Andrea Bocelli: Love in Portofino
About the Concert

Andrea Bocelli, the international superstar tenor returns to Great Performances once again to delight fans with Andrea Bocelli: Love in Portofino, a new concert special in which he puts classical music aside for an evening of international favorites inspired by the breathtaking coastal setting of Portofino, Italy.

Watch a preview:

The Italian fishing village and upmarket resort is noted for its picturesque harbor and frequent celebrity visitors, as demonstrated by a kaleidoscopic photo montage featuring screen legends Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Eddie Fisher, Elizabeth Taylor, and current personalities ranging from Denzel Washington to Ellen DeGeneres.

With 16-time Grammy-winner David Foster as both music director and keyboard accompanist, Bocelli is also joined by trumpeter Chris Botti. Under the stars, beside the shimmering harbor waters, and with a rapt audience including Paul Anka, Sir Michael Caine, and Italian actress Ornella Muti, Bocelli performs some of the world’s most famous love songs, including “Senza Fine,” “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás,” “Bésame Mucho,” “Champagne,” “Love Me Tender,” and in duet with the late, legendary Edith Piaf, “La Vie en Rose,” while his real-life love Veronica Berti looks on adoringly. Bocelli sings in six languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Neapolitan). The sensual sound is rounded out by Cuban, Brazilian, and Portuguese rhythms.

Andrea Bocelli: Love in Portofino airs on Great Performances in March on PBS. (Check local listings.) (In New York, THIRTEEN will premiere the special Sunday, March 3 at 9 p.m.)

Andrea Bocelli: Love in Portofino is, in essence, a sequel to his earlier Great Performancesspecial, Amore. As with that concert, which featured timeless masterworks, the latest includes several beloved classics such as “Love Me Tender,” “Il Nostro Incontro” (the theme from Cinema Paradiso), “Sara Settembre,” (better known to English-speaking audiences as Neil Diamond’s “September Morn,” and translated into Italian by Bocelli himself), and “La mia via” (“My Way”), with the composer sitting harborside.

Since Great Performances introduced American television audiences to Bocelli with 1997′sRomanza concert, Bocelli has been featured in a notable series of Great Performancesspecials, including Sacred Arias, Amore, Vivere, My Christmas and American Dream, his spectacular “Statue of Liberty” concert from New Jersey’s Liberty State Park. Andrea Bocelli Live in Central Park aired in December 2011. He wasaccompanied by the New York Philharmonic, under the direction of music director Alan Gilbert, the spectacular event being Bocelli’s special gift to New York City.

Great Performances is a production of THIRTEEN for WNET, one of America’s most prolific and respected public media providers. For 50 years, THIRTEEN has been making the most of the rich resources and passionate people of New York and the world, reaching millions of people with on-air and online programming that celebrates arts and culture, offers insightful commentary on the news of the day, explores the worlds of science and nature, and invites students of all ages to have fun while learning.

The musical program at press time is set to include:

Il Nostro Incontro (theme from “Cinema Paradiso”) (with Chris Botti)

Senza Fine

Anema e Core (with Caroline Campbell)

Quizás, Quizás, Quizás  (with Caroline Campbell)

A Mano A Mano



Corcovado (with Brazilian singer Sandy)


La Vie En Rose (with excerpts performed by Edith Piaf)

Qualche stupido “ti amo” (Somethin’ Stupid) (with Veronica Berti)

Bésame Mucho

Love Me Tender

Sarà Settembre (September Morn)

When I Fall in Love (with Helene Fischer & Chris Botti)

Roma Nun Fà La Stupida Stasera (“Rome, Don’t Act Silly Tonight”)

Era Già Tutto Provisto

Love in Portofino (with Caroline Campbell)

My Way

The Ensemble Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Giacomo Loprieno.

On January 29, Verve Music Group will release the studio album, “Passione,” featuring the Mediterranean love songs featured on the special.

Andrea Bocelli: Love in Portofino is directed by David Horn.

For Great Performances, Mitch Owgang and Andrea Cotromano are producers; Bill Kabel is associate producer; Bill O’Donnell is series producer; David Horn and Filippo Sugar are executive producers.

