Chess in Concert
Tim Rice on Chess for Theater Talk

In this episode of Theater Talk, Legendary lyricist Sir Tim Rice talks about his career and the revival of “Chess,” the musical he wrote with ABBA. He also discusses his musical King David, which he wrote for Disney with Alan Menken, and his collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber that produced the musicals Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita and made the team legends of the musical theater.

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  • Ricky “G”

    GREAT SHOW . Missed the begining when will you air this show (Chess ) again ?

  • “E”laine

    Great concert (Chess) – I bought the CD – but missed the airing of concert this month (June) – will this concert be re-aired in the near future?

  • Nancy Wyatt

    I missed the whole thing! Please show it over again…and how can we find out when you might do that?

  • adrienne harber

    Will the Music and the Brain program be shown again? My digital box wasn’t connected.
    Thank you-
    adrienne h.

  • Nicole Thompson

    I, like others who have posted, missed a portion of the June ‘Chess’ airing and would like to see it broadcasted again.

  • Mike Pagliaro

    You advertised a way to purchase a DVD of the broadcast of CHESS. Where can I buy a copy. Your store says there is no such DVD.

  • Kathy Lindsey

    I only saw like the last 5 minutes of Chess and all that I have been hearing from my friends is that this is a must see. When will it be aired again in the Sacramento area?

  • susan ziman

    Love Josh groban and loved chess. when will it be aired again?

  • Jennifer

    If you follow this link,


    to the Chess in Concert official website, there is another link that will direct you to purchasing the DVD and/or CD. (Replaces the [dot] with actual “.”)

    They were at Overstock but the sold out. I hope this helps any onther fans looking to buy this astounding musical.

    I can’t wait to see this.

  • sandra Todero

    when will chess be on again in Omaha Nebraska?

  • jake

    Perfectly dreadful. Hideous singing and the show seems even more pompous than it was on Broadway.

  • Allie Boom

    SHAME! How do Adam Pascal, Idina Menzel, and Josh Groban equate to hideous singing? And I didn’t think it was pompus, it was dramatic. You, sir, have very little (or no) taste/experience with musical theatre, as far as I can tell. This is my opinion, and I wish you a good day.

  • jesse

    for those who are still looking, chess in concert. both the 2 disc live cd and dvd can be purchased at for about 20 bucks each. well worth it. one of the best theater scores ever.

  • Lisa

    I really enjoyed the play. I want to see it again too. You should re-run this as often as you do those Wayne Dyer programs!

  • Chris

    For reruns of “Chess,” check your local PBS station office. They usually rerun things like this during pledge drives. (unless it is a Live From Lincol Center,” then it is NEVER rerun!) Keep pressuring your local affiliates to reair the show so they know what kind of programming we’d like to see on pbs! Enough of “This Old House, “Antiques Roadshow,” and “Across Indiana;” BRING ON MORE PROGRAMMING LIKE THIS EXCELLENT CONCERT VERSION OF “CHESS”!!!!!

  • David Berger

    I loved Chess. Everyone raves about Josh Groban, who played the Russian, but the American was the star, in my opinion. The “other Russian”, who looked Indian in ancestry, was also fabulous. I’d like to know the entire cast roster. The women sang in a typical musical theatre style, but all the men were classically trained.

  • Liz

    Please re-show Chess!!! I missed it!

  • Marge Lang

    My first visit to PBS web site is to find out how to get a copy of DVD “Chess”. My favorite song: One Night in Bangkok. Well done. Play it again, PBS.

  • gary

    Did not know this was taped for airing -caught last half on 13 pbs nyc-on aug 2-pete seeger at 90 followed hoping for a repeat-Idina’s singing is very coarse -Josh plays it like an opera with great facial expressions-David Carroll and Kunn’s peformances cannot be matched by this staging -nice effort.

  • Laura

    please air again! i missed it the first time :(

  • Rosemarie

    I, too, missed this broadcast in June and have been disappointed that it has not aired yet this summer. Please do so before the end of the summer.

  • Tanya

    When will this be reshown? I missed it, love the soundtrack!

  • Muriel

    I, too, am anxious to see this again. When will it be rebroadcast?

  • Michelle McMillen

    Just caught most of this while working in the house, and LOVED IT!

  • Jon

    I had no idea there was a musical called “Chess”. Is it actually about playing chess. I will have to check this out. I wonder if there are any themed chess sets as a result of this musical?

    You could check a place like Chess Sets and Boards I suppose. They have a lot of themed sets.

    If there isn’t one, it would be a good idea to create one.

  • jo

    I loved this show. I have got to see it again (AND AGAIN AND AGAIN) It’s the best show I have ever seen and when I have seenthe likes for!!!!! well—you name it I’ve seen it

  • Rose Sena

    Just saw it today on PBS great way to spend a hurricane day listening to a great concert. Hope you bring it back again to Broadway and other cities. This concert version was wonderful. I was in Evita in local community Theater with all the great music and staging. No dialogue just good music. Chess gave me the same feeling
    today. The music and lyrics emotes the feeling of the production. No talking needed.
    Hope you bring it back in this version. Good luck in your ventures.

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