Andrea Bocelli & David Foster: My Christmas
Preview of the Concert

Everyone’s favorite “Hitman” David Foster joins Great Performances superstar Andrea Bocelli for a new Christmas concert of holiday classics airing on Thanksgiving night. Showcasing Bocelli’s unmistakable soaring vocals are lush new arrangements infused with the distinctive Foster touch. The inspiring concert performance, recorded at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, also features special musical guests Natalie Cole, Mary J. Blige, Reba McEntire, Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins, The Muppets and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Among the featured songs highlighted will be “White Christmas,” “Oh Holy Night,” “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” “Jingle Bells,” “Silent Night,” “The Christmas Song,” “What Child is This” and many more. Andrea Bocelli and David Foster: My Christmas will be broadcast in the New York City/tri-state viewing area on THIRTEEN’s Great Performances series in HD on Thanksgiving night, Thursday, November 26 at 8 p.m. EST, with additional broadcasts continuing in December on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings).

Watch a preview of the concert:

The My Christmas concert is the ultimate holiday musical experience from Andrea Bocelli, showcasing the tenor in performances of traditional carols and other favorites in English, with a few additional selections in Italian and German. Regarding Christmas music, the star remarks, “I have long dreamed of recording a holiday album that captures the beautiful traditions of the holiday season. Every year, these songs have brought incredible joy to me and my family, and it is my hope to give back that same joy by making this album.” Of her experience singing Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas” with Bocelli during the taping, country music star Reba McEntire told the Toronto Sun, “I sat there in awe. I just loved it. (His voice) is rich like frosting on a cake – decadent. It’s so full. I stood there right beside him and just watched him.”

An iconic figure in music who has sold more than 60 million albums to date, Bocelli continues to defy categorization, age barriers and labels of any kind. In concert or on the opera stage, he has sung with everyone from Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo to Bono and Celine Dion. In addition to his solo Great Performances concert programs, Bocelli’s many memorable television appearances include the Oscar and Grammy Awards telecasts, mentoring contestants on American Idol and performances at the Official Ceremonies of the Olympic Games, all of which have propelled Andrea Bocelli into becoming a global household name in contemporary popular music.

Great Performances is funded by the Irene Diamond Fund, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, public television viewers and PBS.

  • Patricia Fry

    Andrea Bocelli is a gift from God. His voice is like an angel’s. I have all of his CD’s and this one, “My Christmas”, is one of his best. He gets better and better as he gets older, and he’s not bad to look at, too!! Thank you David Foster for producing this spectacular CD!!

  • S Gomez

    My husband and I attended the recording of this pbs special at the Kodak theater and it is and was wonderful

  • Yolanda Tristan

    We attended the taping of Andrea Bocelli’s first Christmas special and as always he was AWESOME. His voice of an angel pulls at my heart strings & the tears just seem to fall all on their own. He is truely a gift from God. I have every CD he has ever produced. And before leaving on Nov.4,ran to Target on Nov,3 just to purchase his latest CD “My Christmas”. God Bless you Andrea. Love you. Thank you David for introducing this beautiful, awesome, talented man,Andrea Bocelli.

  • David

    When will this special be airedin Chicago and Florida?

  • Cristian

    When it’s gonna be aired in Puerto Rico?

  • Sharon

    Without a dought the very very best of the best..Thank you

  • clovene

    was hoping for peter cetera but don’t see him on the list

  • Patricia Haro

    This production is a gift of God, thanks for give us Andrea Bocelli and let us to feel many emotions through his beautiful voice!
    Esta produccion es un regalo del cielo, gracias Dios por enviarnos a Andrea Bocelli y permitirnos sentir a traves de su voz, emociones inimaginables e irrepetibles!

  • Dee

    I have all of Anrea’s CS’s rushed out an bought his Christmas, which is so beautiful. I purchase 2 of everything so I can play it in the office, all really enjoys his gift. thank you Andrea

  • ted r page

    My wife is from Lucca,Italy and we would love to see him in Italy; any time any where.

