “Ramble at the Ryman”? If not, can we not at least buy a copy? I just returned to Raleigh after seeing the Ramble at the Ryman II in Nashville last night, and flew up in Sept ‘08 to see the first. Why is PBS taking so long to repeat the August ‘09 airing or – at least – making it available to purchase?? Even Levon himself has weighed in above about this. Frankly, you are depriving so many folks who couldn’t be there for either show the opportunity to see one class act . . . and a great, great show!

  • Mary Ratcliffe

    At this ionstant, Channel 13 in NYC is broadcasting GP at the Met Der Rosenkavalier, and I search and search the site to find full cast and production info WITH NO SUCCESS. IT DOES NOT APPEAR ON THE LIST AT ALL, EVEN THOUGH IT CLEARLY EXISTS. WHY ISN’T IT HERE? HOW CAN i FIND IT?

  • Barbara Urban

    Thank you, Mary R……I’m doing the same thing, also looking for Rosenkavalier cast etc. and don’t understand why it’s NOWHERE!!!! You’d think it would have been there BEFORE today’s airing. Such a magnificent performance……I wish the Met would release it on DVD. BUT PLEASE, PBS, GET YOUR WEB SITE UP TO DATE!!!

  • Avery Tracht

    I am watching rosenkavalier now on channel 13. I assume a repeat and again I can not find the cast anywhere. There is a link on the first page on the channel 13 website, but when you click on it, it sends you to PBS.org, which I already searched and there is also no mention of Rosenkavalier at all! I tried to watch for the cast at the end of the performance, but it goes by too fast. VERY FRUSTRATING!!

  • Malcolm Atkinson

    PBS is ALWAYS in need of more cash, right?
    For crying out loud, release a DVD of Levon Helm’s “Ramble at the Ryman” and I bet you make your money in the first week. The rest will be all profit!

  • david ernst

    Dear Avery,

    Please find the press release for our broadcast of Great Performances at the Met: Der Rosenkavalier by clicking here. The release contains production information about the cast as well as a preview of the opera. Thank you for your comment and we hope you stay tuned for more GREAT PERFORMANCES.

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    Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you helped me.

  • Ed Jenkins

    I am looking for a copy of a dance performance from at least 20 or 25 years ago – San Francisco Ballet’s Prokofiev’s Romeo & Juliet. Does it exist? I know I saw it on TV and was sure it must be PBS, probably Dance in America series

  • http://www.nextomt.com Luigi Debruler

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  • Toni

    I wonder if you can help me? I am looking for a play that appeared on PBS six years ago, I think. Its about a soldier who is in love with a married women, however his commander ill and older sister is in love with him. She wants to be with him but he refuses. He wants to be with the other woman but she refuses to leave her husband. In the end he realized the older sister really loves him and he decides to be with her. However the commander is not happy and challenges him to a duel. They both survive but the older sister dies from her illness. At the end of the play she writes him a letter. I think it as called Beloved, I’m not sure and I can’t find it. Please help.

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  • Rebecca

    I was hoping that someone with PBS could help me find a 1986 production of the Kirov Ballet performing Swan Lake in the United States. It was presented by Wolf Trap and was filmed by the Maryland Public Television station. The lead ballerina was not the usual one mentioned, but instead was Olga Tcheytchikova, and I believe she might have been an understudy. The late president Ronald Regan does the introduction and throughout the artistic director Oleg Vinogradov and the lead ballerina are interviewed. There are also small clips of backstage moments. I have been trying for years to find this particular production, because it is so near and dear to my heart. At the age of 3 my mother recorded the original airing of the program and I wore out the tape and had every step memorized. It was so well done, and other versions filmed in Russia are no where near as good. This production is the reason that I danced for more than 14 years and dreamed of being that prima ballerina. Can anyone help me find and purchase this? I want to be able to share it with my own 3 daughters who share as much of a love and passion for ballet as I do.

  • Charlotte

    Rebecca I’m looking for the same Swan Lake recording :) My father recorded it for us, but the tape is all worn out and I am dying for a copy of it!

  • Kisa Sorokin

    I have missed out on so many of the wonderful opera performances. Cought Don Pasquale at 6AM!!!! Why don’t you advertise the Opera performances BETTER?

  • Gail McKenzie

    Is Jackie Evancho, the 10 year old singer extrordinaire ever going to be shown in concert in the future.

  • floyd massey

    will you be showing jackie evancho {dream with me concert} again this month

  • Carmina Donawa

    You will do great Kim, I am sure!

  • Eric

    In memory of the recent passing of Levon Helm, please show Ramble at the Ryman soon! Thanks.

  • Sandy Tanner

    I’ve been looking for new programming with Andrea Bocelli, so many American’s love his music! Thanks!

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  • Dan M.

    Looking for a DVD of Levon Helm & Friends Ramble at the Ryman Auditorium that PBS filmed …has this been released on DVD? WIll it be? Some awesome performances that I just must see performed. Please, PBS, releae this!! Many thanks.

  • Erica Angione

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  • mike kessler

    will the jackie evancho performance be re-aired soon i missed it

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  • Michele

    Hello! Does anybody know when the hollow crown series will air on PBS?

  • Ed DePalma

    I would like to share the GP episode, “Paul Simon, Gracelend 25th reunion”, with the staff in the Public School District in which I work. When will this episode by available on-line or otherwise. thx, ed.

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