Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy
Video: Fiddler's Tradition

This excerpt from Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy speaks to the surprising universality of the 1964 Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick musical Fiddler on the Roof—a show about a small, tight-knit Jewish community living in early 20th-century Tsarist Russia.

  • Ethel

    I read Great Performances, A jewish Musical legacy will be aired on 1/1/2013 but cannot confirm KCET or the time. Can you confirm date, and time.

  • Ken Parker

    A great show with background that I have neer heard. Thanks

  • Randee Hodgkins

    Wonderful show. So much new information about the composers and musicals. Made me extremely proud of my heritage and of those who created a new American heritage.

  • Ellen Roth

    This was such a marvelous show..can you tell me if it can be repeated again so I can tell myfriends t o see
    it? I learned so much about music and these composers that I never knew.

  • Elizabeth Greenwood

    Wow! It really was a great show. Did anyone see where to buy the DVD?

  • Wendy

    The most fun I’ve had all holiday season.

  • Peter Cohen

    This program is an excellent cultural history, and it has whetted my appetite to see the Broadway musical discussed, most of which I have often heard referred to (frequently by my parents) but never actually seen myself.

  • Blithe Runsdorf

    Made my New Years Day…must have the DVD…missed the 800 number…anyone get it?

  • Mordechai

    What a marvelous program. I teach Sunday School and it never dawned on me how Irving Berlin incorporated Jewish nusach of the Admidah to God Bless America . Wow! Powerful stuff!

  • dj gear vergelijken

    Great music, I had so much fun.

  • irwin stein

    I loved this show, but you had a blatant error by not including Marvin Hamlisch who was beautifully applauded the previous evening.

  • Susan Walters

    Thank you, thank you for getting in your comment before I could. I was so disappointed after the beautiful tribute the night before, that Mr. Hamlisch was not included in this program. What is better than Chorus Line and his many awesome contributions. Thank you again for stating that fact.

  • Diane Rosenblum

    What a fabulous show!! When will it be repeated? My 87 year old mother who is in Sarasota really wants to see it and missed it last night. Please let me know and I can remind her. I checked the listings for PBS and can’t seem to find a repeat of this marvelous program.

    Thanks so much!
    Diane R.
    Dexter, MI

  • J. Ross

    Thank you.
    Yur TV station is one of the very few in US which a European can watch without regreting it later.

    Thank you again

  • Milt Meisner

    Ms Roth, you can Google search PBS TV Schedules for your area and search in their schedule for Broadway Musicals– A Jewish Legacy. For example I found in the – Washington DC that the PBS Channel Weta is showing it again on Jan 11 10 PM , Jan 12 @ 3 Am and Jan 13 at 1:30PM.

    However if you access the following link you can see the whole program on your computer. If your computer has good sound control it would be a good alternative to the TV show. I do not know how long PBS will keep the Video going. I have just seen the whole show on my computer.

  • Barbara Cooper

    I agree with the person who mentioned that Marvin Hamlish was not included in this wonderful program…That being said—I still want to own a copy of this great show….It was—fabulous…..

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