  • Arlene Campbell

    I live in Canada (British Columbia) — and I am a fervent fan of the ‘combo’ of David Foster and Andrea Bocelli. I could listen to them for hours and hours…. I am a 74 yr. old gal now, but my ’soul’ is raised right up… being able to listen to the combination of David Foster, and Andrea Bocelli. I would SO love to meet them…. maybe that will happen ‘in my dreams’ one day.
    Being a ’senior’ on a very limited income, I am not able to go out and ‘purchase’ the CD’s…of these artists. THANK YOU PBS …. so very, very much … for enabling those of us unable to purchase these CD’s….. my warmest thanks from B.C./Canada…. :)’s all the way from me.. to you

  • Bob Pepi

    ted r page
    My family is from Lucca as well. What is the family name? My wife and I dream of seeing Andrea in Lucca in the piazza

  • Nola McKee Leggett

    Mary J. Blige, Natalie Cole, and Reba McIntyre joined with Mr. Bocelli to give us four rare and beautiful sounds of Christmas.

  • Janet Gorman

    I agree with everyone. Andrea Bocelli does get better and better. This show is the best Christmas show ever. Always a great combo with David Foster. I go to as many concerts as I can. I am never dissapointed. The last concert at Madison Square Garden kept me smilling for along time.

  • Mrs Jack

    I am watching it as I type, I have been a fan of Andrea Bocelli for over 10 yrs., he’s awesome.

  • Alicja Ellis

    I have just received a CD/DVD set with “Andrea Bocelli My Christmas”. There are only 7 songs recorded on dvd. They are all beautifully arranged and performed. Andrea Bocelli is simply wonderful. I cant wait for the two hour show done by PBS that will be on the local public TV (Tucson, Arizona) starting tomorrow, Sunday, November 29th at 3pm. There is 4 more shows scheduled in the next two weeks. Thank you, PBS for providing us with this delightful experience. This recording is a best Christmas gift I could dream about…

  • Jean

    When will this air in Connecticut?
    We were so very pleased with the show that aired tonight in Florida……

  • Martha Quiroz

    Bocelli and Foster the best combo ever. From Seattle !Happy Holidays! to every one and God Bless your families.

  • mary baaklini

    Andrea Bocelli Has an angel voice,enjoy and have a bless merry Christmas God bless you eith all your family in Jesus’ name

  • C C

    What a spectacular Christmas show…Andrea is wonderful and so is David…Natalie Cole looked stunning, Reba is cuter than a bug’s ear, Mary Jo was awesome and the Muppets were the frosting on the cake!!!! Thank you David

  • Karen L. Wilkerson

    I love Adrea Bocelli and I think David Foster is phenomenal. What a wonderful way to begin the Christmas celebration.
    Karen Wilkerson

  • TONY


  • JF

    Very beautifully done by Bocelli and Foster. I intended to watch only the first hour, but was so inspired and entertained that I stayed on until the end. Having grown up in an Italian family, I am acquainted with the culture. It’s been an enjoyable experience following Bocelli over the last 10 years. This Christmas show and the songs Andrea sang portrayed yet another dimension of this awesome artist, singer, and musician.

  • Tammilla

    Please check PBS.ORG for a schedule by zip code.

  • Deb

    Is this special available on DVD? My dad wants it – he is blind as well – and he listened to it on TV yesterday and said some of the songs made him cry!

  • Julina

    Breathtaking, unbelievably moving.I am definitely ordering the cd and would love to find a dvd of this production. Thank you so very much for sharing such talent

  • René

    We missed the airing of Andrea Bocelli and David Foster: “My Christmas” which aired on 11/18/09 on
    WEDU Channel 3 in Citrus County, Florida under the
    BrightHouse Cable. Could you please advise if this will air again and if so, when? Thank you.

  • Barbara Jackman

    Thank you for this most inspiring beautiful and breathtaking program; this could be repeated every night in December! Thank you again..KQSM Austin MN and KTCA Minneapolis/St Paul MN

  • Mary Kay Ashley

    I live in Atlanta and had the pleasure of seeing David Foster and Friends concert at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Now I get him with Andrea Bocelli. Life is good! Thanks for being so gracious, David :)

  • Dianne Applegren

    When will this show in Peoria, Illinois?