Major funding for Great Performances is provided by the Irene Diamond Fund, the Paul W. Zuccaire Foundation, The Starr Foundation, The Agnes Varis Trust, the Philip and Janice Levin Foundation and PBS.

  • Lewis Riley

    What a wonderful anticipated treat. I’m a BIG Bocelli fan.
    Having seeing him in person, and listening to his music on CD’s, I can hardly wait.
    Thanks for bringing this great entertaining artist back to PBS.
    L. Riley

  • Rusty Williams

    I am so glad to hear of this program! I absolutely love Andrea Bicelli and had the exreme pleasure of hearing him in concert at Mohegan Sun in Conn. on December 3, 2006. It was one of the greatest pleasures in my life and I am 75 years old! I can’t wait for more from Mr. Bocelli. Thank you, Rusty Williams

  • E. Herring

    Just got my e-mail about March 3 concert. Can’t wait.!!!!

  • Maureen Hills

    Will this be picked up and shown by an Australian network? I am a big fan.

  • barbara nyberg

    Saw Andrea in central park awsome, Iv been to Portofino cant think of a more romantic place for his next concert,wish I could have been there ,cant wait for the show ,and get the video, thanks pbs.

  • Terry Ebert Mendozza

    Bravo Andrea. We were with you in Lajatico Italy in July, in Las Vegas in November, in Ft. Lauderdale In February, and will be with you in Palm Beach March 30 and in Hollywood in June. You are the wings beneath our wind. Sing, earthly angel, so that we may all be touched by your heavenly voice.

  • Dolores Sacrider

    My husband and I are loyal fans and look forward to watching this new Special.

    I agree with Celine Dion, “If God sang, he would sound like Andrea Bocelli”.

    When he sings his voice touches my heart!!!!

  • Natalia Gascheva

    I am a concert pianist and wish to see your performance and best of all accompany on the piano classical songs!

  • audra mabon

    Can you Please come to Pittsburgh, Pa?

  • Ana

    I’m always lisening . I ‘ve the last CD PASSIONE, I’m a huge fan I’ve all CD and when there are some DVD, I buy it , Have a lost DVDs . I love watch him en every DVDs, join with so many artista in the world.

  • exenia martinez

    Andre am one of your biguest fans, l feel sad becouse l never can see you at your concert, becouse their are so expensive in NewYork city, since l sou you in the 1997 l try l love the way that yoy singer.

  • Gilda P.

    Andrea…. I’m from Lima -Peru and have live in Mpls mn . for many years.
    We had the pleasure of watch your concert in central park. It was the most amazing experience!!!!I.
    My husband and i are loyal fans and look forward to watching this new special….what a treat!!!!!.
    Thanks PBS.

  • Dorothy

    Went to the cinema to see your film “Love in Portofino” which we enjoyed so much. I have bought the CD but did wonder if a DVD was coming out of the film? It would be lovely to have. Is “Great Performances” coming to British TV? Thank you for giving us such beautiful music.

  • Jane Mercado

    “What a winning combination, my three favorite musical masters, Bocelli, Foster and Botti, genius. I will be watching and getting the DVD . Thank you, remembering my first concert in Las Vegas, also PBS,thanks. The perfect setting, and his lovely lady. WOW.

  • CLG

    I’ve always loved Andrea and Portofino is the most incredibly beautiful and romantic place but David Foster just ruined the whold experience for me. He sounded like a carnival barker at times and I just wished that he would shut up. Because of that I stopped watching right around the Elvis song. I may be the opnly person in the entire world to feel this way, but somehow I doubt it.

  • michele

    bella muzika~~~~!!!!!! cantar mas!!!! i live in california and speak dutch, english and spanish. wow after neck surgery i was upall night in pain and your singing relaxed me and gave me hope. I have sung on cruise ship and in jamaica and performed childrens parties with music when i was young/ now i am in pain and disabled, have a pancreas transplant for juvenile type one diabetes, and more, but you have so saved my spirtit. i also was blind for years and four times and now see out of one eye and blessed to hear and see you!!!! prego!!!!, graci, va con Dios. love love love . dont have money to see you in person , maybe God will one day bless me with that and meeting you would be my ultimate wish. if i live so long. love you and all musicians singers who were with you in Portefino. Hope to go there one day.. thanks. God bless. Michele Van Peer

  • Greg J

    Absolutely FANTASTICO!

