Dance In America: NY Export: Opus Jazz
Interview with Creators Ellen Bar and Sean Suozzi

In this interview, the film’s creators Ellen Bar and Sean Suozzi explain their film adaptation of Jerome Robbins famous, but seldom performed, 1958 ballet about being young in New York City. The interview was conducted for the NY Export: Opus Jazz premiere at SXSW 2010 on Saturday, March 13. The film airs nationally for GREAT PERFORMANCES on PBS on March 24th at 8pm (check local listings). More from PBS at SXSW can be seen at

  • Marietta Crapps

    Can’t wait!!!

  • Barbara Schwarz

    This looks terrific!!!!!

  • Bob Prince’s second son

    I’ll be there.

  • Sarah

    This isn’t being aired tonight in the Detroit area!

  • Rob G

    Looks great guys. Congratulations. Where can I get my hands on the music by Bob Prince? I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find it…

  • Wendy Lane Stevens


    You look great. This sounds very exciting. When can I see it? Where? (I am Allison Lane’s Mom)

    My best to you both,

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