  • Sheila Webster

    Listening to Andrea sing lifts a person upwards and always leaves you wanting more. He is a very gifted singer and performer. Thank you David for being his friend and allowing us to enjoy the gifts and talents which you both possess. Alberta Canada

  • Joyce Carter

    Andrea’s Christmas Show did NOT air in the UK on November 30th as promised. I was bitterly disappointed as the CD/DVD is still not available in the shops. When will it be shown in the UK please? USA fans who want to see Andrea in Italy; he performs in his home village every year in July. This concert has a huge following from fans around the world. We recently saw him in Venice (I shook hands with him and thanked hom for his wonderful voice!!) and had some photographs taken with him. We also saw him in November in Birmingham so I feel very lucky. Happy Christmas to Andrea, Veronice and the boys. xx

  • Brian

    Andrea’s singing with Mary J was moving indeed! What Child is This?

  • Katie

    Best Christmas Concert we’ve seen in years. It brought back the feelings of Christmas we had as children. Thank you David Foster and Mr. Bocelli for bringing us great music and the true feeling of Christmas through your music.


    I truly thought I was dreaming!!!! This is such a great way to enjoy the Christmas Season. I called my children and 15 grandchildren and told them how very wonderful this show is. Thanks from the bottom of my heart,and Merry Christmas to you and your Family. Love Mema Evelyn


    truly the most entertaining and wonderful special i have ever heare.andre bocelli and david foster should be complimented heartedly.truly magnificent

  • Karen Marie Fritschi

    I was fortunate to be part of the audience for the recording portion with David, Reba and Andrea but missed the airing. Will it air again in CA??

  • Mikki

    I would love to hear Andrea Bocelli sing with Susan Boyle. Any chance this might happen?

  • Tammy Morrow

    Excellent Concert,even watching it on TV you felt as if you were there. Thanks for always giving us the best of the best shows. This one blessed me because of the season we are now in. Andrea Bocelli and David Frost with the other guest gave a true meaning to this Christmas season. What a way to start. Thanks PBS – Merry Christmas to all.

  • Håkan M

    David Foster is excellent and has together with Andrea Bocelli made so many wonderful things together. Why have the they not rendered this new one into HD (1920×1080) on blu-ray?

  • Bettie

    this is the best show! Andrea Bocelli is great!!!!! and I’m glad David Foster keeps going! they make a great team.

  • rewulff

    I love Andrea; I wish he’d come to Minnesota! However, David Foster should take a back seat to Andrea and be a “silent partner” on these programs. His piano playing isn’t that great (note the “plunking” he gave the beautiful “What Child is This?”; ruined it in my opinion), he’s not humorous at all, and he isn’t an entertainer. He should stay in the studio, produce, and not be on stage at all. Reba McEntire ruined “Blue Christmas” too. How sad! Andrea doesn’t need any duet partners (Natalie Cole and the UK lady weren’t good at all and added nothing to the songs)! He’s utterly awesome alone. I really enjoyed the Salvation Army band and boys choir, however. Those folks were a sweet addition to the program.

  • Kevin

    The Lord’s Prayer with the Mormon Taberncle Choir was particularly moving. Great!!!

  • Beverly Pearsall

    Andrea Bocelli and David Foster are a real ‘Gift from God’. I was presented with a CD of their music by a good friend and am so grateful. Thank you for adding a much needed talent to our wonderful world.

  • Diane McKinley

    I love the collaboration of Andrea Bocelli and David Foster. They are phenomenal together. I wish to ask the question: when will David get Bocelli and Streisand together for a duet? Wow, how fabulous would that be!!!

  • Bill

    I was scanning the radio one evening and heard this voice that ABSOLUTELY stunned me !!! I continued listening until I heard who possesed this Heaven given voice. He touches my soul! I am 68 and I know that when God calls me home, I will hear a multitude of voices such as his. ALL singing to the glory of God AND I will be one of them. Thank you Andrea for filling my heart with joy while on this uncertain world.. God Bless You !!