  • edna

    Heavenly! As if Portofino alone isn’t beautiful enough, a seranade by Andrea Boccelli (with a maestro like David Foster) in such a place is enough to bring tears to one’s eyes.

  • Alen

    Was great, right until they cut it off promptly at 11:00pm for the next scheduled show. Problem is, it wasn’t actually finished. They abruptly cut to a dark screen just as Andrea was beginning to sing a Paul Anka song. How the heck can WNED manage not to fit this into a two hour slot properly? Somebody miscalculated badly. Ironic that they spent so much time asking for donations, as they routinely do now for ANY show worth watching, since such a snafu is just the sort of thing to convince viewers on the fence not to donate. For the record I have donated for several years.

  • Rita Rene’

    I have become such a big fan . Your voice can take you on a journey in your mind as if you are there in Portofino . Caroline Campbell was terrific as ever and when Chris Botti came on ,he always steals my Heart .♥

  • Richard Menides

    When will a blu ray version of this magnificent concert be available for sale?

  • B. Smith, Michigan,USA

    I was so blessed to be able to see and hear the program last night. Actually, it was on earlier than the 9:00 p.m. time so I got to see part of it a second time at 9:00 as well. How thrilling to hear David Foster and you banter back and forth and to listen to the music and your singing. I so enjoyed the rhythms and special guests. My only request would be to hear you sing in English more. I know you think you do not do well but so far what I’ve heard is wonderful. I so loved the duet with your wife. How dear. I pray God blesses you with this gift from heaven to be able to use it for many many years to come. Thanks to PBS for airing this. I would have loved to have been there but I think I had a pretty good seat anyway.

  • Marla Loperena

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this Concert! I am such a huge fan of music and Andrea well he has the voice of An Angel it’s like God is singing ( with David Foster n Chris Bottti well don’t get any better then that! Recently I lost my father to lung cancer , during his last days ,….Andrea consoled his heart , as well as his family (us) going through such difficult times ! , My father was a great Musican , and a wonderful father listening to this concert brought me closer even just for special moments shared with him , Thank You so much for sharing this concert ! The concert took my breath away as moments in life do ! Thank You :)

  • Joe Turk, Toronto,Canada

    When the last song was abruptly cut off by WNED, I waited to see if they would come back and continue, but they didn’t.

    WNED ran over the 11pm deadline by about 3 minutes I think, and then switched to the next show … unless it was something that Rogers cable did (I wasn’t watching the over-the-air WNED feed via an antenna).

    Regardless, I hope that when WNED repeats the show this coming Saturday at 6pm, they don’t mess it up again.

  • Alen

    @Joe Turk It was definitely WNED’s error. Rogers Cable would have nothing to switch to, besides which WNED’s on-line schedule shows another program starting at 11:00PM. They miscalculated and spent too much time asking for donations. Some creative editing of the donation segments for the next airing wil be required. Even if they don’t monitor these blogs much they surely know about their error. I emailed a complaint to them a few minutes after 11PM – I doub’t I’m the only one.

  • Yeen

    VerydisappiontedI misstep it like catchasingitstailroundroundfinalliIgoneoslee dintgottowatchitverdisppiomntedwithpbsortpttheisiganlonTvisVeryBad


  • Eileen

    I missed the televised..will it b replayed later this month?

  • david ernst

    Hi Alen and Joe,

    Thank you for your comments. We’ve forwarded them along to the appropriate folks and hopefully they’ll be in touch with people at WNED to correct future airings.

    Again, thank you for your support of GREAT PERFORMANCES. We’re glad you enjoyed the show.

  • April

    I love his duet with Veronica Berti, the Italian version of Frank & Nancy Sinatra’s Somthing Stupid. Am very disappointed that the song is not included in the CD Passione.

  • Hans K Pedersen

    This is the most beautiful concert I have ever seen …Andrea and David Foster are just FANTASTIC together and the setting in Portofino could not be better…and having Cris Botti play his trumphet like no other can was lust lovely…and seeing Andrea with his lovely Veronica was just so romantic…!!! Well done ….and good to see Paul Anka looking so well…

  • Hans K Pedersen

    Sorry for my double post…but I was going to ask if this Concert is availably on Blu-Ray DVD….???

