Dance In America: NY Export: Opus Jazz
Watch "Passage For Two"

“Passage for Two” is the fourth movement in NY Export: Opus Jazz, featuring the choreography of Jerome Robbins and music by Robert Prince. This excerpt was shot in June 2007 before the opening of the new High Line park in New York City, when the former elevated railway was overgrown with wild weeds and grass. Watch New York City Ballet soloists Rachel Rutherford and Craig Hall dance this landmark piece on one of New York City’s own historical landmarks.

  • Debby allbritton

    what a joy to watch, dance one of the beauties of being human! a lovely gift for a sunny day in springfield, oregon. thank you, deb

  • Karen Lazar

    As a 30 year subscriber to NYCB, I never tire of the spectacular choreography and dancers. But seeing dance in an outdoor setting like this adds a whole new dimension….. brilliant! Thank you.

  • p j hyland

    after moving from Manhattan to the Hudson Valley, the experience i miss most is NYCB. i subscribed for over 20 years, and now realize more than ever just how special those nights at the State theater were. many thanks for bringing back those fond memories — and carrying this art form to new media.

  • Sandr Chamberlin

    I fell in love with NY, its artists, sensuality, genius and talent again. This mini opera is what life is all about…at its best! Thank you and more please.

  • Ana Marie Forsythe

    Fabulous – two gorgeous dancers, doing brilliant choreography, in a stunning setting.

  • J.Pike


  • Charline Spektor

    This is an extraordinarily beautiful work. The camera is the third partner in this dance and the director is to be commended along with the choreographer& dancers! How glorious! Thank you .

  • florence matera

    the setting and local so unique and startling.
    the precision of the body movements of the two dancers were so deliberate and accurate. and sharp
    the music haunting
    Modern dancing is modern art come alive. It was all very breathtaking and beautiful.

  • Richard Gray

    The music was recorded Warner Bros. and RCA. Robert Prince the Composer conducted….These recordings have been out of print for nearly 50 yrs. THe Passage for Two was danced with a white male dancer on the Ed Sullivan Show. It was danced with a Black male dancer originally. This was the 50’s and Jerome Robbins was many complicated things, but he did that…I still have the recordings of this music!!

  • Audrey Wilken

    This is what true art is! It allows the mind to interpret. The outdoor setting gives the interpretation wider scope

  • GGagnon

    Besides the dancers, and of course the choreography, I was fascinated by the timing/setting (”golden hour” and the need for limited takes due to an imminenet sunset/sunrise?) and that great jib/crane shot. Brilliant.

  • Gonçalo Esteves

    Where can i find the soundtrack?
    I saw the movie at “Doc Lisbon film festival” about a week ago and i liked it a lot!

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