  • Nancy Boyd

    My husband and I just caught the tail of this fab performance…is it going to show again?
    Its Dec 6, now…can’t find it showing again..I am sick I missed the whole thing! Can anyone help?

  • Janet Alston

    Andrea Bocelli singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Symphony Orchestra – The Lord’s Prayer – was a perfect performance, if there ever has been one.

  • K. S.

    You could feel the Spirit of Christmas watching the performance. I especially enjoyed the story Andrea told about the young boy in Italy, who wanted Christmas. It was touching to hear David’s explanation of Andrea’s and his joy as they performed with the Mormon Tabernacle Chior. I loved their entire evening of performances with all the guests. What a wonderful gift and a great way to remember the Savior’s birth.

  • Carol Zenga

    When was this concert recorded. When will it be aired again in South San Francisco. Thank you. Carol R. Zenga

  • D Wilson

    I really do enjoy Andrea Bocelli howver we do not have TV. Are there any Internet braodcasts of this program.

  • Susan Davis

    Shed some tears from the sheer beauty of this incredible performance. What a combination of talent!!! I could watch this over and over and still be spellbound. Hope I get that opportunity.

  • Michael Garcia

    My wife and myself love Andrea Bocelli. His voice is above all. We watched his Christmas special on KLRU twice in awe. We even cried during some of his songs. To see him sing without any kind of straining in his voice and his movements is like no other. His DVD and his CD is a must have for us and for anyone for that matter. He his Brilliant and Beautiful in his singing. My wife and I hope to see him concert one day. Again, his Christmas Performace was Heavenly and I hope and can not wait for his next one.
    Michael and Amy
    Martindale, Texas

  • RJ

    Just saw his concert in New Jersey. It was unbelievable. I ecspecially enjoyed the former Idol singer that sang with him. I can’t think of her name for the life of me. What an unbelievable
    experience. Andrea’s voice already perfect. Who ever he sings with he only brings out their best qualities. A christmas blessing to last a lifetime.

  • Carol

    Will the Christmas program featuring A. Bocelli, the Morman Tabernacle Choir and others be shown on Georgia PBS TV in the Atlanta area again and when?
    I hear rave reviews about the program. Thanks.

  • Jeff Lawrence

    What a blessing to hear the Christmas Special with Andrea Bocelli and David Foster. I especially enjoyed the duet with Katherine Jenkins and Andrea, but did not catch the name of the song. Can anyone help me with it? I would also like to know if there is any sheet music for it, especially with orchestra? Thank you PBS and David Foster for another memorable remembrance on why PBS is so great. Keep it up!

  • Dianna

    When will the Andrea Bocelli and David Foster air again on WPBT? The listing shows it will air and then there is something else in its place. It is very frustrating!! Thank you.

  • Emmy Muller

    Is the DVD of “My Christmas” Andrea Bocelli/David Frost available?
    Thank you for your answer.

  • Patricia Novak

    i cried listening to this great voice , he is a true gift from God, i am trying to purchase both the cd and video, i have never appreciated any thing more than this performance .

  • Rita McCollum

    My husband and I have watched this program twice now. When he sings, it leaves me in awe. This is a not-to-be-missed program.

  • Anthony

    Would like to purchase this DVD can anyone give me the phone number or site address to purchase?
    This site does not allow me that choice?

  • Stacey

    Is there anywhere to get the sheet music or a soundtrack to What Child is This as performed by Bocelli and Blige?

  • virginia

    Too bad the USC students who made up the chorus received no credit

  • kim

    Is there a PBS show after the 12/13/09 show on TV?
    Thank you,

  • Cathy

    My 3 year old son watched this special with me and the first thing he said, all snuggled up on the couch…. “Mommy? Are they in heaven?” I laughed, the voices sure sounded like it. He then told me he needed to go there. Andrea was also a calming voice when our son was born, he was all we listened to. My heart can hardly contain itself when I hear him sing. Our family loves him and this Christmas special is one I’d like to see over and over! I hope Mr. Bocelli knows how incredibly special his talent is and how he has blessed & enriched our lives.