  • Severa Reed

    I just received this email, but I was Blessed to turn to KQED yesterday, not knowing that I would find.
    I was so pleasantly surprised and thoroughly delight to see Mr Andrea Bocelli`s beautiful face!
    It was just a God Send that I happened to turned to KQED just before Mr Bocelli started singing. He was amazing!
    It was magical. He looked so handsome. Each person in the orchestra looked as if there were all enjoying every moment.
    I cried from the beauty of the whole concert and everything that occurred. It was so so lovely. David Foster was so enchanting as the host and the pianist.
    I bought the CD and the DVD.

  • Betsy

    ” I loved it so much I just about peed my pants!” (Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman)

  • Robert Jarvis

    This is what a concert should be! I only wish that the younger generation could appreciate this mans incredible talent!


    Will this concert be available on DVD soon?

  • richie

    fantastic performance by Bocelli as usual. I loved the German singer, Helena Fischer. long live beautiful music !

  • Melanie

    How can I purchase this concert on DVD?

  • Susanne Escano

    What a fabulous setting for this concert. Mr. Bocelli and David Foster
    create magic on stage.

    Enjoyed the concert and wish I was there!

  • david ernst

    Dear Melanie,

    By pledging your support to your local PBS station. Many stations are offering the Andrea Bocelli DVD as a thanks for your support. We can’t make these kinds of programs without it! We thank you for watching and supporting GREAT PERFORMANCES!

  • Ginger

    Absolutely love this program…was not able to order DVD or CD at the time. Ordered the CD, but would love to have the DVD

  • charlie

    This performance in DVD will sell millions. Can’t wait till PBS puts it out on the retail market. They can make a fortune on it and save on contribution calling.

  • david ernst

    Dear Charlie,

    Unfortunately, there are no plans for the DVD to be released commercially. And in the case if it were to be released commercially through retail, we would get little to no revenue from its sale. It’s very important that our viewers know that we really do depend on “Viewers Like You” to produce these programs to begin with as they are very expensive endeavors. Bringing these wonderful programs to our audience brings us great joy. We hope that if you so enjoyed the program you consider lending your support.

    Thank you for watching GREAT PERFORMANCES!

    GP Team

  • daid ward uk

    we watched the performance at the cinama in the uk how can we obtain the dvd ? happy to make a donation

  • Edda Cicconi

    Please tell me when Andrea Bocelli (Love in Portofino) will be broadcast again (first 3/3/13) as I missed it – My PBS station is WGBH channel 2 Boston

  • Josephine

    This setting is incredible. Is it actually Italy or is it the Portofino Hotel in Orlando Florida

  • Margaret fogarty

    Who is elena fisher?

  • Jan C.

    Can someone provide a legend for who was shown in the still photos shown during the performance (Elizabeth Taylor, etc.). We’re having a discussion about which celebrities are shown.

  • thomas Wayne

    Elana Fisher is a German star that recently performed on her own TV show in Berlin. It was absolutely
    spectacular from all reports. Sorry, I don’t know what channel. I have to believe that CD and or DVDs of this show are available through a German company. Try just Googling her name and besure to put “Germany” in the title somewhere. Good luck.

    I have been trying to buy a copy of Love in Porto Fina but PBS says they are not releasing it at this time.
    This one action turns me off completely from PBS and I wouldn’t dream of donating 9O.OO to get one DVD, I don’t care how good it is. Ebay had a copy for 66.OO. Wait long enough. I can’t believe that the Bocelli people
    are so dumb as not to insist on a commercial release of this great concert, he was at his best. I bought Bocellini in Central Park from Amazon but it was mostly classical, not my style……

  • Mary Klimowicz

    Can I still make a contribution to receive the DVD?

  • Ginny C

    I have been a fan of PBS for years and was thrilled to be introduced to Andrea Bocelli in his first appearance in November 2006. I’ve seen him in person in Seattle and Fresno. Have almost all his CDs. Obviously I’m a fan.
    But ” Love in Portofino” was a disappointment. I hate to say it but it was boring. Almost all the songs sounded the same…very little variation. The setting was fantastic, the duet with Veronica was delightful, but the concert was just mediocre Sorry :(

  • Ginny C

    Ops! Andrea Bocelli’s first PBS appearance wasn’t in 2006…..was it 1996?