  • Larry

    Not to often in life does a voice and person like Andrea Bocelli come along. He is one of the premier people in the world of opera today. I love his music. May The Lord keep him strong for many more years!

  • Allison

    Who was the famous man in the audience beaming with the gray-white beard? I am drawing a blank.

  • Megan

    Does anyone know if you are able to purchase a CD or DVD of this christmas special?

  • Guy O’Bomsawin

    Superbe émission et très belle performance d’un chanteur qui sait perpétuer la grande tradition lyrique italienne et saluer les grands compositeurs en interprétant leurs oeuvres dans la langue originale, comme ce fut le cas pour le Minuit, chrétiens. Du Québec, merci à David Foster et à PBS.

  • Louise Messier

    J’ai bien apprécié le Minuit Chrétien ”
    Best Christmas concert I ever watch !
    Thank you and Joyeux Noël!

  • T. Young

    Will Bocelli and Foster’s Christmas Concert be aired again in the Seattle area
    between now and Christmas?

  • Audrey

    Will the Andrea Bocelli concert be on PBS again? I missed it both times?

  • Clark

    THIS STINKS! They aren’t playing it in San Diego on all the channels. Oh well.

  • Emily Cole

    We had the wondrous opportunity to see Andrea again in Ft. Lauderdale last month. Our friend’s son sang in his backup chorale and was excited for days afterward – as were we. He is truly an inspiration for us all. Hope to travel to Tuscany next summer to the Teatro del Silencio for his last performance there. Another blessed opportunity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • roseanne caccopola

    Missed Andrea’s concert on PBC.Will it be televised again?

  • David

    I only caught a portion of this concert. I would love to see it once again in Roanoke, VA market before Christmas. One of the best I’ve seen on PBS.

  • tom

    When will this air in WA state?

  • Brenda

    Bocelli and Foster; what a winning combinations!Excellent, excellent, excellent!!! When will this show air again in the Los Angeles area?

  • Celia Abela

    What a great show!!!! really beautiful

  • M-Hélène

    Andrea a vraiment une voix particulièrement belle (douce)et…que dire de son charisme! il est très expressif et sensuel aussi, que demander de plus.
    encore une fois bravo! surtout pour les chansons What child is this et canzone di Natalizie.

  • Gloria

    Please broadcast this special once more during the Christmas season. I saw 10 minutes of it and bought the CD. I want to see the performance.

  • janice Lichvar

    I missed the program and would like to see it. Will it be repeated this month? If so, what day and time? Thanks

  • Amparo

    Bocelli is awesome, but Foster is unwatchable. What a pompous, self-important TWIT! Go it alone, Andrea.

  • Nancy Hutson

    Bocelli and Foster were a great combination. I am in awe when I hear them perform. I bought the CD/DVD combination but I was so disappointed that “The Lord’s Prayer” was not on the DVD. I especially wanted that arrangement with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Please let me know how I can aquire that particular performance. Will the performance be repeated? If so, what day and time.

  • Al Webster

    When will this program be shown again? My Mother, who is 86 years old, missed it. It was probably the best arrangement of Christmas music ever and performed by the best artists. Very emotional. David Foster and Andrea are the best.

  • nicholas r panaro m.d.

    i would like to purchase this showing Is it possible???????

  • Beth Hatalsky

    Can this video be purchased?

  • Joyce Bopp

    I saw Andrea many years ago on his first appearance on PBS and I loved him then and he just keeps getting better and better. I have all his CD’s including this Christmas one. Would love to have the DVD of the Christmas show with David Foster but didnt have the 100.00 to spare at that time. I did get a DVD of it but its not of the PBS show, didnt include all of your show.
    Please keep up the good work Andrea, so many many people love to hear you sing as do I. I taped the PBS show and have watched it 3 times and also watched it every time it aired on PBS. God Bless you and your family Andrea. I have recently joined your fan club. And to David Foster, you did a marvelous job. Get him together again for another special !!!! Now would not be too soon!!
    Happy New Year with many blessings to you both!

  • Tom Webber

    Great performance by Mr Bocelli and David Foster. We were on Temple Square the day this performance of The Lord’s Prayer was recorded in the Tabernacle and it was exciting to know this was in progress. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was superb with David Foster at the organ – and Andrea? Bravo! Amazing! Awesome!

  • paula

    OMG How could Foster team up Bocelli and his phenominal talent with McIntyre. What an insult!! Bocelli does not need Foster, pleeez; the Muppets?? Leave Bocelli alone and let him be himself. Stop trying to make him an American. Foster is exploiting Bocelli and it is embarrasing. Bocelli is a rare and remarkable talent.



  • bobby de

    Its snowing and I’m watching the PBS DVD. And, I’m sure I’ll be listening to the CD in my car this summer. It’s truly a phenomenon! The CD is wonderful but you MUST see the full DVD. The Lord’s Prayer is simply overwhelming. I actually find myself humming some of the music during the day. Experiencing tears of joy is an understatement.

  • Mary Carbeck

    David, Thank you so very much for helping produce the music with Andrea Bocelli. The Christmas CD was just magical and I could not stop playing it. You are such an influence on the music. Keep up the good work. I just bought Amore today & absolutely love it.

  • Paul

    Andrea and MJ, you are amazing. Mary, your gift is profound. Please continue to shre your gift, it has changed my life. Many thanks to David Foster.

    Your Fan Forever

  • Taps Bulick

    Susan Boyle is an exceptionally talented lady who’s been subjected to considerable criticism in the media. IMHO she deserves all of the success that she is experiencing.

  • A Nguyen

    I did not know that I can comment. I have Andrea Bocelli records but I disagree with most viewers : this show is one of the worst syrupy one with horrible musical arrangements. Sorry David Foster, I used to like you … Very disappointed.

  • Sally Young

    I would like to order the dvd of this concert for my brother. How can I do this. I have a copy and know he’d love one.

  • david ernst

    Dear Sally,

    We’re glad you enjoyed Andrea Bocelli & David Foster: My Christmas. Andrea Bocelli’s CD/DVD combo of My Christmas is available at Click here for the direct link.

    Please note that the DVD included in the Deluxe Edition is comprised of selected excerpts from the complete Great Performances broadcast.

    We hope you stay tuned for more Great Performances!

  • Concetta Cabanes

    all my friends love andrea bocelli!

  • Ronald DeVelde

    How can I obtain a complete DVD or Video of this Bocelli / Foster PBS Christmas Concert ?

  • Bath Panels

    I have siome of these records too they are amazing, anyway best keep shopping for Bath Panels!

  • Charlene Teegarden

    Just watched “My Christmas” and found it amazing. What a wonderful way to start the Christmas season!

  • Shirley Tucker

    What a wonderful way to put one in the Mood!
    I live in Victoria B.C. and we are great admirers of David foster,also love Andrea Bocelli.
    And that cast ,the scenery –Everyone should see that concert.
    I hope to see it again and again.

  • Mike

    Interesting! I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

  • evelyn myers

    My husband and I look forward to this time of year.We were hoping to see Andrea in concert for Christmas.Our anniversary is in the month of December and we always try to do something special and Andrea Bocelli is very special to us…….maybe next year.It seems he hasn’t been to Washington D.C. for a few years. Happy Holidays to Andrea,David Foster and all

  • Kat herine Randall

    I Just saw the concert on TV last night , when will it air again

  • Suzy Buck

    How Fabulous for You to have been at the taping at the Kodak Theatre
    when David Foster made the My Christmas special last year with Andrea
    Bocelli. I just saw it last night on PBS … just stunning. What an experience
    it must have been for you … powerful. Enjoy your Christmas this year. Suzy

  • R. Lasseter

    I found the Christmas celebration to be most entertaining. As always, Andrea’s voice sounded like it came from heaven…a wonderful gift from God. The talented people Andrea sang with were chosen very well for each song that was performed. And David Foster, well, he’s a very talented person and one who so kindly acknowledges the talent of everyone who he performs with on stage . Bravo to all of them.