  • victoria Recio

    I loved Portofino beautiful setting David Foster truly loves his art as does Bocelli.
    Sandy from Brazil adorable, Elana Fisher stunning, Bottifabulous,,
    Thanks for all the great performaces.
    Looking forward to more. And of course Dowton Abby!!!!

  • Susy

    I wasn’t aware the DVD had been released have been looking everywhere where did you get it? Thanks

  • david ernst

    Hi Susy,

    Andrea Bocelli: Love in Portofino is available as a thank-you gift for pledging your support to PBS. We recommend you visit or a local affiliate of your choosing to see how you might secure a copy of the program.

    GP Team

  • Karen

    Are there plans for another concert in portofino with bocelli and foster? Please!!!!!

  • Kelley

    Hi, is the dvd still being offered as a gift with pledge? I would love to get this for mum for her birthday. Many thanks. Kelley.

  • david ernst

    Hi Kelley,

    The DVD is still being offered as a thank you gift in return for your support. Contact a station of your choosing or visit to find out how to donate and receive the DVD. We’re so glad you enjoyed the program and we thank you for your support!

  • Sean

    Hi there-

    We are desperately trying to get a copy of this DVD for someone who is ill at hospital and would love nothing more than to see this concert.

    I’m checking all avenues- and it has led me here.

    We are in Australia- can someone please email me back and let me know how I can obtain it or if it is at all possible from Australia. A donation would be the least of our worries if we could simply find a way to get onto a copy of this dvd.

    Please respond with instructions. Thank you.

  • Elen

    Hi there.
    I live in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and just today I found out in internet about Love in Portofino. I think I’m working too hard…
    I’m a big fan of Bocelli and unfortunately was not aware of the sessions in cinema, that was launched in Brazil on 22-March, but I could not find any place where it’s still on.
    I watched in Youtube Bocelli singing with Sandy in Rio (my home town), what a great performance and a wonderful night!
    Please tell me how to buy this wonderful DVD, please, please, please!!!

  • Patricia Rose

    Would you be able to let me know if the DVD of Andrea Bocelli Love in Portofino is being released.

    Thank you

    Patricia Rose

  • Marianne Storck

    I was recently in Portofino in 2012. I fell in love with Bocelli’s Concert in Portofino! I have already purchased the CD from this concert. However, I would love to purchase its DVD. Please let me know how I can obtain this great remeberance of Portofino and of course, Andrea Bocelli. Thank you.

  • Jason Quick

    Who is the guy played accordion as Andrea sang “Senza Fine”? Mario …who?

  • Elyse

    Can I still make a donation and receive the DVD as a gift? Please let me know the best way to do this.


  • Leanda Pearman

    How can I buy a copy of the dvd please?

  • pat nichol

    Everyone seems to feel the same way I do. I didn’t know this concert was on. I tripped into it and missed the first 15 minutes. I was speechless it was so wonderful. I don’t know when I have ever enjoyed anything so much. I bought the CD the next day. But then the DVD. What a disappointment. I talked with someone at our local PBS station. You have to make a donation to receive the DVD. How much? I am told $75 is the smallest amount. They should be selling this DVD for $25. They would make a million. All they have to do is sell it. It seems so simple to me. If you can get one for a 75 donation, why can’t they just sell them for 25 each. Don’t tell me they wouldn’t make a whole lot more that way than they are through donations. Well, needless to say, I don’t have the DVD. I don’t have $75 to spend on a DVD. I will have to just wait and watch when it comes on again. Of course, I can’t get an answer from PBS on that either. PBS has not been what I thought it was.

  • Renata A. Mangione


    We watched at the movies the Andrea’s Bocelli’s concert in Portofino and it was just beautiful. We enjoy him so much that it made us go twice…
    I live in Brazil and have been looking for the DVD on line and in stores, but have not found it.
    Has it been released already?
    How can I purchase it?

    Thank you
    Renata. A Mangione

  • Frederik

    HI, how can I buy this dvd? I live in Europe, and remember that the US DVD format is different than here in Europe. I want to make sure the DVD would actually play here in Europe…


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