  • Kathy

    My mother saw this special and is asking for a DVD of it for Christmas. Please advise how I can purchase this.

  • Betsy

    I saw him in concert ONCE…I cried through the whole thing…what a gift he has…and that he shares it with the world is amazing…totally one of God’s annointed…

  • Kris McHardy

    Thank you for airing the wonderful concert. All evening I kept thinking of Susanne Boyle, I just think they would do a wonderful duet. Better choice then Reba. Sorry but he and Reba just didn’t match up. Thanks again.

  • Helen Rodriguez

    Can you tell me when the program will air again? And in what channel?…I’m in Miami Springs, Florida
    Thank you

  • carol

    Incredible show! Cannot wait to purchase his CD When will Andrea Bocelli,s Houston ,tx cd “My Christmas “be out in stores.

  • twbRque

    I really loved the performance between andrea bocelli and natalie cole and i would like to continuing seeing these kind of performances.

  • K Moody

    The first time I heard Bocelli, 10 years ago…My husband and I were visiting the Bahamas near Christmastime and I fell in love with his voice and fell more deeply in love with my husband when he handed me my first Bocelli CD. Both men have enriched my life with beautiful music!

  • peter brugger

    Hello from the philippines
    i start to check on the schedule of 2011 Andrea Bocelli concert in Lajatico
    We need to plan ouer Europ trip for this sommer 2011
    please help us for the tickets and accomodation . . .

  • Bathrooms Peterborough

    I need to start to check the schedule of the Andrea Bocelli concert in Lajatico too, a must for 2011 after I finished the bathroom which seems to be taking ages. I dont want to make fitting my bathrooms peterboroughpriority over going to Lajatico.

  • Jacquie

    This has nothing to do with the program you watched but I googled your name and am hoping you are the same lady I am looking for…I have a painting by A. Charlene Teegarden called “Solemn Moment”. There is a card on the back that says ACT and your name underneath with the name of the paining and your address, and phone#. Looks like it might have been done in ‘88? Please respond if you get this, and than you for the beautiful work of art if this is you, I hope you have continued in your gift.
    Jacquie Yunker

  • Clara Lewis

    Are there orchestrations available for purchase or rental of David Foster’s arrangements heard on Josh Groban “Noel”? Thank you.

  • Albert

    This is being telecast in early October in our area, believe it or not! I love Christmas and many of the Christmas specials, but I never thought they’d start showing them this early!

  • Shirley Springsteen

    Beautiful and moving Christmas show. Really has me in the mood for a special family Christmas.A don’t miss when when it is playing in your area!


    I fell in love with his voice on Good Morning America years ago.Only God can create such beauty. My heart just stops when I hear him sing.What a talent.I missed some of the Christmas special as I got off of work but am going to buy the CD and DVD combo.My wife says I missed the best part, Truly a gift from God.


    I’m in northern Chile. I have the Sugar Music DVD version marketed by Universal Music Group. I like the style of Bocelli and I want to know all about the transmission. Worldwide Sales & Distribution by the BBC.

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  • walterrean s

    A. Bocelli’s performances give inspirational chills. Superb. Absolutely lovely.

  • new social networking

    Your style is unique compared to other people I have read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this site.

  • Roberta McCullum

    I just recently heard Maestro Bocelli sing for the first time and was absolutely captivated by his voice. I had followed Luciano Pavarotti . Both had or have marvelous voices. When Mr. Bocelli sang the Lord’s Prayer at the T Towers cite commemorating the disaster there I lost it. I was completely enthralled with his voice. What a wonderful gift he shares with the world.

    Thak you Mr. Bocelli and may God be with you.

  • Ben Gibson

    I too want to see this on Blu-ray! :(. Please please release on Blu-ray.

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